15 Products To Elevate Your Meditation Practice

15 Products To Elevate Your Meditation Practice


Looking to elevate your meditation practice this season? I know I am.

I think a lot of us are in this boat. We start the meditation practice but sometimes we get bored or start to drop off. We know it’s good for us but we still find excuses to not do it.

One trick that will make that spiritual or wellness practice feel all new and shiny again but upgrading your surroundings.

The key is to get you excited about meditating again! So think about what you would need to do that: an eye mask? Ear plugs? Some luxe incense? (Even something small can go a long way!)

Your meditation practice can truly nourish you on all levels–so don’t be afraid to throw a little extra love into it! This is the energy that you are creating for yourself. It’s okay to be truly self-nurturing here.

With that in mind, here are my fifteen top meditation products to carry you through this season and into the next year.


15 Products To Elevate Your Meditation Practice


WTAPS+ Kuumba International Agape Incense Sticks

WTAPS + Kuumba

International Agape incense sticks

Set the mood for your practice by lighting up one of these luxe incense sticks that will make tuning into your body all the more pleasurable.

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Higher Dose PEMF Infrared Mat

Higher Dose

PEMF Infrared Mat

Give your meditation practice a powerful one-two punch by laying down on your mat while you zone out. It’s known to stimulate endorphins, serotonin, and improve sleep.

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She's Lost Control I Am Love Gift Set

She’s Lost Control

Whether you’re looking for a little self-love or you want to give something beautiful to a friend, this set is a beautiful start.

I Am Love Gift Set

Whether you’re looking for a little self-love or you want to give something beautiful to a friend, this set is a beautiful start.

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Angel Numbers 222 Hat


Angel Numbers 222 hat

Let those angels know you’re always ready and willing with this cute baseball hat.

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Stone Porcelain Diffuser

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a scent girl–and essential oils are always a hit. Try them out for yourself with this gorgeous diffuser.

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Lunya Silk Eye Mask


Silk Eye Mask

Make tuning out a little more chic with this beautiful (washable!) silk eye mask.

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Sunday Citizen Meditation Pillow

Sunday Citizen

Crystal Meditation Pillow

Getting comfortable is key for meditation. You definitely don’t want to be fidgeting on the floor! This cute little pouf will help get you there–and will look cute when not in use.

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Silk & Snow Coverlet in Oat

Silk & Snow

Muslin coverlet in oat

If you tend to be chilly (like me), then make sure you have a cozy blanket on hand. This one from Silk and Snow is both cute and practical.

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Mad et Len Spirituelle Pot Pourri

Mad et Len

Spirituelle Monarchia Pot Pourri

This beautiful scented pot pourri (on lava rocks!) not only looks great but will keep your place smelling great whether you’re meditating or not.

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Theragun Pro


Theragun Pro 4th Gen

Relax those aching joints before or after your practice with a DIY massage session.

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The Orijin Thinking Egg

The Orijin

Thinking Egg

Finding it hard to get present? The Thinking Egg invites you to hold on to it’s curvy surface and really sink into feeling and presence.

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Samaya Meditation Pillow


Meditation Cushion in Velvet

Having your own dedicated meditation zone can make all the difference. This pretty velvet meditation cushion is a great start!

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Lunya Reversible Cotton Blend Pajama Joggers


Reversible Cotton Blend Pajama Joggers

Get cozy and make sure you have the right outfit. It doesn’t have to be tight yoga wear! Comfy is good and these are a luxe choice that will make you feel great.


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Quiet Earplugs for Noise Reduction

Attention fellow city dwellers! If you need to tune out the noise to truly find your focus, these are for you.

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Singing Bowls for Meditation


Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

Create your own sound bath by using the bowls before or after your practice.

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So what did you think of these meditation products? Are you inspired to treat yourself and elevate your meditation practice?



Don’t let your meditation (or spiritual) practice become a bore! You get what you put into it and that also means what you do for your environment.

Happy meditating beautiful!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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15 Products To Elevate Your Meditation Practice


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