Raise Your Self-Worth To Become Magnetic

How To Raise Your Self Worth To Become Magnetic

Wondering how to raise your self worth?

Perhaps your manifestations just aren’t working.

It’s not that you don’t want great things.

It’s not that you don’t deserve them.

And it’s definitely not that the Universe doesn’t want to give you those things.

It might be all too likely that your own self-worth is tripping you up–without you even noticing.

We all have set limits in life: we live our life in between an invisible upper and lower limit.

Let’s illustrate this:

You can probably all think of a friend who constantly dates people you don’t think are worth their while. But of course, your friend cannot see the issue. While you wouldn’t dare spend your time with someone who’s disrespectful or not faithful (or who just leaves you on read), your friend does.

To you, this type of person would just not be an option but your friend doesn’t see it that way. Their minimum standard is just lower than yours; what wouldn’t be acceptable to you, is entirely acceptable to them (for better or worse). Their low level of self-worth is creating a life you would never dream of.

This is an obvious example but the exact same dynamic might be happening to you, without you even noticing.

When you don’t think you’re worthy of something, you’ll end up blocking so much of the goodness that’s your true right as a human.

You must learn how to claim what’s rightfully yours in order to become magnetic to your desires.

Many of us inadvertently punish ourselves by creating negative stories around our goals: when I lose the last ten pounds, then I’ll be thin enough to find my true love. Etc. While on some level we believe we’re just motivating ourselves, what we’re really doing is committing to our story of being not enough.

So know this: if you can’t give yourself permission right now to have your desires then you’ll never be able to achieve them.

Manifesting isn’t about perfection–thank goodness or none of us would be able to manifest! But it is about being bold about your own life and stepping up to claim what’s rightfully yours. It’s about embodying your self-worth, fully and totally.

If this has resonated with you, today I’m sharing four tips to help raise your self-worth and get you back on the manifesting success superhighway:

4 Ways To Raise Your Self-Worth To Become Magnetic

Raise Your Self Worth Exercise #1:

Take A Rock Star Inventory

Baby, you’re a star! No matter who you are, you’ve got some unique talents and abilities that few other people possess. But when was the last time you thought about those things?

We all tend to be future-focused in life: always worrying about the next paycheque, job, relationship etc. That’s all well and good but sometimes we focus on the future at the detriment of remembering what we’ve already accomplished.

So think about it: what are your greatest talents? Your rock star abilities? Your most shining moments? I challenge you to write them all down somewhere (in your journal or even in the notes app on your phone) and then come back to them regularly (once or twice a week at least!).

No matter how old or young you might be, the results of this list can be surprising. Even if you never share this list with another person, keeping in touch with your inner Rock Star is a wonderful way to remember just how awesome you really are!

Raise Your Self Worth Exercise #2:

Drop The Victim Story

Tell the truth: are you living in a blame mentality? Too often we allow circumstances from our past to interfere with our future. But the truth is that playing the victim isn’t about what’s happened to you. It’s actually just you giving your own power away.

In the end, your life is always under your control. No, we can’t predict everything and we definitely can’t control anyone! But we can always shift our thoughts and feelings and we can definitely control our own actions. Saying that you’re not where you want to be because your parents were a certain way or you didn’t get into the right school (or whatever else it is) really just means that you’re valuing that one event in front of everything else.

But what happens when you eliminate that thinking? When you step into your power? When you look at your past and say “so what” and keep moving in the direction of your dreams instead? This is your story and if you want to be the hero, it’s time to start acting like one!

Raise Your Self Worth Exercise #3:

Watch Your Words

It’s basically impossible to feel good about yourself when you’re stuck in a pattern of destructive negative self-talk. Yet our brains operate like this almost by default! All too often we think that what we tell ourselves doesn’t really matter. But it does. Every word and story that you use to describe yourself is a vote for your own future. So what kind of future are you creating for yourself?

Be kind to yourself and choose words that build you up instead of tearing you down! Think about the kind of person who embodies your dream life. How do they describe themselves? Their present? Their past?

Don’t get stuck in the habit of using the words and sentences you always have! Your language is a huge opportunity for active growth and change. You are so much more magnificent than you’re used to believing so start choosing the language that reflects that.

Raise Your Self Worth Exercise #4:

Drop The Comparisons

Comparison-itis is hard to avoid in this age of social media! But as the old saying goes: comparison is the thief of joy. Constantly comparing your imperfect real life to the heavily edited Instagram or Pinterest-perfect images you see online will always leave you feeling like something’s missing.

Of course, perfection doesn’t exist for anyone, no matter how perfect their feed might be! So take action to make sure you’re not doing this: stop following the accounts that make you feel bad about yourself (or mute them instead!). Curate your intake of media to focus on people that truly inspire you, not make you feel inadequate. Everything you intake holds a vibration so let’s starting feeding your mind the high-vibe inspiration it will thrive on.

So tell me: where are you the most blocked around your self worth? What action steps are you going to take to start creating and accepting more for yourself?

Building self-worth is an ongoing project so don’t try to take it all on at once! Start taking baby steps today and soon you’ll be showing up in the world like the bright star you were always meant to be!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Raise Your Self-Worth To Become Magnetic


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