How to Manifest Anything You Want Using Your Home
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How to Manifest Anything Using Your Home

Welcome to the world of conscious design: where I teach you how to manifest ANYTHING you want using your home.

Our goals, dreams and desires are our primary motivation in life. But how much time are you actually putting into moving towards them?

We all tend to lose focus and drive. When you dream big, it’s also easy to get overwhelmed by the distance there is left to go.

Any small way you can begin to work your goals into your daily life will get you ahead. And where better to do it than in your own home?

Conscious Design is the practice of using your home as a vision board.

By now everyone has heard of the concept of a Vision Board. But just to recap, a Vision Board is a tool for manifesting what you want in life. The premise is simple: put a bunch of pictures and words that invoke your desired feelings on to a pin board and hang it up somewhere where you will see it every day.

Every time you see the board you become reconnected with your desires, either consciously or subconsciously.

The more that we attune ourselves with where we want to go, the faster and easier it is to actually get there.

While I love the idea of a Vision Board, but I’m also not into having actual Vision Boards strewn around my flat. (I’m still a designer after all!)

So why not expand upon the idea in a more functional and attractive way?

There are a variety of other ways to get the same effect without the fourth-grade craft collage look.

Your home is the biggest canvas you have.

Any object can be imbued with meaning and purpose – which means that you can effectively use your entire home as a vision board.

And once you realize that, the sky’s the limit! Manifesting should be fun and practical and I think this practice is both.

How To Manifest Anything You Want Using Your Home

The first step is to decide on what you want. It’s so shocking to me how many people don’t even get this far! We’re looking for two or three goals ideally but you can get started with only one.

If you don’t commit to your dreams in any real way, you’re not likely to reach them.

So get specific about what you really want.

Now let’s begin to make them real. Write them down. It sounds incredibly basic but writing down your goals is the easiest and fastest way to bring your goals to life!

A piece of paper is something that you can see and touch; you’ve already brought your thoughts into reality. The abstract has become concrete.

After you’ve got them written down, it’s time to choose a physical object to represent each one.

This part is completely open to interpretation.

I’m giving these ideas as a suggestion, not something to be followed to the letter. The most important thing is that the objects you choose hold meaning for you.

How to Manifest Anything Using Your Home

How to Manifest Anything Using Your Home: Love

  • artwork of romantic images, like roses or happy couples
  • heart shaped objects
  • fresh flowers, likes roses or pink peonies
  • pairs of objects (no lonely singles!)
  • colors: red or pink

How to Manifest Anything Using Your Home: Money

  • jade or bamboo plants (but all types of plants are good!)
  • images of coins or lush landscapes
  • bowls of fruit
  • anything gilded or gold or green

How to Manifest Anything Using Your Home: Success & Fame

  • Burn candles in your fame & reputation Bagua zone
  • objects that represent fire like triangles or cones
  • images of animals, people, sunshine or even celebrities that you admire
  • framed quotes or affirmations that resonate with fame
  • display any tokens of success or achievement prominently
  • any items in the colors red, orange or pink

Conscious Design For Improved Family Relationships

  • photos of happy times with your family (no photos of a single lonely figure)
  • healthy plants or fresh flowers
  • floral print artwork or even wallpaper is another option
  • wooden objects
  • family heirlooms

The whole point of this exercise is to find something that resonates. So it doesn’t require spending lots of money. (But of course if you can afford to, then go for it!)

It also doesn’t matter where the objects come from. You can work with tchotkes that you already own, buy something brand-spanking-new or let the objects come to you at a thrift store or garage sale. Have fun and let the universe serve you with this one!

I hope this exercise inspires you to dream big, take action and start to work towards those goals!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How to Manifest Anything You Want Using Your Home


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  1. What a great post!! So many practical ideas to add to my home decor! Thanks for the great info 🙂
    Love, light and positive vibes to you and yours!

    1. Hi Erica! Thank you so much for your kind words! Much ????

  2. Thanks Jenn. This post came to me at the right time. Vision boards have been useful in some areas for me, but when it comes to making a huge difference I was really not finding the feeling place with just pictures and words. Finding the object which speaks to me is the key I was looking for. Thanks for putting your knowledge into words. Stay blessed.

    1. Hi Rashmi! Wonderful! So happy you got something from it. Much ????

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