Become Delulu: Manifest With The Law of Assumption

Becoming DeLuLu: Manifest With The Law of Assumption

You’ve probably heard the term “fake it ’till you make it”. And maybe you’ve even tried to fake it…only to feel like a fraud or a fake and go right back to your normal behaviors and routines.

Let’s face it: it’s damn hard to act a certain way when you don’t feel like that on the inside.

But what if I told you that this really was the magic “trick” for manifestation that you’ve been searching for all along?

You’ve probably heard that when it comes to manifestation “like attracts like” or “your thoughts create your reality”. Simple enough, right? But this little tug-of-war between mind and body just goes to show how difficult changing your thoughts, beliefs, and self-concept can really be.

However, manifestation really can be as simple as making this important inner shift. No, it isn’t always about writing down your intentions every single day or visualizing until you get cross-eyed. (Thank goddess!)

In fact, this one simple technique might just be all you need to finally create the love, relationships, money, or career of your dreams.

What Is The Law of Assumption?

First things first: the Law of Assumption isn’t actually one of the universal law. But it is a simple way to explain just how important mastering your mindset really is.

Instead of the Kybalion, this concept originates with the Big Poppa of Manifestations: Neville Godard. Neville is widely considered to be one of the greatest American mystics of all time and created many of the manifestation techniques that are still popular today.

Okay, but what is it exactly?

The Law of Assumption is simple: assume that what you want is already happening and then just sit back to watch the magic unfold.

In other words, what you assume to be true becomes your reality.

We actually make assumptions about life, other people, and ourselves, all day long. But you make them so quickly that you often don’t even notice what you’re doing. You simply don’t notice how it’s you writing the story in your own mind.

That might mean that you’re already assuming you’re not getting the promotion, date, or free coffee even before anything has actually happened. Within the Law of Assumption, you’re consciously seeing where those assumptions are and take action to turn them around to support whatever your desire might be.

An Example of Using The Law of Assumption

In practice, this goes much deeper than just your conscious thoughts.

Here’s an example: say you really really (really!) like a certain person. Using the Law of Assumption on that person would probably look something like this:

Saying hello — not from a place of nervousness or wanting to be chosen, but from a place of “obviously you’ll want to talk to me”

Texting them first–instead of sitting around worrying about what they are thinking, doing, etc.

Being direct and asking when they’ll take you out next–instead of avoiding the topic and prayingprayingpraying that they’ll just do it.

Here’s the magic: on their own, every single one of these actions could come from a place of desperation and the ego need to be chosen.

The Result?

Usually repelling the very person you want because no one responds well to that kind of needy energy.

But when you’re operating through the Law of Assumption, you’re running on pure confidence–which is a verrrry attractive quality unto itself.

Basically becoming a bit delulu (aka delusional for those of you not on TikTok!) about what you want is the fast-track towards creating this.

While I used a dating example here, this could also work in your office, with your next job interview, or even just the next time you want the bouncer to just let you into the club already.

It’s acting as if, but not from entitlement or feeling better than everyone else. (In fact, when your ego gets overly involved that’s a signal that you’re NOT on the right track.)

It’s also much more than just choosing “positive thoughts”. It’s about believing and acting as if. It’s about taking that Future Ideal Version of You and becoming him/her in real-time.

The Science Behind Belief

Whenever someone scoffs at mindset work or the Law of Attraction in general, here’s a little fun fact I like to pull out:

Positive belief is scientifically proven to work.

However, most of ust have a damn difficult time just creating positive thoughts about ourselves out of thin air. That’s because we have so much small-t trauma, shame, and programming that we absorbed or picked up over our lifetime which actively interferes with creating these positive new beliefs.

(That’s also exactly what I teach you how to undo inside Heal’d virtual healing studio.)

I’m sure you’ve heard about the power of the placebo effect. When someone takes a fake medication but is told it’s real, many times they get the same effects as receiving the actual medication. It’s as if their own expectations of the experience actually create the outcome.

