The Ultimate Neville Goddard Guide To Manifestation

The Ultimate Neville Goddard Guide To Manifestation

New to the world of manifestation? Maybe you’ve heard the name Neville Goddard and are wondering what he has do to with manifestation.

I don’t blame you if you’re not familiar! Neville Goddard is famous in the manifestation world but he wrote his most important works back in the 1940s.

(Thus my nickname for him: the Grand Daddy of Manifestation.)

His work has influenced many of the top spiritual leaders of today, including Wayne Dyer, Esther Hicks, and Deepak Chopra, while his book “The Power of Awareness” is considered a classic in the world of spiritual and self-help literature.

Neville popularized the idea of manifestation in general and brought it to the masses. He believed that everyone has the power to manifest their desires, regardless of their background.

As such, his work is still as relevant as ever, as people all over the world seek to learn how to create their desired reality.

Today we will dive deep into the “Neville Goddard Guide to Manifestation,”so that you can both understand and apply his timeless principles to manifest your dream life.

Who Was Neville Goddard?

Neville Lancelot Goddard was born in Barbados in 1905 and grew up in Jamaica. At age 17, he moved to New York City where he studied acting and dance before moving into studying the metaphysical.

His teachings centered around the creative power of imagination and the belief that reality can be transformed by the mind. Neville’s philosophy was rooted in the concept that the human imagination is God and that we create our reality through our beliefs and thoughts.

Where Did Neville Goddard Learn His Teachings?

Goddard’s manifestation knowledge comes from a few different sources.

The first source is the Bible. Goddard saw the Bible as a spiritual guidebook that contains hidden meaning and symbols.

His other source is Jewish mysticism as he also studied the Kabbalah under an Ethiopian Jew named Abdullah. However, he also studied Buddhist texts so it’s safe to say that also had some influence.

5 Core Principles of Neville Goddard’s Manifestation Work

To understand Neville Goddard’s style of manifestation, you must first understand a few important principles:

The Power of Imagination

Neville’s most important teaching is that you create your reality through your thoughts and beliefs. Whatever you can imagine and feel to be real must also manifest in your physical reality.

To do this, start thinking of yourself and your thoughts as powerful, even divine. Be sure to check in with yourself regularly and come back to what you want to see in the world, instead of defaulting to your old toxic thought patterns.

The Law of Assumption

Neville Goddard is possibly most famous the Law of Assumption comes from: the idea that assuming your goals to be coming true always will actually make them come true.

To do this for yourself, imagine one of your manifestation goals. Now think about it: if you knew with 100% certainty that it was about to happen for you, what would you do? Say? Think? What’s different?

Most of us have lot of mind drama over “will it or won’t it” become real. But when you assume your own success, you remove all of that and get super secure in what you want to happen.

Living In The End

Another key Neville teaching is the concept of “living in the end.” This means removing all the self-doubt, fear, and anxiety you have around achieving your desire.

After all, if your desire was real, would you be feeling any of those things? Of course not! So train yourself to stop feeling them now and let that be part of your creation power. Do your manifestation work daily but then trust that it’s done and put it out of your mind.


The concept of revision is one of Neville’s more controversial ideas. This is the concept that you can “revise” your own memory and history, in order to create the results you want in the world now.

For example: no, you didn’t lose your wallet. No, you didn’t get dumped. No, you didn’t mess up your presentation last week! This sounds wild at first but it’s so much fun to play around with.

What’s one thing in your life that you need to revise for your own benefit? Spend a few minutes here thinking on that and really feeling it every day for a week and watch what changes for you.

(However, please don’t take this as license to go around lying to your boss, partner or the police. That’s definitely not what this concept is about!)

Everyone is You Pushed Out

Another one of Goddard’s more controversial teachings is the concept that everyone (and everything) is you pushed out. Meaning: you created all of it with your mind.

In practical terms, this involves you taking responsibility for the things you don’t want in your life as much as for the things you do. (Gross, right? 😆)

However, this is incredibly empowering. Which of your thoughts and beliefs created the lack of money, the relationship or job you don’t want? If you dig in just a little, you’ll certainly find at least one thought that isn’t serving you. And that’s where you need to do some work.


Finally, the idea of self-concept is huge to the world of Neville style manifestation. Basically, the ideas you hold about yourself are the most important of all.

Many manifestors are actually using manifestation to “prop up” their own sense of self. If I manifest this money, this man, this car, then I’ll feel better about myself.

Instead, Neville asks you to start thinking about yourself as that person now. What are the reasons you think you haven’t been able to manifest in the past? Whatever comes up for you are the thoughts and beliefs that you need to work on.

