How To Work With Feng Shui Colors

How To Work With Feng Shui Colors

Color is a hugely important aspect of design! And every different aspect of conscious design backs that up: psychology, Feng Shui and traditional design all have a whole lot to say about the subject.

And while it’s important to choose color with all of those different aspects in mind, today we’re just going to peel one layer back and explore the world of Feng Shui colors.


How To Work With Feng Shui Colors


Despite its superstitious connotations, choosing color with Feng Shui is not all about painting everything red for good luck! The idea behind Feng Shui is to strive for balance! Too much of any one element is never a good thing; that’s why it’s always best to use a great mix of color and material to balance things out.

Fortunately that jives perfectly well with the trend towards eclectic modern styling! From a design stand-point, always strive to create a pleasing balance between warm and cool, masculine and feminine. Creating a balance of two extremes is actually a great interior design idea in general; it creates interest through tension.

You can also use color to fix any Feng Shui no-no’s or personal issues you’ve got. The ultimate goal is to improve your health and well-being through an intentional use of color. So consider your own needs carefully as well as anyone else who uses your space often.

And remember color is light and light is our number one nutrient! Absorbing a full spectrum of color throughout your day leads to a better general sense of well-being.


How To Work With Feng Shui Colors: A Guide

Feng shui colors are divided into five basic elements:

Fire Colors

Feng Shui Colors Fire

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Fire colors are great for creating energy and providing motivation and recognition. Any fiery tone will enthusiasm for projects at hand, so consider using pops of red in your office. Plus warm tones are also great for the bedroom or even living room.

Represents: energy, passion

Where To Use: best used in the South bagua but the Southwest and Northeast baguas are also good.



Red is the strongest representation of the fire element! Adding a bold red hue brings joy and excitement and enhances passion in romantic relationships.



Pink offers a more soothing and gentle take on the universal color of love. It’s gentle vibration has a proven soothing effect, making it an excellent choice for any bedroom in your home.



Orange is the most social color and offers a muted version of the benefits of red. It’s perfect for environments where you’ll be doing lots of entertaining like kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.



The color of royalty is another very high-vibration color. Purple is a great choice for healing rooms or meditation spaces. It’s also great when used in small amounts or muted tones.



Shades of bright yellow offer happy and uplifting vibes. It’s an excellent choice for kids bedrooms, the kitchen or even the living room.



Earth Colors

Feng Shui Colors Earth
The earth element offers nourishment, stability and protection, especially for your personal relationships. If you’re looking to enhance your own health or increase stability, earthy tones like sand and beige are a smart choice. Bedrooms and other social spaces (like the living rooms) are excellent choices to concentrate on this element.

Represents: stability + nourishment

Where To Use: the Northeast + Southwest baguas. The center bagua is another great choice for earth tones!


Pale Yellow

Pale buttery yellows and sandy tones are perfect for creating reassurance and calm. Think about using them in spaces where you’ll be interacting with others like the dining room or living room.



Metal Colors

Feng Shui Colors Metal
Metal Feng Shui colors offer precision and efficiency. They help to create and sustain a sense of calm and clarity. They’re a wonderful choice to add to any space but are of particular use to a home office.

Represents: clarity, precision

Where To Use: the West and Northwest baguas



Representing purity and innocence, white absorbs all other colors. An excellent choice for most rooms in your home.



Gray represents clarity and neutrality. It’s a great choice for rooms where many people need to share the space or rooms where you need to let your creativity shine.



Water Colors

Feng Shui Colors Water
Water element colors add calmness and ease, purity and freshness. Water symbolizes abundance, making it the perfect choice for those looking to increase wealth. It aids with both concentration and creativity, which means blue is an excellent choice for that home office or art studio.

Represents: calm, abundance

Where To Use: Water colors are the best fit in your North zone, they’re also a great fit for the east and southeast zones as well.



Black might seem like a strange choice for interiors but there’s that old designer rule that no room is finished without a hit of black! From a Feng Shui perspective, black represents depth, mystery and the unknown. It brings stronger energy to any space but it’s not an ideal choice for the bedroom or kitchen.



Traditionally associated with calm and tranquility, blue is an excellent choice for those who need to maximize their chill time.



Wood Colors

Feng Shui Colors Wood

[ source]

While wood colors enhance growth and healing, they’re also a cure for wealth and prosperity. They’re a great choice to balance out other heavy materials (like the porcelain of a bathroom). Real wood elements have an extra high-vibe boost. If you’re looking for change or to grow what you’ve already got, wood colors are an excellent choice.

Represents: vitality, growth

Where To Use: the East + Southeast zones. The South bagua is also a good choice.



The color of energy, health and growth! Green is nourishing and balancing to the body. Try using a mixture of several different shades to maximize its healing benefits.



If you could use some strength or grounding energy in your life, brown is an excellent choice. It’s nourishing energy is helpful for those who need to rest and rejuvenate.



I hope you enjoyed this quick guide! Please share this if you enjoyed it & I’ll see you back here next week!

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How To Work With Feng Shui Colors


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    1. No not the directions on a compass! Stand in your front doorway facing inwards and use the bagua map from that position. Hope that helps!

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