Shadow Work + Your Astrological Chart

Shadow Work With Your Zodiac Sign

Did you know that shadow work works perfectly with your zodiac sign?

Shadow work is one of my favorite tools for inner healing (and inner healing is my favorite tool for manifestation).

However, shadow work is a huge practice. It obviously looks quite different for everyone and that got me thinking.

What if I used the archetypes of your astrological chart as jumping-off points for shadow work?

Every astrological sign has both “good” and “bad” elements. But of course, the two sides are closely interlinked: for example passion that turns into anger.

(Um hello Scorpio! That’s me!)

It’s important for everyone to become aware of how even their best traits can become toxic. In the end, the more we can become aware and do some healing work on ourselves, the more integrated (and powerful) we become.

So I put together this guide to help you do that. I’d recommend doing the prompts for each of your sun, moon and rising signs for maximum benefit.

Shadow Work + Your Zodiac Sign

Shadow Work Zodiac Sign Aries | The Ram

March 21 – April 19 | Fire

Light Aries Traits:

Bold and ambitious. Passionate. Motivated and energetic. Confident (especially in the bedroom). Sets lofty goals and goes after them with zeal. Naturally optimistic and possesses joie de vivre.

Shadow Aries Traits:
Impatient. Hot-headed. Vengeful. Stubborn. Pushy.

Shadow Questions For Aries:

For Aries, passion and enthusiasm can quickly turn into aggression. What’s a time that you were overly aggressive (in your relationship, at work, etc.)? What would have been a better way to manage the situation?

Similarly, Aries can be quick to anger. And while also quick to get over it, that anger can leave a bitter impression on those around you. When was the last time I let my temper get the better of me? What’s a coping strategy I can create to be less impatient, angry, etc.?

Shadow Work Zodiac Sign Taurus | The Bull

April 20 – May 20 | Earth

Light Taurus Traits:
Dependable. Trustworthy. Consistent. Craves security, physical comfort, and luxury. Loves to indulge in great food and designer clothes. Ambitious, focused, and resilient.

Shadow Taurus Traits:

Stubborn. Holds onto toxic situations too long. Reluctant to change.

Shadow Questions For Taurus:

The love of comfort and perceived safety is one thing but Taurus can take this too far. How is your need for consistency and safety preventing you from moving on?

Stubbornness can be a bad habit for Taurus. What’s a time that you were overly stubborn? What were you ultimately afraid would happen?

Shadow Work Zodiac Sign Gemini | The Twins

May 21 – June 20 | Air

Light Gemini Traits:

Social butterflies. Quick-witted. Talkative. Interested in everything and has a million hobbies, passions, and friend groups. Can truly talk to anyone about anything. Playful and curious.

Shadow Gemini Traits:

Difficulty empathizing with others. Moody. Lying and untrustworthy. Hot and cold. Irresponsible. Inconsistent. Tends to gossip. Quick-tempered. At their worst, Geminis can display sociopathic or bipolar-like traits.

Shadow Questions For Gemini:

How are you shifting the truth to gain approval or validation? While Geminis are quick to get over their emotional injury, not everyone else is! Is this tendency serving you or would it be better to reign it in?

Shadow Work Zodiac Sign Cancer | The Crab

June 21 – July 22 | Water

Light Cancer Traits:

Highly intuitive. Self-protective. Highly attuned to their environments. Gentle and genuine in their relationships. Compassionate. Caregivers. Loyal and committed.

Shadow Cancer Traits:

Moody. Clingy. Possessive. Extremely negative. Manipulative. Closed-off.

Shadow Questions For Cancer:

Your moods can change rapidly, according to who and where you are. When was the last time you experienced an emotional change like this? Did that change have negative consequences for you?

Boundaries are a great thing but Cancer can sometimes over-use them. Self-protection is great but maybe it’s time to let someone special into your world. When was the last time you truly opened up to someone?

Shadow Work Zodiac Sign Leo | The Lion

July 23 – August 22 | Fire

Light Leo Traits:

Confident and bold. Fun-loving. A big love of self-care. Stable and consistent. Loyal. Loves the spotlight and is into the finer things in life.

Light Leo Traits:

Arrogant and pompous. Self-obsessed. Difficulty empathizing with others. Controlling and possessive. Prone to anger when they don’t get their way. Jealous and competitive.

Shadow Questions For Leo:

Confidence is great but in what ways has your confidence turned into arrogance? How has that affected your relationships?

Sometimes we all have to admit that we were wrong but this can be very difficult for Leo. How is pride holding you back? Is there a conversation you need to have that would set things right with someone important to you?

Shadow Work Zodiac Sign Virgo | The Virgin

August 23 – September 22 | Earth

Light Virgo Traits:

Organized AF. Plans ahead. Idealistic. Loves beauty, in art, fashion, and design. Extremely practical and good with money. Kind and supportive in friendships.

Shadow Virgo Traits:

Prone to excessive worry and hypochondria. Critical. Pedantic and fussy. Argumentative. Anal-retentive. Complaining. Indecisive. Can fear their own emotions to the point of escapism.

Shadow Questions For Virgo:

While perfectionism is what all Virgos aim for, it’s never actually attainable. What was a time where your standards and ideals turned into a problem, either for you or for your relationships?

Virgos kindness can turn into people-pleasing and overgiving. While you want everyone to be happy, it’s also important to realize that making people happy is not always your job. What was a time your kindness ended up draining you? What boundaries could you create to prevent a repeat?

