Manifestation Practice: 3 Games You Can Play With The Universe

3 Manifestation Games You Can Play With The Universe

Did you know manifestation games are a wonderful way to practice your new skills?

Like anything else in life, manifestation takes some work.

It’s like a muscle.

You need to work at it to make it stronger.

And since we’re all in the business of manifesting an amazing life for ourselves, that means we should all develop a manifestation practice.

Think of it as a routine: like brushing your teeth or working out (because *cough* which I totally do all the time hahaha).

So how does one do that exactly?

Turn it into a game.

I’m very much inspired by the two awesome books by Pam Grout E-Squared and E-Cubed. Please go read them if you haven’t! She’s got lots of practical and fun advice for manifesting great things into existence.

It’s inspiring stuff! And while there’s a lot more to learn in the books, today I wanted to share three easy exercises you can do any old time you like to help you hone those manifestation skills.


3 Manifestation Games You Can Play With The Universe


Manifestation Game #1:


No, we can’t pull a rabbit out of a hat but we can make stuff appear. For this experiment, pick something and then see how much of that one thing you can find within the next days. The experiment in the book uses butterflies but you can go for whatever you like! In the past, I’ve “collected” feathers, balloons and polka dot cars. So go ahead and use your imagination! After you pick your object, set a date and time to end your experiment. Then simply keep your eyes open for what is about to turn up.


Manifestation Game #2:


The idea behind this principle is that if you ask the universe for guidance, you will receive it. So what issues are you looking for help with right now? Pick one specific issue to ask a question about and then impose a matching deadline. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait to see what appears for you.


Manifestation Game #3:

The Dude Abides

This is a pretty great one to try out – and even though I’m a huge Lebowski fan it’s not just because of the name! The Dude, in this case, is the Universe (or as Pam calls it the FP – the Field of Infinite Potentiality). So we’re just gonna ask The Dude to show up for us in an obvious way, within the next 48 hours (it’s always important to add a deadline to these experiments!). Ask for a blessing and name the date and time you want it by. Then just let go and wait to see what turns up!



Your Real Job


The important thing these experiments have in common is that they require you to listen. Of course, you’ll miss every single sign the Universe sends to you if you have your eyes closed. So be receptive and carefully watch the world around you. This is truly a fun and fruitful state-of-mind to train yourself to live in.


Manifestation doesn’t have to be an intense or serious practice! In fact, the more you start playing manifestation games, the more fun and playful it seems to become! (In my experience anyway!) So don’t be afraid to get a little crazy and see how much you can do. Just focus on having fun and staying playful (which I think should be our natural state anyway!)

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life


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