40 Small Ways To Massively Transform Your Life

40 Small Ways To Massively Transform Your Life

Obviously, I’m a huge fan of the art of self-transformation.

There are few things that excite me more than the idea of consciously deciding on what you want your life to look like and then making it happen!

Of course, we all love a good transformation story: weight loss journeys, quitting jobs, finding relationships etc.

But admittedly those very big goals in life can seem awfully intimidating at first. So maybe we start to talk ourselves out of those things just because they’re hard or will take a lot of work or time.

So in today’s post, I just want to remind you of the power of small steps for your transformation!

It’s easy to see those big obvious steps and to think you’re not capable of them.

But actually the fastest and easiest way to transform your life is not to do something really big.

It’s really all about taking small, baby steps consistently.

What you do every day matters way more than what you do only once in a while!

Which means your habits and routines contain real potential to massively shift whatever it is that you want to shift.

So if you’re looking for a manageable first step to take, today I’ve got you covered! Here are forty small yet powerful habits that truly have the potential to flip your life into the next level.

40 Small Ways To Massively Transform Your Life

40 Small Ways To Massively Transform Your Life


1. Name one big fear that you have right now and start making a plan to overcome it.

2. Start your day with enthusiasm, no matter what’s on your agenda.

3. Spend less time deliberating and make your decisions fast.

4. When you find yourself in reaction mode, remember to look at your thoughts for something you can shift.

5. Write out a gratitude list daily. (just 3-5 items is enough!)

Small Ways To Massively Transform Your Life:


6. Write down one big juicy manifestation goal for yourself and decide that you’re going to achieve it.

7. Start acting “as if” in all senses and challenge yourself to think, feel and act as if your goal was a certainty.

8. Do a quick manifestation meditation to start your day! (You can check out mine over on Insight Timer!)

9. Practice detaching from your goal: keep them in mind but don’t make them mean something bad about you if you don’t achieve them.

10. Go bigger than your goal! Ask yourself: who do you really want to be? How can you start being that person now?

Small Ways To Massively Transform Your Life:

Intentional Living

11. Start setting three intentions throughout your day for how you want things to go. (ie. “I’m going to have a great workout”, “This meeting is going to go well for me” etc.)

12. Spend time daily connecting to your big vision for your life.

13. Deliberately choose how you want to feel in any situation. (Easier said than done!)

14. Carve out time to spend on personal projects that are important to you. Even small bits of effort add up big over time!

15. Come back to mindfulness regularly. Notice how your body feels in this moment and what’s going on around you. Don’t get overly wrapped up in what’s next.

Small Ways To Massively Transform Your Life:


16. Set aside time daily to connect with a higher power (aka the Universe etc.)

17. Meditate for five minutes.

18. Pay it forward, by donating money to a worthy cause or just treating a friend.

19. Practice non-judgement: don’t make any assumptions about your fellow harried commuters, people on the street, in the mall etc.

20. Choose the loving choice. Always.

Small Ways To Massively Transform Your Life:


21. Drink more water.

22. You can’t eat enough fruit and veg! How can you start adding more throughout your daily routine?

23. Monitor your nightly sleep routine with an app on your phone (and get more if you’re not getting enough!)

24. Make your bedroom a no-device zone.

25. It’s simple but it works! Move your body every day by walking, running, yoga, or whatever feels good to you.

Small Ways To Massively Transform Your Life:


26. Start a savings fund so you can eventually leave the job you hate so much.

27. Set a regular money date with yourself, so you can pay bills and track your accounts with a glass of bubbly (or kombucha).

28. Keep a shopping list so you cut-down on impulse spending.

29. Focus on paying off any credit card debt.

30. Get in the habit of paying cash (or debit) wherever possible.

Small Ways To Massively Transform Your Life:


26. Take a friendship inventory and notice which friendships might have hit their expiration date. If spending time with someone is leaving you feeling more drained and stressed out than everyone else, it might be time to limit your interactions.

27. Share the love! Remind someone close to you exactly what they mean to you.

28. Set up a coffee date with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

29. Set a reminder to talk to a friend you haven’t heard from in a while.

30. Phone your mom.

Small Ways To Massively Transform Your Life:


31. Plan out your week in advance.

32. Start using the Pomodoro Method to get more done in less time.

33. Make notes about any systems or ongoing projects you could delegate or outsource.

34. Don’t check your email first thing in the morning.

35. Tackle your most dreaded habit first.

Small Ways To Massively Transform Your Life:


36. Start planning a trip somewhere (even if you don’t know when you can actually take it!)

37. Go beyond surface interactions! Make a point to create a personal connection with someone.

38. Give yourself some time to totally unplug. No podcasts, books, TV shows etc! We seldom give ourselves time to think but it’s so important.

39. Spend some time in nature (or in a park in the city if need be!)

40. Energy is contagious so surround yourself with happy people!

So tell me: what tiny action steps are you going to take? What area(s) of your life need a little work?

The big results you want are never as far away as you think! All you need to do to create a new reality for yourself is to start walking your talk and make the things that are truly important to you a priority.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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40 Small Ways To Massively Transform Your Life


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