How To Prime Your Mindset For Massive Growth

How To Program Your Mindset For Massive Growth

Ready to program your mindset for massive growth? Well buckle up because here’s the truth:

You’re responsible for everything you currently have in your life.

You created it all.

Yup. That means the Good. The Bad. The Icky.

It’s all yours. You called it all in.

This can be a tough nugget to swallow but it’s absolute truth.

It all began in your mind.

If you’re settling for an unfulfilling relationship, it’s because you’ve justified it to yourself in your head. If you’re stuck in a dead-end job, it’s because you think you don’t really deserve anything better.

We think the thoughts that allow these things in. We create emotional states that put us at a disadvantage. We’ve created blocks and mindsets that actively interfere with the pursuit of our own happiness.

Few people actively set out to make themselves unhappy. But many of us accept unhappiness as life being just the way it is. (Shit happens, right?) These bad attitudes spread like diseases. And if we’ve been only ever been around people who are unhappy, we might not be able to even conceive of life in any other way.

It’s only after you realize there is another way that you can begin to change. So if you’re ready to dig in, let’s walk through the steps to program your mindset for massive growth.

How To Program Your Mindset For Massive Growth

Program Your Mindset For Massive Growth Step #1:

Locate Your Blocks

Internal blocks are one of the biggest challenges we all face on the path towards creating a happier life. We can truly be our own worst enemy. Sure, we all say we want successful and happy things in life. But what happens if there’s a little hidden part of us that isn’t so sure?

After all, growth is scary. Fame and recognition are potentially terrifying concepts. Maybe we don’t really think we deserve to get paid for something we find so effortless to do or maybe, despite all our successes, we still feel like an imposter in our field.

Recognizing the ways in which we hold ourselves back is the first key to the puzzle.

You don’t need to work on changing your thoughts quite yet. Just become aware of all those times when you think or say “Oh this always happens to me!”, “That’s just the way it is” or ”

Nothing is ever so absolute. So why allow our thoughts and emotions to operate that way?

Program Your Mindset For Massive Growth Step #2:

Work Them Out

To get past our old patterns and entanglements, we need to do some shadow work. There’s no question about it: taking a deep unflinching look at ourselves is difficult. But it’s the only way to get through it.

And it’s not all as scary as it sounds.

If you have old issues hanging on from your childhood (and we all do), it’s time to learn how you can reframe them. Start by looking for those thought patterns that you picked up from someone else. Are your thoughts and beliefs truly your own? Or were they learned? It’s often surprising to see the truth behind the way we view the world.

It’s only once you can see where some of your internal beliefs have stemmed from, you can begin to change them.

If you have worry or anxiety, let yourself go with it for a while. What would it feel like if you failed? If you lost? If you get burned? Let yourself feel the terror. Cry, scream, do what you need to do to feel that uncomfortable fearful place.

Once you’re done ask yourself what’s really changed. Aren’t you the same person at the core? Even if everything else went away, you would still be here. Once you have the ability to find yourself amidst the chaos you’ll become stronger, braver and more confident in what you have to offer the world as a person.

And please know that shadow work isn’t a one-time only affair. Putting stop to negative thought patterns or reframing harmful belief patterns is an ongoing process. But as with any other skill, the more you work at it, the easier it becomes.

Program Your Mindset For Massive Growth Step #3:

Focus On The Future

Now that you’ve checked in with your Shadow, it’s time to reassess. What are you looking to accomplish next in your life? The choice is all up to you! So whether you’re focusing on health, mental well-being, work or family you can put in the work.

The biggest challenge in making change is setting course to actually make change. Meaning? Goalsetting! Setting out on a journey without a destination can lead us to some unexpected places. So don’t be surprised if you end up somewhere you didn’t really want to go.

Goal setting is not the time to be wishy-washy. Get real with yourself, what you want, why you want it and where you want to go next. Setting a goal is simply the first step for yourself and the Universe. So make a few. Write them down. Keep them somewhere you can see them!

Program Your Mindset For Massive Growth Step #4:

Pick Your Poison

There are loads of different ways we can prime ourselves to reach our goals. The methods I suggest here are less important that the regular practice itself. So whichever one you try, just make sure you do it consistently!

Vision Boards – Place your goals on a pin board and place it where you’ll see it every day.
Visualization – Set aside some time to imagine yourself having achieved your goals. Concentrate on making the experience as real as possible. Think touch, smell, taste, and most importantly feeling.
Mantras – Focus on a short saying or few words that invoke your goal. Repeat your mantra to yourself regularly, whether that’s while you’re on the bus in the morning commute or during meditation. Don’t worry if your words feel “holy” or not! Transcendental Meditation is simply about repeating mantras over and over again. Why not update the practice for this purpose?
Manifesting – I love to incorporate my goal-setting practices into daily routines. The only secret ingredient in changing a mundane task into a magical one is intention.
Feng Shui – Wash away the things you want to get rid of and create space for the new. Remember that voids need to be filled. If you want to allow new things into your life you have to leave space for them to appear. (The same thing also applies on a personal level, just FYI.)

I hope this guide helps you release those blocks and set yourself up for what’s next! Let me know how it all works out.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Prime Your Mindset For Massive Growth

How To Prime Your Mindset For Massive Growth

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