How To Start A Manifestation Journal

How To Start A Manifestation Journal

Wondering how to start a manifestation journal?

Perhaps you’re curious about manifestation journaling. Or you’re ready to commit to doing something (every single day!) that will help to align you with what you want in life.

It should be no surprise that journaling is a huge part of my spiritual practice. While sometimes I take breaks, I most often turn to journaling in the morning to take care of my mind and to focus my energy.

Benefits of A Manifestation Journal

I truly believe that simply journaling gives you many of the same benefits as therapy. No, you won’t get that outside perspective of course. But you will get to spend time alone with your thoughts, something that doesn’t always happen in the busy-ness of modern life. You’ll also be more likely to “see” where your thought errors or negative patterns might be.

Plus, you can do this with very little equipment and very little time. (Just ten minutes a day is a great start!)

Finally, a manifestation journal is a wonderful way to align your energy with your intentions. If you

What Is A Manifestation Journal?

A manifestation journal is simply a journal that you use with the intention of manifesting your desires.

There are lots of ways to use one! (Keep reading to get some ideas.)

It’s different than a regular journal because it’s not necessarily about what you did during your day. It’s more about aligning your energy and healing your manifestation blocks, rather than recording your daily activities.

How To Start A Manifestation Journal: Tools

You don’t need much to start your manifestation journal. A blank notebook and your favorite pen will do just fine! (Or maybe you prefer typing on your laptop. That’s totally fine too!)

If you’re working with a paper journal, you can get creative and decorate it with pictures, affirmations, and photos of the things you’re manifesting (like a miniature vision board). Of course, you can buy a cute pre-made journal as well.

In the end, it’s not so important what your journal looks like. It’s the energy and intention you put into the journaling process that really counts.


How To Start A Manifestation Journal: 5 Exercises

Start A Manifestation Journal Exercise #1:

The Gratitude Rampage

It might sound counterintuitive but creating gratitude is a powerful way of attracting your desires. Even though you don’t have “the thing” just yet, it’s important to tap into that energy of having and receiving.

To do this, simply shift your focus away from what you want and onto what you already have.

Quick! Set a timer and write down as many things as you can think of to be grateful for. This one capitalizes on our feelings of “Oh wow thank you!” When you’re super future focused and pursuing a goal, it can be all too easy to fall into lack and forget all what you already have. This is a quick way to get out of that negative energy trap.

Why This Works:

Being in the vibration of gratitude is always powerful for manifestation! When you’re focused on what you don’t have, it’s all too easy to feel lack and scarcity. But when you switch your focus to what you do have, it’s easier to connect with abundance.

No matter what you manifest, gratitude is essential for your overall happiness. There are many rich people in the world who don’t appreciate what they have and who are miserable. Don’t let yourself become one of them!

Start A Manifestation Journal Exercise #2:


I love scripting for multiple reasons. First, of course it’s a powerful tool for manifestation. But it also just feels good to let yourself into the images and emotions of your dream life.

To use scripting as part of your manifestation journal, simply think of the goal you have in mind. Then start describing the scene: What do you look like? Feel like? Where are you? What else is going on?

Yes! Just like writing a movie script or a scene for a book. Only this time we’re writing down the details of our intended reality.

From a magical perspective, I think this works because it’s a form of creating a sigil. Honestly, that’s how I think The Simpsons “predicted” so many things over the years too! They wrote it as a joke, but millions of people watched over the years. And then guess what happened? Sh*t became real.

Why This Works For Manifesting:

Writing is a very powerful form of magic all to itself. The very act of writing things down is a way to make something real: it’s not just a thought in your mind anymore. It’s something you can look at and touch. Even though right now it’s “just” a piece of paper, don’t underestimate how important this one simple act can be.

Start A Manifestation Journal Exercise #3:

Your Desires Are Also Seeking You

It’s easy to forget that our desires aren’t just about us. They can also impact the world around us.

To do this one: start to think of all the amazing things that could happen for you, your friends, or your family if this manifestation came true.

For example, if you’re manifesting money: imagine money being a human-like entity. Now why would money want to be with you? What can you do for it?

Then take it farther: what would you having money do for your family? Pets? Friends? Community? How could you having more money impact the world in a big way? (Think: donating to your favorite charities, etc.)

Why This Works:

Sometimes we judge our own desires and assume we must be selfish or shallow for wanting certain things. But that inner judgment just creates more resistance between us and what we want. This exercise allows us to see the bigger picture and understand that we can serve at a much greater level, thereby removing the block of self-judgment.

Start A Manifestation Journal Exercise #4:

Super Charged Affirmations

You’ve probably tried affirmations a million times already, am I right? And so far, no dice.

That’s because many times we don’t have an emotional connection to what we’re affirming. You affirm “I’m a millionaire” all you like but if you don’t have the subconscious belief to back it up, it’s pointless.

Yes, continually repeating this will eventually get your subconscious to believe it. But most people give up before that happens.

So here’s what you can do instead:

Start writing out your affirmations (“I am hot/rich/in an amazing relationship” etc.)
Then write “because” at the end and challenge yourself to come up with a reason why the affirmation is true. No of course it’s not true yet, so use your imagination. Dig deep! Why are you hot? Rich? In a relationship?

Why This Works:

This exercise helps you create that essential emotional charge you need for manifestation. It will make your brain think “Well of course this is true! Look at all the reasons why this will work out for me.” (Instead of your brain secretly thinking: “Well I’m NOT a millionaire yet and this whole thing is stupid.”)

And that makes all the difference between affirmations that don’t work and ones that do.

Start A Manifestation Journal Exercise #5:

The Turn Around

We all go through rough moments from time to time. But your manifestation journal can help you to transmute that negative energy and get through the rough waters so much faster.

One of the biggest problems in manifestation is that we convince ourselves that we’re not good enough, strong enough, powerful enough, etc. This is just one way your brain likes to trick you into not changing so it’s imperative to notice when you’re doing it and turn it around as soon as possible.

Here’s how to do it:

Write down the negative thought/belief that you’ve noticed. (ie. “I’m not smart enough”)

Then write down evidence of the OPPOSITE of that belief:

  • That time you came up with a solution to a problem on short notice
  • That time you were the one to solve something big at work
  • That time that you got an A, aced an exam, etc.

Be sure to come back and read this list regularly–especially after you notice yourself going into a negativity spiral.

Why This Works:

When your brain gets stuck on a negative loop, it gets really good at filtering out evidence of the opposite thing. (Basically, you forget about the times when you were smart, funny, etc.) This exercise works by reminding your subconscious that this story isn’t actually true and shows you evidence that you are actually capable and deserving of what you want.

Manifestation Journaling Workshop

Want to learn more? Check out my Manifestation Journal Workshop to learn more about the power of manifestation journaling, get 100 journal prompts + so much more!

Final Journal Tip

Don’t forget to make this process fun! If you’re already sitting down dreading the activity at hand, then you need to switch up your perspective to feel good again. Make your set up feel good: put on good music. Grab yourself a coffee or cocoa (or wine!). Burn some incense and really set the mood! Making this practice as enjoyable as possible means you’re way more likely to stick to it–and therefore, to find manifestation success!

So what do you think? Are you ready to start a manifestation journal of you own? Which exercise will you try out first?

A manifestation journal is by far one of the easiest and most powerful tools for aligning your energy and manifesting your desires. Since you can also do this in just minutes a day, I highly encourage you to make this a part of your daily practice!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Start A Manifestation Journal


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