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How To Manifest With Angel Numbers

Curious about how to manifest with angel numbers? Here’s what you need to know!

Tell me: have you seen them: 111, 1111, 444 or similar repeating number sequences?

Repeating numbers, over and over again. One day they just seem to pop right out at you and from that point forward they’ll seem to follow you everywhere.

At first, the whole thing seems so strange! When I first started seeing repeating numbers, I was convinced I had lost it.

Why did all the clocks/ receipts/ license plates of the world seem to be telling me something?

That couldn’t actually be what was going on….right?

But of course, the cosmic joke’s on me because my gut instincts were exactly right.

(And since you’re reading this post, I’m guessing yours are too.)

When I first started noticing repeating numbers (aka angel numbers or manifestation numbers), it was at the point of my life where I was just waking up to the power of the spiritual world (and my own power too!).

So in retrospect it all makes sense. Of course I started noticing them at that time because I was also tuning more into the vibrational frequency of the Universe. I was open to the experience and as soon as that happened–BOOM!–repeating numbers everywhere.

Are you having a similar experience? It’s actually a super-common (and magical!) phenomenon.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see me posting numbers in my Insta-stories all the time (and those are just a fraction of what I actually notice!) I get comments about it all the time so today I thought I would do a post all about it.

What Are Angel Numbers & What Do They Mean?

Angel numbers (or repeating numbers or manifestation numbers) are simply signs of alignment. They’re what I call “divine winks”: signs that the Universe is paying attention and letting you know you’re not alone.

While every number has a slightly different meaning, they’re all a powerful reminder of the same basic thing: the Universe has got your back! It’s just saying hello and reminding you that it’s there.

Angel numbers are also a powerful call to notice what’s happening around you when you see them. So when you notice them, take note. How are you feeling at the moment? What are you thinking about? And what does the number make you FEEL?

The real message is always unique to you! Listen to your heart. Clue into what’s happening in the moment. Then follow the signs, knowing you are loved.

What To Do When You See Angel Numbers

Any time you notice a repeating number, take it as a sign to drop into the moment. What were doing? What were you thinking about? Angel numbers are a sign that there’s something to pay attention to so take a look around and follow your intuition to pinpoint what that is.

We each have a unique conversation going with the Universe! So worry less about what these charts mean and more about what the numbers mean to you.

Finally, I also love to give the Universe a sincere thank you when I see them. Even if they’re “just” numbers on a license plate, you can still be grateful for the Universe showing up for you. So take a moment to give a little thanks before carrying on with your day.

How To Manifest With Angel Numbers: What They Mean For The Law of Attraction

How To Manifest With Angel Numbers:

Manifestation Number 000

Get excited! Things are about to start flowing for you. 000 signals a void–but nature abhors a void! That just means something will soon be rushing in (energetically speaking!) to fill up the space.

Think about what’s been going on for you lately: what have you lost recently or what are you waiting on? Get clear about what you need the most. 000 is a sign that that area might be changing fast. Then stay tuned for fresh new beginnings!

How To Manifest With Angel Numbers:

Manifestation Number 111

Congratulations! Your desires are manifesting quickly at this time. So be sure you’re focusing your energy and attention on the things you truly want. 111 carries both the energy of the number 1 and the karmic Master Number 11. The number 1 is all about new beginnings and moving forward while 11 is all about completing your soul mission.

This is a sign to get your ducks in a row and ready yourself for what you really want! Get ready because things are transforming quickly for you.

(I got a 111 while writing this post!)

How To Manifest With Angel Numbers:

Manifestation Number 222

222 is a signal to stop freaking out and worrying! Things are going your way so stop the drama and go back to trusting the process. Everything is happening for the best–always.

222 is also the Master Builder Number that indicates vision, wisdom and transformation. This is a beautiful moment for manifesting so go out there and set some intentions!

How To Manifest With Angel Numbers:

Manifestation Number 333

Get happy! Peace and joy are on their way to you! 3×3 is powerful and represents divinity. This is a sign that the divine, angels and ascended masters are all working with you now.

333 is also the number of the lightworker! So manifestation number 333 might also be a sign for you to put your natural gifts out into the world. If you’re not a spiritual-worker type, that’s okay too! Just know that you have amazing energy around you! Keep focusing on your desires.

How To Manifest With Angel Numbers:

Manifestation Number 444

The ultimate angel number! Manifestation number 444 is a sign your guides are with you now so there’s no need to feel forgotten or alone. You are not alone on your mission!

Part of receiving guidance is simply noticing it when it shows up! So keep your eyes peeled for new ideas and synchronicities. Divine guidance is truly all around you now. But don’t rest on your laurels! Keep making progress yourself and look for help along the way.

How To Manifest With Angel Numbers:

Manifestation Number 555

Get happy! 555 is a powerful indication that change is on the horizon. Are you truly ready to uplevel your life? I certainly hope so because your time is now!

Stay open to new opportunities and get ready to say goodbye to what’s no longer serving you. Stay true to your vision for yourself and keep doing the work. There’s no reason to be afraid at this time! Just know that better things are on their way.

How To Manifest With Angel Numbers:

Manifestation Number 666

Don’t be afraid! Throw away your associations with the devil. The angel number 666 is a sign to recalibrate.

Perhaps you’ve gone off your path slightly or you’ve fallen out of alignment. Please know that nothing has gone wrong! This is simply a reminder to come back to what’s right and true for you.

Think about your goals and dreams and try to notice how you can support them better. Then turn your attention to being grateful for everything you’ve already achieved and on providing service to your fellow humans.

How To Manifest With Angel Numbers:

Manifestation Number 777

It’s all working out for you! Angel number 777 is a sign that Lady Luck is on your side! You’ve been staying true to yourself and taking advantage of the help you’ve been receiving. Things are about to really come together!

Manifestation number 777 is the ultimate sign of spiritual alignment so keep your eyes and heart open to help and signs along the way. How can you become your highest self while helping the world around you to do the same? It’s time to bring your wisdom to the world as you were always meant to.

How To Manifest With Angel Numbers:

Manifestation Number 888

Looking to manifest some more money? Well lucky you! 888 manifestation number is the Universe’s way of telling you abundance is on its way! Remember the manifesting process also needs your energy! Opportunities are bountiful so get ready to pounce.

This number is all about self-reliance, integrity and confidence. It’s time for you to step into your own self-worth and receive the reward for all the energy and time you’ve already put into the world.

How To Manifest With Angel Numbers:

Manifestation Number 999

Change is in the air! 999 is all about the completion of an energetic cycle. Don’t be afraid! The unknown can be scary but bigger and better things are on their way.

Seeing repeating 999s is a good indicator that you need to finish a project or put an end to a certain chapter in your life. So ask yourself: what do you need to do in order to level up? Time to put your attention there so you can finally move onwards!

How To Manifest With Angel Numbers:

Manifestation Number 1111

Wonderful news! 1111 is the ultimate sign for successful manifestation! So take a moment to recenter yourself and concentrate on what you’re calling in.

The number 1111 is a visual representation two doorways: one here and one into the spiritual world. If you step through these doors, where do you want to find yourself? Turn your attention to asking for what you really want. Quantum jumps are always a possibility if you have the right attitude!

(If you want to learn more about the 1111 phenomena, check out this post!)

Manifest With The Moon

So tell me: what repeating numbers do you see the most? What do yours mean to you?

In the end, the importance you personally give a repeating number sequence or angel number is always the most important thing! So take them all as a beautiful sign of alignment and tune into your own inner knowing first. But always know the best answers always lie within.

Thank you so much for reading! I’ll see you back here in the next post.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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