Scientists tend to look down on this effect and see it as something they must annoyingly account for within their research. But I believe it’s proof of just how much your beliefs are for shaping your reality. (See how that ties into the Law of Assumption?)

The Law of Assumption: Step-by-Step

Law of Assumption Step 1:

Decide On What You Want

Truthfully, many people don’t even get this far. Lots of us have shame about asking for more or about desire in general. That results in wishy-washy manifestation goals like: “to be happier” or “to have more money”.

Not that there’s anything wrong with those things! They sound good on the surface but they secretly reveal the fact that you don’t really know what you want. What does “happier” mean? How much money are we talking? What kind of relationship are you really dreaming about?

You absolutely must get clear on this before you can continue.


Law of Assumption Step 2:

Ask: What Do You Need To Assume Here?


Here’s the part where some self-awareness comes into play. Watch your own thoughts and actions around your intended desire. For example: what energy are you putting out when it comes to receiving love, money, success, fame, etc.?

You absolutely must see where your existing assumptions are getting in your way or how creating new assumptions could support you.

So ask yourself the question: what do you need to assume about this situation in order to create your desired outcome?

I find it helpful to journal on this and to come up with a core of solid beliefs that you can come back to over and over again. (More on that in the next step!)

Remember: if nothing changes, nothing changes. The whole point of manifestation is getting excited about your own potential and taking responsibility for your results. Don’t be afraid to point out the “flaws” in your own thinking!

Law of Assumption Step #3:

Program Your Mind

Becoming truly delulu means actually believing whatever it is that you’ve set out for. Only question is how exactly do you do that?

Subconscious reprogramming is the answer here. It’s the only thing that lets you dig into the dark recesses of your mind in order to add in the new beliefs of your choosing.

Now that you know what you need to believe in, in order to use the Law of Assumption, it’s time to reprogram yourself that way.

For this, you can pick your poison. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make your own audio track of your affirmations to listen to on repeat
  • Write down your affirmations every morning
  • Practice repeating them over and over
  • Do some EFT tapping on them

With all of these techniques (except EFT) repetition is the key. So don’t just do it once and forget about it. Remember, you are working against an entire lifetime filled with unhelpful beliefs!

It’s also important to note that while programming your new beliefs is the goal, you might also have to actively deprogram your old unhelpful beliefs as well. Start by asking: what thoughts or beliefs do you have that work against who you want to be? (ie. a core belief that you aren’t worthy of love will almost certainly always block manifesting a romantic partner!)

Law of Assumption Step #4:

Practice Practice Practice

The Law of Assumption isn’t about just sitting around passively and waiting for something amazing to show up. It’s about going out there and becoming the person you want to be.

The great news here is that you can practice this anytime, anywhere.

For example: even if you have a goal that relates to finding romantic love, you can practice going out there and feeling like that person already–even when there isn’t a romantic target or your specific person around.

A Law of Assumption Mindset Example:

What does that person who’s already in the epic, committed, loving, respectful relationship feel like?

  • How do they hold themselves?
  • What do they do, say?
  • How are they behaving in this moment right now?
  • And what do they assume is about to happen next?

You might only get the slightest glimpse in your mind of what that person is but hold onto it and practice doing it as much as possible.

To me, this is the fun part because tapping into that energy is always invigorating and exciting. It makes even the most mundane tasks (like picking up your dry-cleaning or commuting to work) feel just a little bit brand-new. And that’s because they are brand new. Every time you practice this, you’re seeing the world with a completely new perspective–and that can change everything.

Law of Assumption Step #5:

Troubleshoot Where Needed

Unfortunately, being delulu and using the Law of Assumption doesn’t usually happen overnight. It’s probably going to take some practice. So be gentle with yourself! Don’t tell yourself that you’re being stupid or shame yourself back into your normal old behavior.

Instead, try your best to embrace this as one great big experiment. Notice what’s going on in your mind or body as you become delulu. Where does it feel easy? Where does it feel hard? What else can you assume that would make it easier?

