Why People Pleasing Is Bad For Manifesting
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Video: Why People Pleasing Is Bad For Manifesting

Wondering how people pleasing affects your manifesting?

The two things might sound completely different. But if you suffer from people pleasing, you might be bringing that energy into your manifestations.

That could mean:

  • Manifesting things in order to impress someone
  • Putting on a fake happy face instead of getting real with yourself
  • Trying to create the life you should want, instead of what you actually desire

Manifestation works in tandem with authenticity.

If you’re trying to manifest something for someone else or because it looks good, you’re already off on the wrong foot.

(Example: manifesting winning a lot of money or getting married.)

People often think about the optics of something more than what’s real and true for them.

What Is People Pleasing?

People pleasing is any behavior that involves putting someone else’s opinions or desires above your own.

When you’re people pleasing, you’re either playing small or pretending to be someone you’re not.

How People Pleasing Is Bad For Manifesting

Most of the time that also involves us settling for less than we want in life.

Which is the complete opposite of manifestation!

How can you successfully manifest when you’re playing in this low-worth energy? The Universe is really here to cheer on you: your authentic power and success. You’ll simply never find that if you’re more worried about your boyfriend or mother’s opinion than your own.

Are you ready to break free from people pleasing AND improve your manifestation success?

Then you’ll want to watch today’s video to break the pattern!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Why People Pleasing Is Bad For Manifesting


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