Perfection & The Law of Attraction: 7 Ways It Blocks Your Manifesting

7 Ways Perfection Blocks Manifestation

Weird but true: perfectionism blocks manifestation.

One of the most common concerns I see from my manifesting students is the worry that they’re not doing everything perfectly.

I totally understand why that is. When you have your heart set on an awesome new goal, you want to do everything in your power to make sure it comes true.

When little things pop up that take you off of your course, it’s easy to beat yourself
up about it. Or worse–to start freaking out that all the work you put in so far will be undone!

This is such a common occurrence that I decided to finally do a post about it. It’s something that you need to be aware of, as you move forward on your manifesting journey.

So let’s get one thing straight off the bat.

Perfection doesn’t really exist, in manifesting, in us or in life in general.

There will always be something we could have done better or differently. And that’s okay!

It’s totally okay to be naturally imperfectly human.

So while you strive to keep your vibe up and practice regular visualizations or affirmations, it’s important to know it’s okay to go off the rails sometimes.

So if perfectionism is something you struggle with, then find out 7 ways perfection blocks manifestation.

7 Ways Perfection Blocks Manifestation

How Perfectionism Blocks Manifestation #1:

Negative Feelings Will Still Happen

As Abraham Hicks teaches, negative feelings serve an important purpose: they teach us contrast. In other words, they’re here to help us figure out what we want from life by highlighting what we don’t want.

There will always be polarity in life: black and white, hot and cold. Inviting more good feelings into your life is a wonderful goal but don’t think that you can somehow get out of the regular day-to-day annoyances of being a human!

Someone will be rude to you or some other car will steal your parking spot. All that stuff is just a normal part of life! Working on mastering your mindset can’t prevent that stuff; but it will give you the tools to work through it. It’s important to learn how to work through those feelings instead of pushing them away or ignoring them.

How Perfection Blocks Manifestation #2:

You Can’t Undo All Your Hard Work

A common fear of many manifestors is that forgetting their affirmations or visualizations for a few days (or weeks!) will undo all the hard work they’ve put in so far.

It’s important to remember that all of those practices are really just alignment tools! That’s why missing a day or two here and there isn’t a big deal. The whole point of the activity is to get your mindset to match your intention. If you can wholeheartedly believe in your ability to both achieve and deserve your goal, then you don’t really need all the mantras or meditations!

The bottom line is that all that work is ultimately for your benefit. It’s not the work itself that’s important. It’s always your attitude and beliefs that are important.

Perfection & The Law of Attraction: 7 Ways It Blocks Your Manifesting

How Perfectionism Blocks Manifestation #3:

Your Thoughts Create Your Personality…Over Time

Good news: one negative thought won’t change the world! But a bunch of negative thoughts will become a mood. And even more negative thoughts will become a temperament. And EVEN MORE negative thoughts will eventually become your personality.

Your. Personal. Reality.

Fortunately, there’s an awfully long way to go before we reach that final conclusion.

Which means you have plenty of time to get back to thinking happy juicy high-vibe thoughts and working on your ability to receive!

I teach mind mastery techniques not because I think you can go through life never experiencing anything bad.

But because we all need to learn how to shift and TRANSMUTE that energy.

You can let it take over.

Or not.

Simple as that.

How Perfection Blocks Manifestation #4:

Perfection Creates Cognitive Dissonance

If you keep thinking “I have to be perfect, I have to be perfect”, and showing up in life as very much NOT perfect (because you are human like the rest of us!), you’re creating cognitive dissonance: a very big gap between what you want to happen and what’s actually happening.

But what’s worse, is that cognitive dissonance can erode your confidence in yourself over time. If you’re constantly saying “I want X” and then not doing anything that actually supports that statement, then you’ll eventually start to doubt the power of your own words and intentions.

When your words don’t mean anything to you, then you’ve lost part of your own magic!

It’s important to speak your truth. And it’s vital to stay authentic. Maybe you can’t do all the things you think you need to in order to accomplish your goals. But you can always do something to further your dreams.

Thinking you have to be perfect or not bother at all is a false dichotomy. The more you start choosing your yes instead of falling into self-doubt, the stronger your faith in your own abilities will become.

