3 Powerful Magickal Home Rituals

3 Powerful Magickal Home Ritual

Looking for some powerful magickal home rituals for money, protection, or ridding yourself of anger?

Normally, I stick to the slightly less Woo Woo topics of Feng Shui and manifestation. But today’s a little different: we’re going right into the world of magick.

You see, to me, this is all just variations of the exact same thing. But if it’s not your thing that’s cool too! I’ll be back next week with something about wellness or meditation. 😉

As far as I see it, there’s only one extra ingredient involved with taking an everyday chore and transforming it into a magickal ritual:


When we add a laser focus to our action they suddenly become symbolic of something bigger. In other words, cleaning the toilet doesn’t have to be a waste of time. You can turn those mundane tasks into something bigger and more powerful! And it doesn’t even take that much extra “work”.

Don’t believe me? Today I’ve got three simple rituals you can use in your home. And while they’re quick and easy, they’re also super powerful. So go try them out and let me know how it all goes!


3 Powerful Magickal Home Rituals


Powerful Magickal Home Rituals #1:

For Protection


First on your to-do list is to conduct an energy cleansing. There’s not much point in protecting your space from external energy if you’ve got all sorts of icky stuff clinging about in those corners. (Go over here to read more about how to do a space clearing / energy cleansing for your home.)

After your space has been cleared, you can focus on the protection aspect. For this, simply get yourself a white candle. Lit it up while thinking about creating a protection bubble around your home. Then you can walk from room to room, saying either a blessing out loud or silently (a simple “Bless and protect this space” will do).

After you’ve moved through your entire space, allow the candle to finish burning until it’s done.


Powerful Magickal Home Rituals #2:

To Get Rid of Anger


As you’ve learned from Feng Shui, toilets are drains for all that good Chi energy. But you can also learn to harness that aspect to get rid of what you don’t want. The next time you’re feeling angry or aggressive, it’s time to tackle the toilet! This one practice doesn’t require any fancy extras – only the power of visualization. As you do your normal cleaning, try focusing any feelings of anger, resentment or frustration that you currently have into the bowl itself. Add extra zing by imagining all that negative energy turning black. Then when you’re done with the visualization and finished cleaning the bowl, simply flush it all away. Concentrate on seeing that blackness vanish down the drain. Et voila!


Powerful Magickal Home Rituals #3:

For Money


Love spells and money spells are perennially popular magic choices (humans are such predictable creatures, right?). And a good money attracting spell that’s easy to do is the money-attracting floor wash.

It’s actually a two-part process that’s easy to incorporate into your normal cleaning routine. Just wash your floors as you normally do but add a pinch of cinnamon to the water. Then as you’re mopping visualize money coming to you. Cinnamon is known as the “sweet money spice” and is thought to pave the way for business luck and gambling winnings. You can also pour a little bit in your wallet for some magic-to-go!


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3 Powerful Magickal Home Rituals


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