How To Let Go: 3 Ways To Get Back To Manifesting

How To Let Go In Order To Manifest

Letting go is an important part of manifesting.

When it comes to the manifestation, it’s not usually the asking part of manifesting that people have trouble with.

The hard part is always what comes after.

It’s difficult for many of us to move from asking mode into receiving mode.

In fact, lots of us tend to get stuck in the asking state.

So if you’re constantly trying to manifest the same thing over and over again, then this article’s for YOU.

I’m writing this post in part because I’ve struggled with receiving myself! I put in my cosmic order, then I do it again….and do it again.

And sometimes I even think that something went wrong. The Law of Attraction ISN’T working. Otherwise, why would I still be here asking?

But of course, in reality, the problem is always ME.

Something has gone wrong along the way: I’m not trusting the process. I don’t believe I can have it yet.

Or I haven’t gone into receiving mode.

Here’s why that’s such a problem:

When you go to a restaurant, you sit down. You read the menu. You make your decision and place your order. And then you wait—with full faith that your food will actually show up! There’s no need to order over and over again and there’s definitely no need to run back to the kitchen to make sure everything is ok.

The letting go in the Law of Attraction works in exactly the same way. When you set a manifestation intention, all you need to do is sit down and wait for your order to show up with full confidence that it will.

Step 1: Ask. Step 2: Receive. And that’s it.

(Everything else is just one of those two things!)

Trusting the process requires you to let the details go. You have to leave space for the magic to do it’s thing!

So if you’re stuck in the asking stage of manifesting (or you just have problems letting go), here are the three key areas you need to look at:

Let Go To Manifest: 3 Ways To Surrender

Let Go To Manifest Step #1: Trust The Process

Letting go is simply trust in action. You can say (or think) you believe in the Law of Attraction all you want but if you don’t display your ability to trust, then you’re not really letting it happen! Actions are a lot louder than words baby!

Manifesting is a process of co-creation. You decide on what you want and you put in your cosmic order. Then you TRUST that the Universe will do the rest. You TRUST that you will receive guidance about what to do or where to go next. You TRUST that the Universe is always communicating with you and sending you signals and that you really just have to follow the trail of breadcrumbs that’s happening for you right now.

When you don’t trust in the Universe, your eyes, heart and mind will not be open to those signs! You will be stuck back in the boring old Newtonian view of the world where you need to do X and Y in order to get Z. You will miss the magical shortcut in the middle because you won’t be able to see it! Switching your outlook to the quantum reality requires a leap of faith but it’s necessary to make it all happen.

How To Let Go - 3 Ways To Get Back To Manifesting

Let Go To Manifest Step #2: Trust Yourself

Truly letting go and allowing the manifestation to happen means trusting in ourselves too.

Because when it comes down to it, so many of our manifesting “problems” are due to our own feelings of inadequacy! It’s one thing to consciously desire something; it’s quite another to believe it on all levels.

Maybe you think you believe in yourself enough. But I’ll ask you to take a look at your actions here.

A lack of trust in ourself usually plays out by pushing ourselves because subconsciously we’re still trying to EARN our desire. We don’t feel good enough exactly as we are so we do the things we think we’re supposed to do to help things along.

While it’s true that (almost) all manifestation success stories require work, the problem here is that pushing/striving energy comes from a place of desperation–not confidence. The action that really works to help our manifestations is always inspired action, which comes from a place of trust.

When we force and push, we’re doing those things because we think we have to. And because we think there is no other way.

Instead of showing the Universe we have confidence, we’re showing the complete opposite!

How To Let Go - 3 Ways To Get Back To Manifesting

Let Go To Manifest Step #3: Step Into Receiving

Attention all control freaks! This one’s for you. But one of the biggest hurdles towards letting go is to actually make the leap from asking into receiving.

I say this with love because I’m one of you. (Scorpio! Duh!) But it was a great surprise to me to learn that receiving was something I had trouble with! I’m used to doing a LOT of work, used to organizing things my way, used to calling the shots. Letting other people do things for me still makes me uncomfortable at times! (I’m working on this.) I used to be deeply uncomfortable with anyone even buying me a drink!

That story might sound completely unrelated to the art of manifesting but it’s actually not. Part of asking the Universe for help is accepting the help when it comes. You can’t look at what turns up and say “Oh that’s not EXACTLY what I was expecting so I’m going to ignore it and keep doing what I’m doing.” You can’t micromanage the magic!

If you truly want your intention, you must also say YES to it! You have to accept the help you’re being given! If you keep slamming the door in the Universe’s face, it’s going to get the message.

How To Let Go - 3 Ways To Get Back To Manifesting

Once you work on your trust levels, it’s time to get back into receiving!

So take a deep breath and release your intention, then do what you need to do: listen and look for divine signs, follow the path in front of you and leave space for something wonderful to happen.

Because when you let yourself trust, it finally will.

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Letting go is one of the biggest Jedi mind-tricks you must master in order to manifest your desires. It’s tricky territory but it’s also totally achievable, especially with practice!

I hope that you guys get something useful out of this post. Thank you so much for reading and sharing & I will see you again here next week!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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