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How Perfection Blocks Manifestation #5:

You Can Still Create Miracles Even With “Mistakes”

Yes, it’s true! Miracles can–and will!– still occur even if you’re actions are not 100% perfect.

Look at it this way: Say you’re trying to lose weight. You’ve committed to working out and eating healthy. But then a day (or weekend!) comes along sometimes where all that hard work seems to go out the window. You eat the burger and the cake and drink the bottle of wine. And although in some way you feel really excited about not sticking to the diet, mostly you feel kind of…ill. Unhealthy. Unenergetic.

But when it comes to reaching your weight loss goal, that day of indulgence doesn’t throw you off track all that much. You get back to your regular healthy habits right away and are newly inspired to stick with your regimen. Now that you actually know that you feel more healthy and energetic while sticking to your plan, it becomes a little easier to stick to.

Even though we know what the right thing to do is, doing the “wrong” thing won’t really take us that far away from our goals–as long as we get back on track.

People break their diets all the time and still get to their weight loss goals! It’s the overall pattern of behavior that makes the biggest difference. One “bad” day doesn’t have to get in your way, unless you decide that it does.

How Perfectionism Blocks Manifestation #6:

Dwelling On Past Mistakes Further Lowers Your Vibe

The most important skill to master when it comes to manifesting is controlling your own beliefs.

So if you truly believe you need to be perfect in order for the Law of Attraction to work, then guess what? You will.

But I assure you, there are many of us wandering around out there manifesting the shit out of some cool stuff, who don’t stick to all the “rules” 100% of the time.

We’re all just learning as we go! And there are lots of things I wish I had done or handled differently in my life! But I also allow myself the space to figure it all out as I go.

If I decide that because I was inadvertently rude to a cashier yesterday, that I can’t have my goal tomorrow then I’m TRAPPING myself in a state of never achieving my goal.

So in short, no you’re not going to get it all right. You’ll forget to meditate, think bad thoughts about your boss, get your feathers ruffled about some dumb thing and regret it.

But you can choose to punish yourself FOREVER about all that stuff.

Or you can choose to stop stressing and just move the fuck on.

How Perfection Blocks Manifestation #7:

7. The Universe Wants You To Have Fun

I’m so not a rules girl. When I created my manifestation school, it was interesting to put my practice down into a step-by-step formula. But I did it because that’s the way we learn and how we expect to be taught.

But the truth is that manifesting isn’t entirely black and white. It requires a belief in yourself and the ability to receive what you’re calling in. It requires you to get on the level of the thing you’re manifesting. But that’s really it!

You won’t get manifesting brownie points for writing out your wish 55 times a day or by spending 15 minutes visualizing your goal. Remember the Law of Attraction is like the law of gravity: it’s always working. All the work that we do in order to work with it is about shifting our own mindset, not desperately convincing the Universe to do us a favor.

Following the rules to a T can actually give you the wrong mindset. The work is never out there; it’s always inside you. Your energy matters! And the Universe responds to your own sense of joy and fun.

So even if you do everything “wrong” but you’re having fun and deeply believing in your manifestations, then you’ll have a much better chance of things coming true than someone who’s going through all the motions but doing it all out of obligation.

When the joy is gone, then all the work in the world won’t help! It might actually even draw you further down the spiral since you’re not experiencing any joy in the act.

Always follow your joy and keep a sense of playfulness when it comes to creating your life. Your energy is really what counts—which is exactly why what works for one person doesn’t always work for the next.

Remember that this manifesting journey is YOUR adventure. And it’s up to you to live it in a way that brings you happiness and ease.

Final Notes

It’s totally okay to pursue whatever you want to create in life! But there’s nothing fun or high-vibe about strict attention to “the rules”.

The Universe wants you to have fun! Otherwise, what’s the point? So even though we’re all studying and trying to improve our practice, don’t lose sight of the main goal: to feel good.

If you find yourself overly stressing about the little things when it comes to your practice, then take a step back! Take the pressure off of yourself and let yourself have some more fun with it.

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I hope this post inspires you to let go of perfection and add a little more fun to your manifestation practice instead. As always, thank you so much for being here!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Perfection & The Law of Attraction: 7 Ways It Blocks Your Manifesting


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