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Video: Do I Have Bad Manifestation Luck?

Overcoming Bad Manifestation Luck: Insights from a Spiritual Coach

We’re here today to delve into a topic that perplexes many on their manifestation journey – the concept of luck. Particularly, we’ll explore the nagging worry: “Am I creating my bad manifestation luck?”

Understanding Manifestation and Luck

Manifestation is a powerful tool in creating the life you desire, but it can often lead to self-doubt, especially when faced with continuous obstacles. Kelly, one of our viewers, voices this concern perfectly. She wonders if the continuous hurdles she’s facing are a result of her own doing. Is she manifesting bad luck?

The Myth of Perfect Manifestation

Firstly, it’s crucial to understand that manifestation is not a practice of perfection. Encountering obstacles doesn’t mean your manifestation process is flawed or that you’re being punished. In fact, these challenges can be integral parts of your journey, teaching you invaluable lessons and shaping you into a better version of yourself.

Reality vs. Expectation in Manifestation

Often, the disconnect between our expectations and reality leads to feelings of bad luck. We create a story of how things should unfold and when reality doesn’t match this narrative, we interpret it as personal failure or bad luck. It’s vital to realize that this is just a story we tell ourselves.

The Journey is Unpredictable

In the world of manifestation, the journey to your goal is often unpredictable. You can set intentions and visualize outcomes, but the path that leads there is not always under your control. This unpredictability is not a sign of bad luck; rather, it’s a natural part of the manifestation process.

Bad Manifestation Luck: Embracing the Lessons of Obstacles

Every obstacle you encounter is an opportunity for growth. Rather than viewing these as signs of bad luck, see them as chances to expand into a better version of yourself. Embrace the lessons these challenges offer.

Moving Beyond Self-Doubt

A key question to ask yourself is, if you knew with certainty that your wish would come true, would the current challenges matter? This perspective shift can help you see obstacles as necessary steps towards your goal, not signs of bad manifestation luck.

Staying in Flow and Trust

When you find yourself doubting or resisting the path you’re on, try to lean into the flow of life. Accept your current circumstances without attaching additional meaning to them. Trust that you’re moving in the right direction, even if it’s not the path you anticipated.

The Blinders of Fear

Fear and panic can narrow our vision, causing us to miss out on opportunities. It’s a scientifically proven fact that when we’re in fear mode, we’re less capable of seeing the solutions and possibilities around us. By staying calm and trusting the journey, you open yourself up to more opportunities.

Conclusion: Trusting the Journey

In conclusion, bad manifestation luck is often a misinterpretation of the natural ebbs and flows of life’s journey. Every challenge is a stepping stone, guiding you towards your desired outcome. Trust in your path, embrace the lessons, and remember that every obstacle is moving you forward. Thank you for joining me on this episode. If you have questions or want to learn more, feel free to drop a comment or connect with me on Instagram. Until next time, I wish you love, joy, and successful manifestation.

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Jenn Stevens with text Do I Have Bad Manifestation Luck? | Ask A Coach | Law of Attraction Questions Answered


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