3 Easy Love Spells To Manifest Your Next Relationship

3 Easy Love Spells | Manifest Your Relationship

If you’re new to the world of manifestation and/or magic, I’m willing to bet there’s a good reason that brought you here:

The desire to manifest love

Although I can’t quite remember the exact reason why I first picked up a Wiccan spell book all those years ago, I’m pretty sure love had something to do with it. (Or rather, “love” from my limited fourteen-year-old perspective.)

These days I don’t play around with love magick so much anymore. But I don’t judge those that want to.

The desire to find a loving relationship (whether with a specific person or not) is universal. Finding that special person is something everyone can relate to, whether you’re a billionaire or a barista.

If you’re looking to cast a few love spells of your own (Yes! Just like in Harry Potter!), you’re in the right place. Let’s have some fun with it!

What Is Love Magick?

Here is the definition of love magick from wikipedia:

“Love magic is an ancient belief that magic can conjure sexual passion or romantic love.”

(For clarity’s sake, I use magic and magick interchangeably.)

Love magick has been around for centuries and used by people all over the world to successfully find love.

It’s not Love Potion No.9. But it works!

Can I Manifest Love With A Spell?

Yes, you can manifest love with a love spell! But the magic in any spell is believing that you can.

If you’re going through the motions but on the inside you’re thinking “This is stupid” or “This will never work”, then your spell is going to off to a rocky start.

That’s why I always recommend mindset work as well as manifestation or magick. 99% of the time the biggest block in our way is our own mind. Also, there’s no need to do magic on that stuff! You can do it through self-healing and self-love.

Is Casting A Love Spell Ethical?

If you’re wondering if manifesting love is ethical, the truth is: it’s complicated.

Personally, I respect free will. I want to both give and receive love freely–and also never wonder if the love I do have is “the real thing”. You might not struggle with those ideas and that’s okay too.

I also stay away from manifesting someone specific for many reasons. You usually don’t really know the person you’re manifesting, so why put so much energy into it? Instead, I think it’s much more useful to figure out what about that person interests you so much and use that information to manifest your next relationship.

Finally, I would definitely stay away from manifesting a break-up or trying to get someone to fall in love with you if they already have a girlfriend, wife, partner, etc. Think about the karma you’re creating here! Yes, sometimes we get our heart set on a certain person. This happens a lot when that person has dumped you and moved on. But please know, that’s just your ego trying to “get back” something it’s perceiving as lost. This desire isn’t a reflection of what’s actually good for you.

In the end, it’s always better to focus on healing yourself and manifesting the best relationship for you in the end. Trust me, the Universe always has something better in store for you, as long as you’re willing to let go.

TL;DR: whether or not you want to cast a love spell is up to you! But in general, I advise you to concentrate on thinking about what you want in an ideal partner and doing a spell on that– not on manifesting a specific person.

Can A Love Spell Backfire?

Hell yes, it can! Once again, this is why I recommend using caution with using a love spell on a specific person or an ex.

Do you really want this person in your life? Or do you want the perfect fantasy version that you’ve created only in your mind?

Perfection doesn’t exist. If someone is already showing you who they are, believe them! (Also, if this person has been mistreating you, really ask yourself why you want more of that person’s energy around you.)

Finally, sometimes love spells can work a little too well and make people straight-up obsessed. (Go watch The Craft for the Hollywood version of this.)

Once again, be very cautious about who you’re using your love spell on and what you expect to get out of this.

How To Cast a Love Spell | Written in the Stars

Easy Love Spells #1: Bath Magic

Personally, I love a ritual bath! For the most part, they’re simple to do and have the added benefit of leaving you feeling totally relaxed by the end of it.

To make a love bath spell, assemble some Venutian-inpsired ingredients: rose petals, a dash of honey, a shake of cinnamon, etc. Rose water or rose oil is also great here as is basically anything pink or heart-themed. You also need a rose quartz crystal.

Set up your bath, adding in your choice of magical ingredients. (Don’t go too overboard with them because you want to make sure you’re comfortable in there!) For bonus points, light some candles, and dim the lights.

Then hop into the tub with your crystal. Holding the crystal over your heart, let yourself truly visualize yourself with the object of your desire. (Or think about the ideal type of person you want to manifest.) See what it looks like and feels like to be with that person.