Applying Neville’s Top 5 Methods to Manifestation

Neville Goddard was the creator of many of the most popular manifestation techniques today! Here are a few of the most important ones:

Technique #1: The Ladder Technique/ How To Manifest In 3 Days

The ladder technique is an easy way to “prove” to yourself that Neville’s manifestation techniques work.

For three days in a row, you simply imagine yourself climbing a ladder as you fall asleep. Be sure that you truly have a picture of the ladder in your mind: how tall is it? What color? What material? What does it feel like to climb it?

Then during your day, write yourself a bunch of sticky notes that read “I will not climb a ladder.” This part is designed to help you release your “need” to climb a ladder.

After three nights, release your intention, trusting that this ritual is done.

Then watch what happens! Many of Goddard’s students are shocked to find they are suddenly facing a real-life situation with a ladder within days or weeks.

This is an easy manifestation exercise to do because we have no emotional attachment to ladders and whether or not we climb them. But it goes to prove how reality will bend to our thoughts, when we give those thoughts enough energy and form.

Technique #2: Breathing

The breathing technique is one of Neville’s most popular for good reason! You can do it any time, anywhere and it only takes a few minutes.

To begin, sit down and center your energy in your body. Then take a series of deep breaths.

On the inhale, imagine pulling in your desire (how does it feel, look, taste, etc.)
On the exhale, imagine releasing any fears or doubts related to your intention.

Repeat for a few minutes (set a timer!) or until you sense your consciousness has shifted.

Technique #3: Resonance Re-patterning

Resonance repatterning begins with identifying the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your manifestation. It involves shifting the energy around those beliefs from something negative into something positive.

To get started, spend a few minutes thinking about what might be holding you back: fear of being seen? Low self-worth in this area?

Once you have something identified, take a few minutes for yourself to relax and meditate on it. Get comfortable and centered. Then imagine yourself surrounded by white light. Then say some positive affirmations out loud. Any positive statement will do but in particular, think about what the opposite of your limiting beliefs would be.

For example, if you think you’re not smart enough to earn large amounts of money, then tell yourself you’re worthy of that money and more.

Technique #4: Visualization / Gratitude / The Law of Attraction Meditation

Another top Neville Goddard technique is visualization. After all, using your imagination is creation power, right?

Meditating on what you want to manifest is always popular. This practice hinges on the principle of the Law of Attraction, or like attracts like. If you spend enough time meditating on the things you want, you will have no choice but to attract them.

So get comfy and get ready to start creating your dream reality.

To do a manifestation meditation, find a quiet place. Sit down (or lay down), close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing.

As your body and mind calm down, begin to imagine your desires reality. Again, focus in on the details as much as you can to make it seem real in your mind.

Then summon up as much gratitude as you can for receiving this experience.

Technique #5: The Power of Feelings

This manifestation technique comes from the idea that emotions create our reality. Just thinking about what you want is not enough! You must also learn how to feel it.

This one is also popular because you can do it anyplace, any time. For example, maybe while brushing your teeth or driving to work.

To do it, simply tap into the feeling of having the thing that you want.

If it’s the new car, what’s it like to walk up while hearing that unlock sound?

If it’s a new job, what’s it like to sit down at your desk in your new office?

If it’s a new relationship, what’s it like to meet up with that person?

Let yourself get giddy, happy, excited, proud–whatever it is! Hold onto that feeling for about a minute if you can, before you release it with a little gratitude.

Technique #6: The Eavesdrop Technique

How about a little eavesdropping to manifest what you want?

Okay, this one’s not what you might think. It simply involves deeply imagining a conversation between two people. Imagine yourself listening is as they talk about something that has already happened to you in regards to your manifestation.

Maybe they’re talking about how happy you look. Or about how jealous they are. Whatever!

It can be the voices of people you actually know or strangers. All that matters is that you “hear” those messages as if they’re real. This is what will help the conversation imprint itself onto your subconscious mind–and ultimately, to become reality.

Technique #7: The Fast Forward

Ready to make your future a reality…right now? Welcome to the Fast Future technique, where do a mental exercise that involves exactly that.

Simply imagine yourself “fast forwarding” through the rest of your day, week, month until you reach your desired timeframe and achievement. You don’t have to spend much time on the fast forward part at all; it’s just a mechanism to help you “reach” the place you want to be in your mind.

This technique allows you to live in the end, your desired reality, while also creating urgency and excitement around your goals.