Shadow Work Zodiac Sign Libra | The Scales

September 23 – October 22 | Air

Light Libra Traits

Focused (not surprisingly) on balance, harmony & equilibrium. Relationship oriented. Appreciates the finer things in life like art, design and philosophy. Loves to be social and party.

Shadow Libra Traits

Struggles with indecision or finding the “perfect” answer. Vain. Self-obsessed. Reckless with money. Unfaithful. Gossipy. Prone to excess and overindulgence.

Shadow Questions For Libra:

Striving for balance can lead to perfectionism and perfectionism is a game that no one wins. How has your preference for planning and order become more of a hinderance than an an asset?

A love of beauty is a wonderful thing. But how are you putting appearances ahead of everything else? (This can apply to your looks, wardrobe, art collection etc.)

Shadow Work Zodiac Sign Scorpio | The Scorpion

October 23 – November 21 | Water

Light Scorpio Traits:
Passionate and intensely private. Loyal, faithful, and trustworthy. Protective of their friends and loved ones. Independent. Focused and determined. Intuitive.

Shadow Scorpio Traits:

Intense and strong-willed. Secretive. Can feel attacked and misunderstood. Loves their own independence while being possessive of others. Controlling and dominating. Vengeful when pushed too far. Obsessive and suspicious.

Shadow Work Questions For Scorpio:

Feeling misunderstood is common for Scorpio. Yet it’s also rare for Scorpio to open up. How has being closed-off impacted your relationships? What would it be like to open up (just a little) with someone you trust?

Scorpio can sometimes feel like taking their disappointment out on those around them. But is this the best use of your time and energy? When you’re triggered, what could you focus on transforming into? (Instead of using that energy to punish someone?)

Shadow Work For Sagittarius | The Archer

November 22 – December 21 | Fire

Light Sagittarius Traits:

Adventurous. Loves to travel. Social and loves a good party. Talkative and friendly. Great at telling stories and amusing a crowd.

Shadow Sagittarius Traits:

Pretentious and arrogant. Awkward, both physically and verbally. Absent-minded. Hot-headed and quick-tempered. Righteous and rigid. Can take death-defying risks. Wary of committed relationships and being a grown-up in general.

Shadow Work Questions For Sagittarius :

Your love for freedom and adventure can undermine your relationships. Is there a time you left a relationship perhaps prematurely? Or a relationship that suffered from a lack of prioritization?

As a fire sign, Sagittarians can blow a fuse fast. When was a recent time your anger got the better of you? What’s something you can do next time to ensure that doesn’t happen?

Shadow Work Zodiac Sign Capricorn | The Goat

January 20 – February 18 | Earth

Light Capricorn Traits:

Hard-working and dedicated. Goal-oriented. Responsible and determined. Action-takers and natural leaders. Conservative on the outside but also loves a good party.

Shadow Capricorn Traits:

Pessimistic, depressed, and cynical. Cold and unemotional. Workaholic. Demanding and cold. Stern. Stubborn and suspicious. Resentful.

Shadow Work Questions For Capricorn:

As the CEO of the zodiac, work-life balance is often difficult to achieve. What’s a time when your work ethic negatively impacted your personal life? What can you focus on next time to ensure that doesn’t happen?

Capricorns constant need to push for more can lead to burnout and exhaustion. While creating stability is important, it’s also important to look around at where you are from time to time with gratitude. What are some ways you can slow down (just a little) and smell the roses?

Shadow Work Zodiac Sign Aquarius | The Water Bearer

January 20 – February 18 | Air

Light Aquarian Traits:

Cool, friendly and eccentric. Independent. Loves freedom. Big thinkers who love to challenge the status quo. Non-conformist. Trendsetting.

Shadow Aquarian Traits:

Despises conventionality and anything that represents authority. Can spend too much time in their head and neglect their close relationships. Stubborn and headstrong. Cold and rigid. Can display a complete lack of emotions, which is extremely unsettling to those close to them.

Shadow Work Questions For Aquarius:

As independent and as free-spirited as you are, the people closest to you often crave a little more connection. What was a time you accidentally pushed someone away? What would you do differently next time?

Aquarians spend a lot of time in thought and naturally come to the conclusion that they are right about everything. However, as Esther Perel says, when it comes to relationships, you can be right or you can be happy. What was a time where being right didn’t do you any favors? What would you differently next time?

Shadow Work Zodiac Sign Pisces | The Fish

February 19 – March 20 | Water

Light Pisces Traits:
Mystical and dreamy. Artist and visionary. Creative expression and intuition. Gentle and selfless. Highly psychic and spiritual. Enthusiastic. Always dreaming big and starting their next adventure.

Shadow Pisces Traits:
Moody and changeable. (There’s a lot going on under the surface!) Evasive and cut off from reality. Easily hurt. Neurotic and prone to addictions. Depressed and unstable. Cynical.

Shadow Work Questions For Pisces:

Pisces loves to dream up new potential realities. However, while dreaming is important, it’s also crucial that you follow up with real-world planning. What’s one big goal you’ve been thinking about? What’s an action step you can take today that will get you a little closer?

Pisces can easily pick up on the thoughts and emotions of those around them. However, without proper energetic boundaries, you can quickly become drained or stuck in people-pleasing. What’s a way you can protect yourself without retreating entirely?

While doing shadow work, it’s good to remember that “good” and “bad” are usually not so far apart! These exercises aren’t about giving yourself more fuel for your Inner Mean Guy/Girl. They’re ultimately about healing yourself so you can become the most whole and powerful version of you.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Shadow Work + Your Astrological Chart


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