Jenn Stevens with text 3 Toxic Thoughts That Are Blocking Your Next Level
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Video: 3 Toxic Thoughts That Are Blocking Your Next Level

Understanding and Overcoming Toxic Thoughts: A Key to Unlocking Your Potential

It’s a question that many of us don’t ask ourselves often enough: Are our toxic thoughts preventing us from reaching our next level of success, love, or financial well-being? The answer, more often than not, is a resounding yes. We all harbor some level of toxic thinking – those sneaky, seemingly logical thoughts that actually obstruct our path to the life we desire.

In this insightful post, we’ll delve into the concept of toxic thoughts and how they can be a major roadblock in your journey towards manifesting your best life. Jenn Stevens, a spiritual life and business coach, best-selling author of ‘The Mindful Witch’, and creator of ‘The Aligned Life’, shares her wisdom on this crucial topic.

The Reality of Toxic Thoughts

Toxic thoughts are deceptively logical. They’re those habitual ideas that feel true and rational but are, in reality, impediments to our progress. Recognizing and addressing these thoughts is the first step in breaking free from their grip.

Three Toxic Thoughts to Watch Out For

“I Already Know That”

Dismissing new information or advice because you believe you already know it can be a trap. Growth, in personal development and beyond, often requires revisiting and reapplying knowledge in new contexts.

“I Already Healed This”

Healing is not always linear. Believing that you’ve completely healed from a past trauma can lead to self-judgment and regression when old wounds are triggered. Acceptance and ongoing healing work are crucial.

“I Should Be Farther Ahead By Now”

Comparing your journey to an imagined ideal or to others’ paths can lead to unnecessary self-criticism. Remember, everyone’s journey is unique, and progress takes time.

The Path to Overcoming Toxic Thoughts

Awareness and Action

The first step in combating toxic thoughts is developing awareness. Recognizing these harmful patterns is essential to reprogramming your mind. Jenn Stevens suggests using practical tools to shift your mindset and align your thoughts with your goals.

Recode: A Gateway to Transformation

‘Recode’, Jenn’s monthly membership portal, offers a comprehensive toolkit for those looking to dive deeper into this work. It includes videos, worksheets, audio hypnosis, and other resources designed to help you reprogram your mind, heal from trauma, and manifest your best life.

The Power of Conscious Thought

Consciously choosing your thoughts and beliefs is foundational in manifestation. By identifying and changing toxic thoughts, you open the door to creating the reality you desire.

Join the Journey

If this resonates with you, Jenn invites you to join her community, where she offers free weekly training on leveraging the power of your mind to upgrade your life. Subscribe to her channel, and consider joining ‘Recode’ for more in-depth guidance.

Embrace the Challenge

Understanding and overcoming toxic thoughts is a continuous process. It involves challenging yourself, embracing a beginner’s mindset, and being open to relearning and growing.

Remember, you are in control. By consciously shaping your thoughts and beliefs, you’re not just combating negativity; you’re actively creating a life of happiness, confidence, and success.


Toxic thoughts can be a major barrier to achieving our dreams. But with awareness, the right tools, and a willingness to change, we can overcome these obstacles. Embrace this journey of self-discovery and transformation, and start manifesting the life you truly deserve.

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Jenn Stevens with text 3 Toxic Thoughts That Are Blocking Your Next Level


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