woman with journal and text Want To Inspire Yourself? 30 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

30 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts | Inspire Yourself!

Question: Are you ready for some self-discovery journal prompts?

How well do you know yourself? And I mean reaaaallly know yourself.

The reality is: you might not know yourself as well as you think! And not knowing/understanding yourself might just be the cause of some of your outer world problems.

We all have a well of knowledge within us! The only problem is most of us are rushing so fast through life that we forget to go inwards for the answers.

We’re used to letting our mind stay in panic and chaos mode so much that we often forget that there’s even another way of being.

But you have a lot more knowledge and wisdom than you think. If you start opening the door to that knowledge, you might be surprised at just how much comes flooding out.

We should actually be turning inwards first instead of constantly chasing the next blog post, podcast or course.

And guess what? There’s actually an easy way you can make turning inwards a habit.

Journalling can be an immense source of self-discovery and self-guidance. It’s almost as good as working with a coach or even a therapist.

But I get it: most people still think journaling is something teen girls do–and therefore it’s not worthy of doing.

(Which really just says a lot about how we view women in this messed-up society!)

But when I talk about journalling I don’t mean just writing down your daily thoughts and fears (but don’t get me wrong–there is immense wisdom to be found in doing that too!).

In this practice of self-healing, we can work through some deeper diving questions that might get us to reflect on some new things and maybe even see ourselves (and the world) in a whole new light.

Would you like to get started journaling today? I mean why not give it a go at least? It’s free and the only thing you could possibly “waste” is some paper.

To get you started, here’s a list of 30 of my favorite journaling questions to help you with self-discovery and manifestation! Have fun and happy journaling my kittens!

30 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts For Manifestation

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #1:

How do I feel right now?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #2:

What’s the biggest problem on my mind?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #3:

If I could have anything I wanted in life, what would that be?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #4:

Is there anything I’m currently hiding from or ignoring?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #5:

What’s ONE thing I could do today that I would be proud of in six months?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #6:

Think about your ideal dream future for a moment and sketch out all the details.

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #7:

What’s ONE flaw of yours that you think is getting in the way at the moment?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #8:

Who do I really admire in the world right now and why?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #9:

Who or what makes me feel crazy with jealousy? (Maybe even to the point of “hate”!) What is it about them that I secretly desire or admire?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #10:

What do I need to hear the most right now? (Think on what that is & then say it to yourself!)

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #11:

What moments from my past still take up too much space in my mind? Who would I be if I could let all that pain/anger/resentment go?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #12:

If the answer was always going to be YES, what would you ask for in life?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #13:

What do I need the MOST right now and how can I get it?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #14:

If no one could judge me EVER, how would I show up differently in the world?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #15:

Who is my Sasha Fierce? aka your Superhero Alter-ego. Journal on what s/he embodies, what s/he stands for, says, does etc.

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #16:

What is your ideal day? From when you get up to when you go to bed at night, what would you MOST love to do everyday?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #17:

We all have two sides within us–and sometimes those sides are in total opposition. So have a little conversation with yourself? How are you letting part of yourself down? How are you not showing up for yourself?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #18:

Who would you need to be to HAVE the exact life of your dreams?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #19:

Think about one major goal you have right now and make a list. What’s the ONE thing on that last that scares you the most? How fast can you go out there and just do it?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #20:

Are you waiting for permission, to feel ready, to feel prepared, to know 100% what you’re doing? What would happen if you stopped waiting for those (fake) things and started taking action? What would you do first?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #21:

What kind of legacy do you want to leave in this world?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #22:

What do you REALLY want to be known for? (worldwide, in the history books etc.)

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #23:

How can I wake up every single morning and feel amazing? What would I have to be/do/achieve in order for that to happen?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #24:

Think about your highest most juicy desires for a moment. Now journal on it: who ELSE could I help from me achieving what I want?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #25:

Think of one of your BIGGEST hurdles right now. Then force yourself to sit down and come up with a step-by-step action plan. Don’t let your brain give you “I don’t know!” as an answer! Get creative and see what you can come up with.

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #26:

What would it be like to be fully aligned and to receive abundance in ALL areas of your life?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #27:

If you were actually SERIOUS about becoming your Next Level Self, what actions would you be taking daily?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #28:

If you could demand to be best friends with / or receive life/business guidance from ANYONE, who would that be? What do you wish they would tell you?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #29:

What is taking up far too much of my time/mental space/energy right now? What would life be like without that?

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt #30:

If you had to throw everything out and start all over fresh, what would you do? What would be different/fresh/new?

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I know times have been turbulent recently! But we always still have the choice in how we want to move forward. Working on yourself is something that will always pay off in the end. So go ahead and invest in yourself today and wait to see what else comes out of it!

Happy journaling friends!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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woman with journal and text Want To Inspire Yourself? 30 Self-Discovery Journal Prompts


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