You’re not going to be able to do all the inner work before you go out into the real world. (Dang!) So you will have to go back into noticing what’s going on inside you, and make the appropriate adjustments inside of you to get back to feeling the way you want to.

Law of Assumption Step #6:

Wash Rinse Repeat

One thing that far too many people do to sabotage their own success is to give up way to early.

Sure, you put yourself out there and tried to assume the best for yourself. But you don’t see any results yet! So maybe you should just give up.

Please remind yourself that you already know what giving up looks like: staying in the same place you’re at now. And that’s totally fine if you want to stay there but you have to check in with yourself. Are you being true to your desires? Or are you taking the easy way out?

On this journey, some days are always harder going to be harder than others! We are (forever) a work in progress and that’s the beauty of life. So even if you fall off the manifesation wagon for a day (or week or month) you can always come right back to it–and I encourage you to do so.

The Reason Being Delulu Works

Most of the time our brain is much too good at reigning us back in from our lofty dreams, telling us to be more realistic or to not shoot for the stars because of a fear of judgment, self-trust, etc.. Again, this is one of the most common forms of self-sabotage, since it’s socially acceptable! It’s damn difficult to change your life even in the most tiny way.

When people see you changing and asking for more, it scares them. People are fundamentally afraid of change even when they see it happening in other people. They are especially afraid of change when it’s happening to someone they care a lot about. So now we have the “logical and realistic” part of your brain fighting you along with the well-meaning but misguided advice of your friends and family, all telling you that you just shouldn’t bother.

So not only do you have part of your brain actively working against you, but you also have (potentially) some people around you discouraging you as well. Is it any wonder that so many people give up before they’ve even started?

Visualization Works

Many top athletes use visualization as part of their training. Not only do they train as normal, they also spend time imagining themselves winning, crossing the finish line, etc. And guess what? It works! The athletes who do mindset work actually perform better than those that don’t. It seems that “just imagining” yourself doing something really can help that vision become a reality.

Forcing yourself into a form of very targeted delusion is like positive thinking on steroids. Not to mention, “positive thinking” is proven to make us happier, boosts life satisfaction, improves our interpersonal relationships, and even improves our health over the long term.

Not bad for something you can do right now for zero dollars, eh?

Law of Assumption FAQ

How do you explain Law of Assumption?

The Law of Assumption works on the premise that you are creating your reality, always. When you assume something will happen and act from that state, it forces that thing to become real–even if you had no prior evidence that it was going to happen.

The Law of Assumption vs The Law of Attraction: What’s The Diffference?

Great question! Both laws are energy laws and can help you to manifest desired changes into your life. However, the Law of Assumption involves forcing yourself to think like it’s all happening while the Law of Attraction is more about getting into the vibe and aligning yourself with what you want.

One isn’t more powerful than the other! In fact, powerful manifestors will use both to make the maximum impact on their manifestations.

Law of Assumption Techniques

There aren’t any Law of Assumption techniques other than assuming your positive outcome is coming your way. That’s why this law is so popular–it’s simple to use!

Law of Assumption Examples & Success Stories

Here are a few examples of the Law of Assumption in action:

Take Sarah, a once-struggling artist. Embracing the Law of Assumption, she started to believe in her innate talent and the inevitability of her success. This shift in mindset attracted opportunities and connections, eventually leading her to host her first solo exhibition, which was a resounding success.

Then there’s David, whose career was stagnant. By assuming that he was capable and deserving of a higher position, he began to act with confidence and assertiveness. Within months, he was promoted, a testament to the power of positive assumptions.

These stories illustrate the transformative power of the Law of Assumption. By simply changing our internal narratives, we can unlock a world of possibilities, proving that our assumptions are not just thoughts, but the architects of our reality.

So tell me: what do you think about the Law of Assumption? How are you going to practice being a bit delulu to manifest your desires?

If you only take one thing away from this post today, make it this: you are powerful enough to create the things you want in life. Everything in your mind that tells you otherwise is just a block you have to heal and reprogram.

Thank you for reading and happy manifesting!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Become Delulu: Manifest With The Law of Assumption


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