Taking Responsibility To Supercharge Your Manifesting

Taking Responsibility To Supercharge Your Manifesting

One of the biggest hurdles people have on the path to becoming a conscious creator is the ability to take responsibility for their life.

Because while lots of us think we’re taking responsibility for ourselves, we’re actually coming from a victim mindset. We believe that our life would be better if only X, Y or Z hadn’t happened to us!

Well, here comes the tough love that many people aren’t ready to hear quite yet! It’s what most manifesting teachers don’t want to tell you.

But it’s the truth:

You’ve created everything in your life.

So in order to create something new you need to figure out what brought you here first.

Taking Responsibility To Supercharge Your Manifesting

Supercharge Your Manifesting Rule #1:

Taking Responsibility Is The First Step

Most of us are simply not used to taking this level of responsibility for ourselves. We’re used to living in victim mode! This type of behavior is almost expected of us. Think about: commiserating about work over Friday night beers with your co-workers, getting together with your single friends to complain about “all men” or ranting to your significant other every night about traffic.

At times, it seems complaining is a national sport! So it’s important to realize that complaining never helps the situation. It traps us in our victim mentality. It makes us feel like life is happening to us instead of knowing the truth: life is happening for us.

No one gets dealt the perfect hand of cards! We all have setbacks that we need to overcome. And one of huge differences between “successful people” and everyone else is that successful people aren’t using their past as a crutch!

From the outside, it’s impossible to see what obstacles there have been over the years. But don’t make the mistake of thinking there weren’t any! Perfection doesn’t exist and we all have things we need to overcome. And that’s all just part of the journey! But those successful people didn’t let the negativity or tragedy in their lives get in their way. Instead, they chose to rise above it!

Supercharge Your Manifesting Rule #2:

Having Is Evidence of Wanting

I love this phrase because it makes the point undeniable: if you truly didn’t want something, then you wouldn’t see evidence of it in your existence!

And if hearing that makes you feel really uncomfortable (or even angry!) then it’s even more important for you to dive into this work!

So here’s what that looks like:

The first question you’re probably having is “Why on earth would I want to be poor/single/unemployed/overweight?”

We see those things as being beyond us, which is why we look for extra help (from the Universe) in order to “fix” them.

But in reality, your subconscious desires and motivations are what’s actually at play here.

There are all kinds of reasons why you’re not living the life of your dreams.

But in the end, most of them come back to worthiness.

We don’t feel worthy of experiencing love.
We don’t feel worthy of earning a lot of money.
We don’t feel worthy of a healthy body.

Some secret part of actually LOVES poverty, single-ness, being overweight. Maybe you’re afraid to make more money because you don’t want to have to lend any to your family or you’re overweight because you’re afraid of truly allowing yourself to be seen. You’re perceiving those things as happening outside of you when they were actually generated by you!

But there’s good news: since you created them, you have the power to change them too.

Taking Responsibility To Supercharge Your Manifesting

Supercharge Your Manifesting Rule #3:

You Always Get Everything You Want All At Once

I heard Chris Harder say this the other day on his podcast and I marvelled at how true it is!

Many times the incredible changes we’ve been wanting and working towards all show up at exactly the same time.

The experience of making massive shifts in a short period of time is a quantum leap.

But most people call them miracles.

It’s important to realize that you don’t create that shift simply by doing “all the right things”: meditating for 20 minutes a day, only hanging out with positive people, writing down your intentions every day. etc etc.

While all of those practices are useful at creating an internal shift, the experience of manifesting is not about blindly following superstition.

Quantum leaps happens when our subconscious simply aligns itself with what we want.

Taking Responsibility To Supercharge Your Manifesting

Everything arrives all at once because that fundamental block inside you has been cleared! It was never about following a spiritual To-Do List to the letter. It was about allowing ourselves to feel truly worth of love, money, health or whatever else we’re calling in. It was about not secretly self-sabotaging yourself or running away from your desires part of the time.

You generated the change from inside of you.

One of the most powerful shifts for my Law of Attraction students is the simple realization that manifesting is never about waiting for the Universe to create the change!

It’s recognizing that you are the Universe and that you can create any change you desire yourself.

A Course In Miracles defines a miracle as a shift in perception. And when I first heard that I was like “WTF?” It took me a long time to understand the magic that exists in our own perception. It took years before I understood that if you shift your perspective–even just a little bit–the entire world will look different.

There’s a secret lesson to be learned with everything you don’t consciously want! This is why the normal spiritual bypass method that most manifesting teachers talk about doesn’t work.

Life is happening for you remember? And that means you cannot expand until you learn the lesson. Resisting the lesson (by ignoring it, endlessly complaining about it or wishing your way out it) simply doesn’t work. What you resist always persists!

Be honest: deep down inside, you always know exactly what you need to do. It’s time to throw away all the excuses and drama and just Do. The. Damn. Thing!

Taking Responsibility To Supercharge Your Manifesting

Taking full responsibility for your life is the only way to move forward and to finally create those massive shifts you’ve always dreamed about! This is mostly about just shifting our perspective back onto what truly matters: our own thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. If we continue to believe that life is beyond our control, then that’s exactly what will happen in our reality. But if we realize the TRUTH–that life is and always has been created by us–we can finally create the change we need in order to move forward.

A small shift truly can change the world!

I hope this post inspires you to shift out of victim mentality and into taking action! Conscious creation is all about recognizing our own intrinsic power and realizing that we are the Universe itself.

So it’s time to go out there and use that incredible magic!

Thank you so much for reading! Let me know what you think about this and please remember to share if you enjoyed it!

Happy manifesting my dears!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Taking Responsibility To Supercharge Your Manifesting


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