Watch This If You Feel LIke You Don't Love Yourself

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Overcoming Self-Doubt When You Don’t Love Yourself

Don’t love yourself? Here’s what you need to know to shift back into love and self-acceptance!

What To Do If You Struggle With Self-Love

Today, I want to address something deeply important (especially if you feel unworthy or lacking in self-love). From my perspective, we’re facing an epidemic of low self-worth.

It’s all common to struggle with self-doubt, judgment, and even self-loathing. But why does it feel this way? Why does life seem so challenging, and when will happiness come?

It’s Not Your Fault: The Misguided Lessons on Self-Worth

Rest assured, your true worth can never be dictated by the external factors in your life (like like appearance, achievements, or behavior). You were born worthy and you will remain worthy until the day you die.

For some unknown reason, we all tend to look at our failures and shortcomings as evidence that we’re not worthy. Perhaps you were even told by your family, school friends or the media that you’re not worthy. In any case, many adults struggle with deep feelings of unworthiness. If you struggle to love yourself, you’re not alone!

However, the true issue is that you were never taught how to love yourself, no matter what. In fact, you learned the opposite. Most of us learned that love is very much conditional and fleeting. It’s something we have to earn, not something we can just experience.

The Truth About Self-Love

No matter what you were taught, you were born worthy: absolutely deserving of love and worthy of your own potential. Your worthiness doesn’t not diminish over your lifetime.

However, most of us learn self-doubt, shame, and feelings of inadequacy as we grow up. We also often seek external validation or believe that certain milestones will bring self-love. But this pursuit can be exhausting. Eventually, we burn out from the constant chase. This only reinforces the belief that there’s something fundamentally wrong with us. (aka our shame story)

The Journey Back to Self-Love

The good news is that self-love can be learned–at any point in your life! Your natural state was one of confidence and self-acceptance. The negative feelings you’re experiencing are just learned behaviors.

Self-love is not about pushing yourself to be better or do more or be more. It’s about unlearning those toxic thoughts that were never even yours in the first place and learning to accept the beautifully imperfect human that you are.

Embracing Your True Self

If you’re feeling unworthy of love, I hope this post helps! Remember: you deeply deserve to fully love and accept yourself. Your dreams matter, and true happiness comes from embracing who you are, not from conforming to external expectations. Learn to accept yourself completely so you can create more joy and fulfillment.

How I Can Help

As a spiritual life and business coach, I help women transition from struggle to sparkle. If you’re ready to unlearn feeling bad about yourself and embrace self-love, I’m here to guide you. I’m currently booking clients for my private one-on-one coaching program. If you’re interested, visit my website to set up a free alignment call.

The Gift of Self-Love

You’re here for a reason, and part of your journey is to rediscover the love and acceptance you were born with. Remember, pursuing external solutions will never bring lasting happiness. The path to contentment lies in accepting yourself just as you are.

If you’re struggling with self-love and need guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out. Visit my website to learn more and to book your free alignment call. Thank you for watching, and remember, you are worthy of love and happiness just the way you are.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Watch This If You Feel LIke You Don't Love Yourself

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