pink roses with text Feng Shui for Love: 5 Tricks & Tips
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Feng Shui for Love: 5 Tricks & Tips

Consistently, the top two requests I get for help with Feng Shui are always love and money.

Which only makes sense because they are two of our most basic needs. Everyone seems to want more!

So since I’ve already tackled Feng Shui for money and Feng Shui for the bedroom, today I thought I’d delve into the world of Feng Shui for love.

It’s great stuff to play around with, if you’re in a relationship or not. (Many long term relationships can definitely benefit from some fresh energy!)

Feng Shui for Love: 5 Tricks & Tips

Feng Shui For Love Tip #1:

Find The Command Position

Nope I’m not going 50 Shades on you here I swear!

Instead of a sex position, the command position is an important concept in Feng Shui which applies to furniture, like your desk and bed.

Using the command position simply puts you in charge of the space and the energy in it. So take charge of your love life by using it in your bedroom.

Think of how you choose a seat in a restaurant. Typically, you’d go for one with your back to the wall that also gives you a view of those entering the restaurant, without being directly in front of the door. It’s the same for your bed.

Placing your bed in a command position might require a little creative placement! The bed should not be directly facing the door but not directly next to it. Just make sure you should have a clear view of the door while you’re lying in it.

Feng Shui For Love Tip #2:

Purchase Pairs

Pairs of objects are awesome includes, especially for your bedroom. This is a great way to set the intention to bring in a partner – or to keep one around, if need be.

So opt for pairs of lamps, pillows, tchotkes even nightstands. Go for multiples of two if you need more than two and do your best to avoid trios of objects.

While we’re at it, remember that placement matters too! So it’s not enough to have two matching lamps. You need to put one on each side of the bed to truly even things out.

Feng Shui For Love Tip #3:

Check Your Relationship Corner

The far right-hand corner of your home (if you’re standing in the front door) is your relationship zone. Whether it’s in your bedroom or not, it’s another important place to look if you’re looking to attract (or keep) love.

So take a look at yours to see if it needs some help. Clutter is an obvious no-no, but keep an open mind as you assess the objects there. Look at the symbols in the things you have on display. Maybe that black and white photo of a woman sitting alone on her bench is not such a great idea for this area!

Instead, go for images of couples or pairs of objects. Anything pink or red is good to include as are pairs of flowers (roses!) or candles (to create spark).

Read more about the Bagua (including a map!) right over here.

Feng Shui For Love Tip #4:

Create Space

As I’ve mentioned before, the universe responds to a vacuum. Meaning if you clear some room in your closet, there might just be enough room there for a new partner to swoop on in.

Sound crazy?

Well on a psychological level, it’s not that the act getting rid of some old pairs of jeans will invite in a new partner. Instead, the decluttering process is about integrating and accepting who we are right now.

Often times that means admitting to ourselves that certain dress sizes are now behind us or that styles have moved on. Again, it’s not that ridding ourselves of stuff we no longer need is magic.

Clearing the clutter is actually about aligning ourselves up 100% with who we are right now.

And truly owning ourselves is magic.

Feng Shui For Love Tip #5:


Always make lamps the preferred source of light in your bedroom. A light that hangs directly above the bed is thought to push away any good energy – and yet most beds I see are positioned directly underneath a light!

To combat this, rely on that pair of matching lamps as your primary source of light rather than the overhead. If you need more, get more! It’s difficult to overdo it when it comes to lighting.

You can also harness the power of the lamps in another way. Try turning on both of your bedside lamps at the same time each night, keeping them on for three hours at a minimum. Repeat this for 27 days and see the heating effect it has on your love life. (*wink*)

I hope you found this Feng Shui knowledge useful! And please don’t forget to share this article if you did.

See you next week!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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pink flowers with text Feng Shui for Love: 5 Tricks & Tips


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  2. I have a telescope is the far right corner of my bedroom. Is that bad Feng Shui?

    1. Hi Renata! A telescope should be fine in that corner, unless the small end is pointed at your bed or desk. That would make it a Feng Shui “poison arrow”- a sort of invitation to concentrate some negative energy. Hope that helps!

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