How To Take Control & Create Your World

How To Take Control & Create Your World

Wondering how to take control and create your world?

It’s just human nature: we’re all addicted to being right about the world. Every single one of us thinks we’ve figured it out. Other people might have some erroneous beliefs–but not us!

We live in a scientific rational world. We don’t fall for bullshit! And we definitely always see things the way they truly are.

But of course, everyone sees the world around them through their very own filter.

Some view the world as happy, as angry, as scary. But make no mistake about it: those beliefs about the outside world all came from inside you.

Each of us lives in a world that’s our own creation!

But most of us don’t know this.

We don’t examine the beliefs and expectations in our own mind–and that means we start creating some things that aren’t that great for us.

Humans are social creatures. We learn a lot by watching the world around us. As children, we tend to believe what we’ve been told. We’ve been taught to color between the lines, to not stick our head out, to fall into the status quo.

But it’s time to be honest: how’s the status quo working out for you?

Right now you’re walking around inside this glass box that doesn’t allow you to do, be or have certain things in life–probably including some things you’d really like to HAVE.

Here are some common examples of beliefs you might have:

  • All men/women are assholes/bitches.
  • It takes a lot of work to earn a lot of money.
  • No one will ever truly love me.
  • No matter what I do I just can’t get ahead.

These ideas are called limiting beliefs–and they truly are limiting. They don’t expand the way you think about the world but they do make it a whole lot smaller. While we all have them, we need to notice them before we can begin to work on changing them.

When they live unexamined in your mind, all of those sentences seem true and verifiable. But once you look at them one by one, it’s easy to see how ridiculous and untrue they are!

The main problem here is that your brain has simply gotten used to thinking these things (no matter how untrue or unhelpful). At this point, those ideas are like a line of bad code in the computer program of you: they’re going to keep causing problems until you go in and fix them.

Break Your Habits

Our brains are creatures of habit! They love to cling onto the same old thoughts day in and day out. It’s estimated that we 60,000 thoughts a day but 90% of them are the exact same thoughts as the day before. By now, not only do you have the limiting belief itself, but you also have all kinds of “proof” that you are right about it.

For example, if you believe that the opposite sex is somehow hostile, your brain will go into overdrive looking for evidence of that idea. So every experience you have that even remotely aligns with that idea will get filed under “evidence”.

But here’s the thing: with a little effort, you can start swapping out those unhelpful beliefs for beliefs that actually feel good and help you to create the world you actually want to live in!

So if you’re ready to take control and start truly creating your world, then here’s a quick guide to help you get started:

How To Take Control And Create Your World

Create Your World Step #1:

Locate The Unhelpful Belief

Remember, the barriers you’re living inside of are invisible! So locating where you might be believing some unhelpful (or downright wack-a-doodle) beliefs is the first part of this process.

Our brains are creatures of habit; they love to save time and energy by recycling many of our same thoughts over and over again. Unfortunately, this has the side effect of making these thoughts habit: something you do without even noticing.

To combat them, it’s time to get curious about your mind! Notice your thoughts as you go through your day. Are you just relying on the same old same old? Do those thoughts/excuses/stories you’ve told yourself so many times even correspond with the way you want to live?

Questioning the way your mind works is crucial to the process! So don’t approach this with a sense of guilt or right and wrong. Simply get curious and notice if what you are choosing to believe about the world is true or not.

Create Your World Step #2:

Create Beliefs Of YOUR Choosing

Now that we’ve got started eliminating the mental gunk, let’s set about creating the beliefs we want.

#lifehack: Life really is a Choose Your Own adventure book! You’re writing the chapters as you go. So why don’t we set about writing chapters that are really amazing for us instead of the boring or stressful patterns of yore?

The most important question to ask yourself is always:

What kind of world do YOU want to live in?

This is your chance to be the change! It’s time to start shaping what we want to see instead of feeling like a victim.

Try out a few fun new beliefs for size: wouldn’t it be fun if all men/women were wonderful? If money came quickly and often? If you felt totally loved and accepted just for being who you are?

Life really can be that awesome–but that story always begins in your mind. So get excited and start deciding on what you really want to believe in.

Create Your World Step #3:

Collect New Evidence

Deciding on a new belief is good but let’s take it to the next step by giving our brain exactly what it wants: evidence.

This is exactly how manifestation works by the way: through confirmation bias. Have you ever gone out one day and thought to yourself: “Hmmmm there sure are a lot of blue cars out today!” And sure enough, all day long you notice blue cars absolutely everywhere. This magic trick isn’t really all that magical of course! It’s just a result of how good your brain is at noticing things when it decides to.

Let’s start using this to our advantage and look for the evidence of the the things we want to happen. It’s like a mental scavenger hunt–but your brain has been hard-wired to do exactly this.

So look around you and start collecting your evidence. For example, take that quarter on the ground as proof that money is rolling in to you. That cute guy that smiled at you at the grocery? Definitely evidence that your love is around the corner!

Don’t worry too much about the details! Flimsy evidence still counts 100%. So just start to notice the world around you with an open heart and mind. There’s always some evidence to be found if you’re willing to look for it!

So tell me: what limiting beliefs do you have to work on shifting? And what kind of new world do you want to create for yourself?

I hope this post empowers you to begin the process of creating your world. We are truly powerful creatures and today’s a good day to remember that power!

Good luck with it and please let me know how it works out for you!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Take Control & Create Your World


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