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A Trick To Increase Your Manifesting Success

If you want to increase your manifesting success, you’ve got to clear on the basics.

And one basic step that beginner manifester’s often miss is embracing your truth.

We all tell ourselves little lies to avoid facing up to our own reality.

But if you want to change your reality, the first thing you need to do is to accept it.

Having is evidence of wanting, as the elegant witch Carolyn Elliott says.

Meaning that you asked for everything you have in your life right now.

All that stuff you don’t like is actually serving some deep need inside of you.

We all love to bitch and complain but there’s also something comforting about being stuck.

That’s because we already know what being stuck feels like. And even when we’re asking for great things, ultimately, growth requires bravery. It requires discomfort. It requires taking action and doing things that we’ve never done before.

It involves throwing all those comfy ol’ excuses out the window and starting fresh.

(And blarg. Who wants to do that?)

But before you can actually manifest a raise, a new car or a better relationship, you’ve got to take an unflinching look at where you are right now, in all its bold truth.

Truth is raw. It’s real. It’s uncomfortable. And it’s totally necessary as part of the manifesting process.

If you’re feeling in denial about this suggestion, then you need this post them most! So let’s start embracing our own truth with this simple three-part exercise:

How To Embrace Your Truth To Increase Your Manifesting Success

Step One: Stop Resisting

It takes guts to take a cold hard look at your life. But please be brave for a minute and do it.

This is your life so don’t you dare hide your hide in the sand. You can’t overcome negative things by simply pretending they don’t exist.

What you resist, persists. Meaning the more you try to ignore your problems, the bigger and uglier they will become.

Pushing the pain away is an illusion. You have to feel those feelings sooner or later (and I think you should aim for sooner).

The discomfort won’t kill you. Remember that you’re ultimately stronger than those “negative” feelings could ever be so don’t be afraid to let them in and really feel them.

Step Two: Reframe Your Story

Come on in, sit down and tell me your story: the story you’ve told yourself about who you are, where you come from and why.

Maybe you’ve never articulated it out loud before, but there’s a story in your head and it holds some deep clues as to how we perceive the world.

What brought you here? What decisions did you make that contributed to that?

And most importantly, what are your big excuses?

I know there’s someone or something you’re holding responsible for some aspect of your life! (Whether that’s your parents, ex boyfriend or boss.)

The blame game is something we all play, most of the time without even realizing it.

Things might not have turned out the way you wanted them to. Life might not have been fair.

Relying on blame is basically relinquishing your own power. Please realize that no one has more power over your life than you.

The past is over and you get to choose whether you want to remain in the same place or not. Nothing will ever change unless you do.

It’s time to start reframing your story in a more positive light. You are not a victim and it’s time to stop thinking of yourself that way. It might take time and practice, but the results will be worth it.

Step Three: Become Grateful

If you can become truly grateful for every aspect of your life, you’ll be an unstoppable force.

That means expressing gratitude for parking tickets, unexpected bills, heartbreak, the whole “icky” lot of it. You have the power to transmute everything.

But if you have trouble summoning that gratitude for the darker parts of life, try asking yourself some questions:

Why are you enjoying poverty? Why are you enjoying your loneliness? In what ways do you take joy (or get attention) from talking about it, complaining about it?

You’re getting something from this, or you wouldn’t still be here.

And it’s only once you figure out what that is that your thinking (and your life) can begin to shift.

When you summon the courage to switch up your story and start living a more balanced view, opportunities for change will start lining up for you.

This exercise might be uncomfortable but, trust me, it’s totally necessary. At the heart of it, manifesting isn’t about wishful thinking or attaining some secret from an ancient teacher. It’s about becoming the best version of you.

I hope this helps you on you journey!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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A Trick To Increase Your Manifesting Success - The Aligned Life


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