Get Ready To Jump! How To Experience A Quantum Leap

Get Ready To Jump! How To Quantum Leap

Wondering how to experience a quantum leap?

Maybe you’re working on manifesting some really cool stuff into your life.

But you get a little overwhelmed or discouraged sometimes.

You’re tired of waiting. You want your big prize NOW.

The truth is, you DON’T have to wait.

A quantum leap is a way to RAPIDLY shift into a brand-new reality.

Think of the quantum leap as manifesting on steroids. It’s like pressing the fast forward button to get to the good stuff.

It’s not a spiritual bypass, where you get to AVOID the work that’s in front of you.

It’s simply a way of quickly running headlong THROUGH it.

We put obstacles in our head when we talk about achievement. We think there is only ONE path towards what we want so we don’t even CONSIDER the fact that there might be another way.

Why take the stairs when you can take the elevator?

If you’re willing to expand your mind and get BIG, here’s my mini-guide for how to experience a quantum leap:

How To Experience A Quantum Leap

How To Quantum Leap Step #1:

Forget Earning

Quantum leaps mean stepping beyond the prescribed path. You’ve been conditioned your entire life to think you need to crawl before you can walk. That you need to make a little money before you can make a lot. That you need to date for a while before you can get serious.

But what if the thing that you really, truly want didn’t hide behind those conditions? What if you could just wake up tomorrow and have exactly what you want: the healthy body? The wonderful relationship? The fat bank account?

One of the biggest reasons you HAVEN’T up-levelled to where you really want to be is because you think you must stick to the path.

But here’s the trick the path DOESN’T actually exist, unless you believe it does.

So it’s time to believe in something else.

It’s time to believe in the miracle.

How To Quantum Leap Step #2:

Forget The Shoulds

Introducing one of Quantum Leaps worst enemies: The Shoulds. I should do this, you should do that. The use of should is automatically draped in judgment and criticisms. Dropping the shoulds from your language and self-talk is one of the HEALTHIEST things you can do for yourself anyway, but it will also help get you into the Quantum Leap zone.

Being open to the possibility of a quantum leap means BEING OPEN. Whenever you use the word “should” you’re automatically trying to put yourself (or whoever you’re talking about) into a narrow little slice of reality.

What does that really mean anyway? Why should (haha!) you try to fit in when it’s so much more fun and satisfying to STAND OUT? The normal/average human box is NOT who you are really meant to be.

How To Quantum Leap Step #3:

Expand Your Mindset

Quantum leaps involve more than just being open to the possibility. They involve the ability to look at the world like a superhuman.

All that really means is getting creative with your thoughts and problem-solving. It’s the ultimate in “thinking outside the box”. It could mean getting inspired by alternate industries. It could mean downloading a brilliant new idea (ie. when something just pops into your head). It just means being open and willing to look for new solutions to the same old problems.

Because trying to solve those problems the same way you always have CLEARLY isn’t working.

How To Quantum Leap Step #4:

Stop Waiting

Most of us go through life with an invisible stop sign in front of us. We can’t really be successful because we haven’t done X,Y or Z yet. So we also stop looking to create success now BECAUSE of that self-created limitation.

We already talked about how important banishing the “should’s” are and how the “normal path” is no longer for you.

The next step is to take action. It’s time to press go.

You can’t just sit around waiting for the leap to happen! You have to take some of the work into your own hands.

When you start moving towards what you want with full faith, the Universe has a funny way of making things start to happen for you.

So start taking confident intentional action.

How To Quantum Leap Step #5:

Flow Don’t Force

You work pretty hard already, right? So why aren’t you getting the results you so desire?

Again, this all has to do with our perception of the way the world works. We’ve all been taught that hard work and discipline equals success.

But there are a lot of hard-working disciplined people who don’t realize success! So what’s the real deal?

Working harder doesn’t guarantee anything!

If you really want to create different results, it’s time to start flowing not forcing. That means spending 80% of your time aligning yourself with your vision and the other 20% working for it.

Mindset is always the key! So getting in that mental place of success, wealth, love or whatever it is that you really want is WAY more important than logging hours at the gym or slaving over your keyboard.

Put aside some time every day to FULLY imagine your goals, as if they had already come true. Think about the person you would be for that to happen. Feel it, see it, believe it—and one day soon you will LIVE it.

How To Quantum Leap Step #6:

Grow Like A Motherfucker

Experiencing new results means doing NEW things, thinking new thoughts, feeling new feelings. If you’re truly ready for your Quantum Leap, it’s time to embrace discomfort.

Part of the reason why you’re a human living on Earth today is in thanks to your ancestors. They did their jobs well by finding food and avoiding getting killed by other people, animals or nature in general. Part of their biological legacy means the “danger finding” part of your brain is a little overgrown.

Few of us face any REAL life and death issues as we go through our everyday lives.

But our brain is still hardwired to look for danger at every turn. That means it tries to keep us safe whenever we encounter a new situation.

You ALWAYS have this dynamic going on inside you: your conscious mind dreams of bigger and better things. Your subconscious mind is telling you “Oh no! We don’t know what’s really involved if we do that so we better just stay here where it’s safe.”

But growth hardly ever feel good at first! It gets weird. It feels wrong.

And it’s totally worth it.

Big changes in life mean facing down that pre-historic brain of yours and forcing yourself into new uncharted territory. Nothing is truly life or death! Your brain will give you a million reasons why you SHOULDN’T do something. If you’re truly ready to experience the Quantum Leap, then your job is to start ignoring all of those reasons.

Besides, what’s the worst that could happen? Failure is never really failure after all! It’s just part of information gathering: you’re trying new things to figure out what DOES work. A so-called failure is NEVER a sign to give up on what you really want.

Like everything in life, creating a Quantum Leap is all about mindset. You need to be ready to drop your old patterns, embrace new ideas and get a little uncomfortable. Just remember that NOTHING is impossible unless YOU decide that it is! Stop limiting yourself and start moving towards the expansion.

Thank you so much for reading!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Get Ready To Jump! How To Experience A Quantum Leap

Get Ready To Jump! How To Experience A Quantum Leap

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