Let yourself soak in this mental imagery as you soak in the bath, for about fifteen minutes.

And voila! Your intention is now set.

Easy Love Spells #2: Pink Candle Magic

Pink or red candles are always a popular choice for love magick.

Assemble your tools: a pink candle, rose oil, rose petals, and something to carve your candle with. (An exacto knife, pin, etc.)

Take your candle and carve your name and astrological sign into one side of it.
Then carve the name of your desired person and their astrological sign on the other side of it. (If you don’t have a specific “target”, you could put a heart or other symbol.)

Now, annoint your candle by rubbing a little rose oil all over it. Then roll it in the rose petals or crumble them on top. (Optional: add red glitter, cinnamon, or other warming/attracting oils.)

Say a little intention out loud or in your mind of what you want to happen.

Then burn the candle and let it burn until the fire goes out.

Easy Love Spells #3: The Honey Jar

Honey jars are another potent way to call in someone specific or to just make you more attractive to love in general.

To create one, you simply need a clean empty jar, some honey, cinnamon if you like, plus a piece of paper and a pen.

Write the name of your person on the paper. Then fold it up and put it into the jar.

Add honey on top, until it covers the paper. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top if you’re using it.

Then seal the jar with the lid and leave it undisturbed for up to a month.

For bonus points, you may also place a candle or tea light on top of the jar. Say your intention in your mind, light the candle, and let it burn all the way down. (I like to do this with a simple tea light.)

Extra Love Spell Tips For Added Oomph

  • Fridays are Venus day, named for the goddess of love herself. Any love spell you cast on a Friday will have extra potency.
  • Always take a moment to collect your energy, through meditation or journaling before you begin.
  • If you’re doing a complicated spell, be sure to create a dedicated altar space and do some energy clearing to protect your space.
  • Finally, always be clear about what your intention is. Magic doesn’t respond to wishy-washy wishes! If you don’t know exactly what your spell is about, then don’t cast it.

Why Didn’t My Love Spell Work?

There are lots of reasons why your love spell might not work.

Reason number one is that your confused about what you want or you don’t believe in your own power.

Again, these aren’t magical problems to solve. They’re mindset issues that you must work on yourself before you find success.

Another reason is that you might be projecting from perfectionist fantasy instead of reality. Any time we try to manifest perfection we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment because life is simply not perfect! Make sure you’re leaving room for a real human to show up for you, not just a romantic fantasy.

Another reason is that your love interest is simply not aligned for you! Perhaps there’s someone even better who’s about to enter into your life–which means this love spell is simply not meant to. Trust that everything is happening for a reason!

Finally, if your specific person is already in a relationship (or they’re famous or they live in a far away town) you’re really expecting a lot from the Universe. Miracles can happen of course. But they’re rare for a reason! The amount of barriers in front of you mean it will take a lot longer for things to come together for you…if they come together at all.

In any case, I never suggest you sit around waiting for love to find you. Instead, focus on you. Get busy working on your self-concept. Give yourself a glow-up makeover. Go start that podcast, write that blog post, book that flight. Or in other words, just be the amazing person you want to be–because this is the energy people will be attracted to the most, whether you’re trying to look for love or not.

Which Love Spell Works The Best?

Alas, magick is not one size fits all! What works powerfully for one witch, might not work so well for you.

There are a few different reasons for that. First, you simply might not have put your true intention behind the spell. Perhaps you’re just feeling lonely or trying to fill a void in your life, instead of truly calling in love.

Secondly, magick simply does work differently for everyone. That’s why a witch will keep a grimoire, where they can keep records of what spells they cast and how well they worked. That way, they can concentrate more on what works for them in the future.

Casting a spell is mostly about intention and belief. So mindset work that helps you improve your self-concept and inner strength will always be an extra asset for your magickal practice.

Sometimes we look to magick to give us permission for the things we think we can’t have. But in reality, your life and your outcomes were always in your hands. Magick is just an extra tool on top of that.

Trust yourself, the Universe, and the process! Everything happens in divine timing.

So what did you think? Are you ready to cast a love spell of your own? Which love spell are you going to try first?

If you’re looking for love, no need to sit around waiting for it to find you. Gather up your courage and decide on what you want. Then use one of these love spells to help make it a reality.

You deserve all the happiness, beautiful!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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3 Easy Love Spells To Manifest Your Next Relationship


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