Manifesting & Your Human Design: Specific Vs. Non-Specific Manifestors

Human Design: Specific Vs. Non-Specific Manifestors

Fun fact: we human beings are not all built the exact same way–and that’s a beautiful thing!

Finding out your Human Design type can not only help you understand more about how you really operate but also what kind of manifestor you really are.

But this only makes sense. We don’t all eat exactly the same way, right? What works for one person wouldn’t work for the next person necessarily. Manifesting works in exactly the same way. There are core principles to follow but you’ll also have to tweak the formula to make it work the best for you.

What is a Human Design Chart?

If you don’t know what your Human Design type is (and you’ve never looked at your chart) it might be time to change that!

A human design chart is the equivalent of your astrological birth cart in human design. It’s a reading based on the exact date and time of your birth.

Go here to check out your chart for free.

If you need a primer on Human Design, you can check out my post right here.

But basically, it’s another system of understanding more about the way you’re meant to go through life, using principles from astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and your chakras.

How do you know if you are a specific or non-specific Manifestor?

To find out whether you’re a specific or non-specific manifestor, look at the arrow at the bottom right of your chart (circled in the photo below).

If it points left, you’re a specific manifestor.

If it points right, you’re non-specific (or abstract).

(This is also sometimes called an active or passive manifestor.)

Manifesting & Your Human Design: Specific Vs. Non-Specific Manifestors

If you’re wondering why some people seem to call in exactly what they want and others….don’t, this is one possible reason why!

If you don’t know what your design type is, then you may inadvertently be creating an extra layer of frustration when it comes to manifesting!

Assuming that you’re doing all the work (raising your worth, confronting your limiting beliefs, and reprogramming your mind for the better), then the way you call in your dreams might be where to look next.

The world of Human Design can be overwhelming at first but just understanding this one simple element can change the way you move forward (and massively improve your results!).

In general, I tell everyone to get really specific when it comes to manifesting. That’s because wishing for things like “to be rich” is vague and undefined. The rule of thumb is this: if you can’t define it, then no one else can either! Including the Universe. And that means that even if you had some help you’d never know it because you wouldn’t see it when it showed up.

So specificity is key. But in reality, there’s more than one way to be specific.

For most people, I’d still recommend getting very clear about one vision that you want for yourself. But others find this hard to do. If that’s you (and your Human Design chart backs up this claim) then don’t stop with just one vision. You can actually give the Universe a few different options to choose from.

You’re still designing your life! But non-specific manifestors should simply throw a broader range of ideas and concepts out there and wait to see what comes back to them.

Manifesting & Your Human Design: Specific Vs. Non-Specific Manifestors

Manifesting & Your Human Design:

Specific Manifestors

You are the classic manifesting type where you need to get super clear about what you’re calling in! But this should be fun. Make a list of what you want and get excited thinking about all those little details. Usually, this is a manifesting exercise saved purely for those people looking for love but you can do this for anything. For example, if you’re looking to call in money, write down the amount plus what you’d do with it (savings, treating yourself or a friend etc.).

Your magic truly lies in the details so indulge yourself by taking the time to really think about what you want (and why!).

Manifesting & Your Human Design:

Non-Specific Manifestors

First off, I think the word non-specific is misleading. Specificity is still key for every manifestor! The only difference is that non-specific manifestors can give the Universe a few more options to choose from.

If you were making a list of qualities for your future romantic partner, maybe you make a list for both the blonde beach-y surfer type that always gets you going as well as the more practical tall, dark and handsome type you have a sudden “craving” for. It’s okay to desire more than one kind of thing for yourself! But stay loose with your attachments. Remember you’re not calling in every vision you have; instead, you’re just giving the Universe a menu to choose from.

Your true magic lies in understanding the essence of what you want. At the end of the day, it’s not the blond or brunette hair that really makes the difference. It’s the essence of the person that you’re ultimately attracted to, not the outer details.

Examples Of A List For A New Job Specific vs. Non-Specific:


  • design manager position at ________ firm
  • $75,000 a year
  • 3 weeks vacation
  • corner office


  • design related position
  • at a young creative startup
  • minimum $50,000 a year
  • office located in the downtown area
  • cool office environment
  • great benefits

Specific Vs Non-Specific Manifestors FAQ

How do I become a specific Manifestor?

Unfortunately, you cannot become a specific manifestor! You’re either born one or you’re not. However, being a non-specific manifestor is not a bad thing. Instead, get excited dreaming up multiple possibilities for yourself.

What makes a powerful manifestor?

Your ability to successfully manifest your desires ultimately relies on how much inner work you do. When you clear out old mental blocks and shift your identity, that’s when you manifest. Anyone can do this, no matter what their manifestation type is.

What is a passive manifestor in human design?

A passive manifestor is the same thing as a non-specific manifestor.

Again, it’s important for you to dream and feel about your manifestations. It’s also important to dream widely and not get attached to specific details or outcomes.

What is an active manifestor in human design?

An active manifestor is the same thing as a specific manifestor.

Again, the active manifestor is “set it and forget it”. Think about what you want, decide on your outcome. Then release it! Detachment is really important for you, rather than dreaming.

So tell me: what kind of manifestor are you (according to Human Design)? What manifesting methods do you find work the best for you?

With manifesting (as with everything else), it’s important to remember that we’re all just experimenting our way through life! Don’t get so caught up on “the rules”. But instead look at the whole process as a game you’re simply trying to figure out. Over time, you will pick up on the habits and practices that work the best for you.

But whether you’re a specific or abstract manifestor, go out there, manifest and have fun with it all!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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