woman with gingko leaf and text Are You An Empath? Find Out With These Tell-tale Signs

9 Tell-Tale Signs You’re An Empath

What are the signs that you’re an empath?

Have you ever been accused of being too sensitive?

Maybe even at times it has felt like the human world is too much for you.

Well, you’re not alone my friend!

I self-identify as an empath myself. But I didn’t always recognize these traits within myself.

Instead, I spent a lot of my life feeling like something was wrong with me.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the case!

Being an empath might mean that you’re extra-sensitive. But this is actually a gift unto itself.

Just identifying the fact that you’re an empath can bring you so much more acceptance. You can start to work with your natural tendencies instead of against them.

I know there are tons more people like me out there in the world. And just in case you’re feeling as lost as I used to feel, I decided to put this list together to help you figure out if you’re an empath or not.

As I always say, awareness is the first key to healing! So don’t be afraid to embrace your own empath nature.

9 Tell-tale Signs You’re An Empath

Signs You’re An Empath #1:

You Feel ALL The Things

Empaths essentially lack a protective layer between themselves and what’s happening around them. That means they naturally pick up on the energy, feelings, and mood of everyone else.

Perhaps you find yourself crying over a sappy commercial. Or perhaps you find anger or anguish inside of you after speaking to a friend who’s going through something intense. Those are definite signs that you are an empath.

Signs You’re An Empath #2:

You Feel Like A Misfit

As an empath, not only do you experience more of the world around you than the average person, but you’re also innately aware that this is not a common experience.

Most of us don’t grow up knowing that we’re empaths! We also don’t realize that this is a common experience and that there are others around who are like us.

That feeling of being misunderstood can make you feel like a bit of an outcast or black sheep.

It’s so important for all empaths to understand that they’re not alone. It’s also key to know that your experience is not a punishment! There are many gifts that come with being an empath and once you learn how to manage your experience as an empath, it will be so much easier to focus on the upside.

Signs You’re An Empath #3:

People Love To Talk To You

We all long to be understood–and empaths are downright excellent at understanding other people. That means you’re probably well-liked for your listening skills alone!

The downside is that this makes you an especially attractive target to the narcissists of the world! Of course, the narcissist is looking for someone to serve their interests (aka themselves). Your ability to really see and hear people makes you irresistible to them. While being supportive and a great listener is an excellent relationship-building characteristic, this can easily swing into negative territory.

Signs You’re An Empath #4:

You Need A Lot Of Alone Time

Most people chalk this up to being an introvert. While that might also be true, needing time to recharge is a sign of being an empath.

After all, if being around people drains you then you’ll need to balance that out with time for recovery. This isn’t because you’re anti-social! It’s because you need space to come back to your center. If your emotions are constantly up and down because of the people you’re with, then you’re bound to feel overwhelmed and exhausted eventually.

It’s also good to know that with practice you can learn to create your own emotional boundaries. But never feel ashamed in taking time to take care of you!

Signs You’re An Empath #5:

Intimate Relationships Can Become Overwhelming

Again, empaths have a difficult time distinguishing between “me” and “you”. That means we often take on the world for our partners’ sake, without them asking us to (or even wanting us to for that matter!).

When we care for someone, we’re especially susceptible to substituting our needs for theirs. But again, constantly putting someone else first also means we’re putting ourselves last–a choice that can result in burn-out or resentment.

Signs You’re An Empath #6:

You Take Vibes Very Seriously

Some people might write this off as being too out there but it’s a very real thing! Sometimes you just don’t like someone or really don’t want to be in a certain room. While you can’t logically explain why that is, you definitely know when something is amiss.

And something definitely is! Not everyone is tied into their energetic gifts the way you are. Not to mention, those gifts sometimes tell us things that don’t make logical sense. But a lot of the world doesn’t make logical sense–and that doesn’t make it any less real! You might feel the pressure to explain your gut feelings (or to ignore them if you can’t). But believe me–those feelings are a gift! Don’t worry about what makes sense to other people. Go with your gut whenever you can, knowing this is just part of you being an empath.

Signs You’re An Empath #7:

You Love Animals/Babies/Children

I know I’m not the only one who’s more interested in talking to dogs than people! But contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t make you an anti-social weirdo.

Frankly, you’re not sure how other people contain their excitement at seeing dogs/kittens/whatever! You wear your heart on your sleeve and that means when you see a dog (and it brings you joy) you can’t help but let the world know it.

Signs You’re An Empath #8:

Difficult Conversations Are Especially Difficult For You

We all have to have tough conversations at times. But you being faced directly with someone who’s upset with you has a double-whammy. Of course, there’s the discomfort that we all experience in this situation. But empaths also take on the anger or disappointment of the other person, meaning they experience anger and disappointment with themselves.

That can cause the empath to react in surprising or immature ways. It’s not because they’re actually immature or reactionary. It’s because they’re trying to save themselves from the depths of their own self-loathing. But the good news here is that practice setting emotional boundaries can go a long way to preventing this type of reaction.

Signs You’re An Empath #9:

Watching The News Or Violent Movies Is Often Too Much

Watching the news or even a violent movie or TV show can put you on the edge. But that’s just a part of life when you’re an empath.

Some people might be able to watch GoT and go straight to bed but not you! Nope. All that imagery of people dying sticks with you in a not-so-great way. That might interfere with your ability to concentrate on other things or make you in a not-so-great mood for the people around you.

You might think that there must be something wrong with you to make you feel so unbalanced over nothing. But it’s not from nothing! Those images you watched actually changed the way you felt on the inside. Once you realize that you get affected by things in this way, you can create some boundaries around them and stop getting swept up in the emotional rollercoaster.

Signs You’re An Empath #10:

You Have A Hard Time Saying No

Most people want to help others. But for an empath, that need is even more pronounced. Again, we empaths often substitute the need of other people for our own. So when someone asks you to do something for them, your natural inclination will be yes–even if the request is inconvenient or downright damaging to you.

Again, this s why learning how to notice and enforce our own boundaries is essential for empaths! It’s not that you shouldn’t be helping other people. But it’s important to only extend that offer of help when it actually suits you–not every single time someone asks something from you.

So tell me: do you think you’re an empath? What signs resonated the most?

If you found that you are an empath, welcome to the club my dear! Just remember, that while this does not have to be a limiting experience, it is actually a gift in disguise. Check out my guide here for more on how to cope with being an empath and enjoy your new found super-sensitivity!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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woman with gingko leaf and text Are You An Empath? Find Out With These Tell-tale Signs


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