Future Scripting for Manifestation: A How-To Guide

Future Scripting for Manifestation: A How-To Guide

One of my favorite manifestation methods by far is future scripting.

(Which is exactly why I teach about it inside Manifestation Journaling Workshop.)

Let’s face it: we wall want to call in more money, love, etc. But we’re also busy living our modern day lives. There’s only so much time in a day for visualizing or using affirmations.

So let’s just cut through the chase and focus on what really works. And that’s the reason future scripting will become your new Manifestation BFF.


What Is Future Scripting?


Imagine you with a big magic wand. Only the magic wand is a pen and paper–but whatever you write down with that magic wand actually becomes reality.

That’s the premise behind future scripting–and can I tell you? It works.

When you were a kid, you might have had a diary where you recorded the in’s and out’s of your life: experiences, feelings, the works. This is basically the same idea except that we’re writing down experiences and emotions that haven’t happened yet.

This is one powerful way of not only telling the Universe exactly what you want, but becoming energetically aligned to it.


Future Scripting = Sigil Magick


From a magical perspective, I believe this works through sigil magick.

One of my all-time favorite lectures about sigil magick comes from Grant Morrison.

You can watch it in full here:

Basically, Morrison believes that writing a character that was kind of on purpose like him helped manifest the things that he wrote for that character. An accidental professional-level future scripting in action, if you will.

Similarly, think about all the times The Simpsons “predicted” the future. Now is that a future prediction?

Or is it the fact that putting out images of Donald Trump as President that millions of people saw and accidentally put energy behind created a way for that manifestation to come through?

(That’s what I believe and I will never forgive them for that one, obviously! 😂)


How To Use Future Scripting For Manifestation


Future Scripting Step #1: Gather Your Supplies

What do you need to make journaling feel good? Sometimes that’s a cute new journal or an awesome gel pen. But you don’t have to get fancy at all! For years, I have used a simple unlined paper pad and that works perfectly for me.

Just make sure you’re actually using a pen/pencil and paper for this exercise! While I do love using a computer for some things, there’s just something magical about writing down your intentions by hand.


Future Scripting Step #2: Set The Mood

What else would optimize your journaling experience? I suggest lighting your favorite scented candle or some incense. Perhaps you want to keep a few of your favorite crystals at hand. And you almost definitely want to put on some mood music (I prefer modern classical like this but you could do meditation music, singing bowls, or your favorite pop song!)

And of course if you’re the type that prefers to work in silence (which I admit, sometimes I need too!) that’s perfectly okay.

Don’t forget a nice cup of tea, kombucha or whatever else floats your boat!


Future Scripting Step #3: Start Visualizing Your Ideal Future

Now that you’re all prepared, take a deep breath and mentally project yourself into your Ideal Future Self Life.

Who are you? What are you doing? What’s going on? Start to fill in the picture as much as you can–and be sure to bring in as much emotion as you can.


Future Scripting Step #4: Start Writing

Start your future scripting by writing down what you see and what you want to happen as if it were happening on TV. So don’t write down thinks like “I want X.” Write it down as if it were happening in the current moment.

(Basically, just use present tense!)
Future Scripting Example:

I wake up in my king size bed, all decked out in Silk & Snow bedding. The sun from my floor to ceiling windows woke me up before the alarm. I roll over in bed to give my amazingly hot partner a kiss on the cheek. I feel so loved and blessed to be waking up beside them. Then I sneak out of bed and go downstairs to make myself an espresso in my beautiful all-white kitchen.

That’s only a small taste of course! You can also write down details about your partner, your home, your job, the way you look, the way you feel. It’s all up to you so get creative and write yourself a future that feels good!

Obviously, this is an exercise that could keep going and going so I’ll leave it up to you on how much you want to write. However, 2-3 handwritten pages is a good guideline to aim for.


Future Scripting Step #4: Keep Showing Up To Script

I definitely believe in future scripting your Ideal Future Life regularly. You could make this a regular part of your morning ritual. Or if that feels like too much, try doing in only on Sundays or perhaps on the first of the month.

One of the ways future scripting for manifestation works is by allowing us to see to believe that the things we want are actually available and possible for us. That’s why I recommend coming back to it regularly.

Perhaps make it a goal to do it daily and then after 30 days check in with yourself. If you’re starting to feel bored or like you’re just going through the motions, take a break! You want this exercise to feel good while you’re doing it.


So tell me: are you excited to start the process of future scripting? What’s the goal or intention you’re most excited to write about first?

Personally, I love future scripting because it’s so simple yet powerful. I know you’re looking for manifestation techniques that actually work and this is one of my personal favorites.

Good luck and happy manifesting!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Future Scripting for Manifestation: A How-To Guide


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