Technique #8: The Creation

Looking for a little ego boost with your manifestation routine? Why not imagine yourself as not just a creator–but The Creator?

Many of Neville’s teachings hint that you are an extension of god–but we won’t get into that one today. But you can play with the idea inside this manifestation technique.

Take a look around your life as it is. What do you need to move? To add? To shift?

You might think you’re already doing this simply by manifesting. However, this technique asks you to take full responsibility for your life instead of playing in Victim Mode. However, this is often the secret key that allows us to unlock our dream life.

Technique #9: State Akin to Sleep (SATs)

Years before Andrew Huberman popularized Non Sleep Deep Rest, Neville Goddard was already on it. SATs is a technique which involves visualizing your desired outcome before falling asleep. The sleep-like state before you fall fully asleep is key to this process.

Scientifically, now we know that this is when your brain enters a theta state: meaning it’s basically hypnotized. Anything you input during this state will move into your subconscious mind a lot faster than normal.

To do this, simply hold a vision of your Ideal Future Self (or goal) while you sleep. Or if visualization isn’t your thing, try listening to a guided sleep meditation created for just this purpose.

Technique #10: The Mental Diet

You know the importance of diet when it comes to a healthy body. But what about your mental diet and your overall sense of well-being?

Obviously, it will be considerably more difficult to master your internal state if you’re constantly feeding yourself negativity and drama.

You don’t have to forgo watching the news forever! But definitely be mindful of what you’re taking in and how it’s making you feel. And in addition to cutting out those low vibes, consider adding in something positive: like affirmations or even just an uplifting podcast or two.

Neville Goddard Manifestation FAQ

What Was Goddard’s First Book?

Goddard’s first book ‘At Your Command’ was published in 1939. It laid out the basic foundation of how the power of imagination could be used to change one’s life.

While the first book received mixed reactions, he went on to find his niche as a leader of the New Thought movement and published many more books before he died.

How Do I Manifest Anything in 4 minutes, Neville Goddard Style?

Can you really manifest something in 4 minutes? According to Neville the answer is yes! However, I caution you that this is a truly advanced manifestation technique. If you’re new to the world of manifesting, it’s unlikely that you’ll succeed.

With that said, you might want to give it a shot anyway! After all, what’s there to lose? (Other than four minutes of your time.)

So here are the steps to manifest anything in 4 minutes:

Step #1: Get clear about what you want to manifest.

The first step is always to be as specific as possible! (ie. actual dollar amounts, the exact car you want, the kind of relationship you want, etc.)

Step 2: Visualize

The next step is to visualize your manifestation. Imagine it, right here and right now, already in your possession. Get as clear with the details as possible. How does it look? Feel? You’ll want to feel as though it’s actually real.

Step #3: Let Go

Okay, now the tricky part: let it go. I know it seems bonkers to let something go as soon as you make it real in your mind. But we must lose our sense of attachment or any fear around it as well.

Remember, this is an exercise in trust. If you find yourself wanting to go back to step 2, you know you don’t have enough trust yet!

Step #4: Take Action

The last step is to take action. While the Universe is now at work behind the scenes, don’t forget to do your part in the 3d world! Sitting around and waiting is usually not enough. There must be something–anything–that you can take action on today. Figure out what that is and then go out to do it ASAP.

What is the best manifestation method?

The best manifestation method for you will take some experimentation! There’s a reason why there are so many tips and techniques. What works for one person might not work so well for the next.

My best advice is to keep an open mind and experiment. And always remember that your manifestation success is right around the corner!

What is the first rule of manifestation?

Neville wisely advises to keep your manifestation work to yourself–especially before it’s become reality. That’s why the first rule of manifestation is “Secrecy Is The First Law To Be Observed In Realizing Your Desire.”

He knew that the negative words or “encouragement” we hear from others might be enough to knock us off our goal. So when you decide on what you want, you don’t need to broadcast it to the world! Move in silence and surprise everyone with your success.

Best Neville Goddard Manifesting Books?

The Power of Awareness – Neville Goddard

The Law and The Promise – Neville Goddard

Seedtime and The Harvest – Neville Goddard

At Your Command – Neville Goddard

Here’s a link to his complete collection on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

By now I’m sure you understand exactly why the work of Neville Goddard remains so popular to this day! By understanding and applying his teachings, you can harness the power of your imagination and beliefs to shape your reality. This life creation journey requires dedication, belief, and consistent practice, but the rewards are truly limitless.

Be sure to save this guide so you can use it as your roadmap to manifesting your dreams!

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The Ultimate Neville Goddard Guide To Manifestation


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