Your Manifesting Money Execution Plan

Here’s Your Money Manifestation Plan

Want more money in your bank account? You need a money manifestation plan!

Love it or hate it, you know the truth: money makes the world go round.

So it’s no real wonder that so many of us have messed-up a relationship with money.

And that’s exactly why we’ve been talking about money and abundance on the blog for a whole month now! I know that so many of us struggle with it and I can relate. (And oh boy can I relate!)

I’ve recently decided to take matters into my own hands. I’ve made it my mission to put my mind on my money and my money on my mind. (lol)

So tell me: how are YOU doing with your money goals?

In this final money manifesting post (for this time round at least), I really want to hammer home how EASY attracting money can be.

All you really need to manifest money are two things:

An intention and a plan.

We’ve learned about the energy of money and how you must increase your overall sense of worthiness in order to step into abundance.

Today’s post is all about the rest of it: real actionable steps that will start attracting money to you like a magnet.

Exciting stuff right? So let’s dive in and tell you exactly how to do that:

Your Money Manifestation Plan

Money Manifestation Plan Step #1:

Write It Down

This step is so simple that you might have over looked it. So it’s time to rectify that now and make it a habit to write down your intentions.

This is a great way to truly define what you want, taking it out of the wishing zone and actually committing to it. But this is a crucial distinction. It’s one thing to desire money but it’s an entirely different thing to make the decision to make it happen.

Writing your intention down is one of the best ways to move from simple intention into action mode. It’s easy to do plus it also brings your intention from “just” a thought floating around in your mind into an actual tangible object in the physical plane. That’s a powerful act! So no matter what you’ve decided to call in, always make sure that you take the time to write it down.

Action Item:

Whenever you decide on a new intention, be sure to write it down. (For this, I insist you use an old-fashioned pen and paper.) Commit to your idea, write it out–and then let it go. If you feel called, keep the paper around as a visual reminder. It’s the act of writing it down that’s important so just make sure you do it. You have now officially declared your intention to the Universe.

Money Manifestation Plan Step #2:

Stay In Gratitude

When we focus on anything we want to create more of in our life, it can be all too easy to forget to be grateful for what we already have. But here’s the trick: whatever you focus on will always expand. So do you want to focus on lack or on abundance?

Even if you’re just scraping by and starting your financial journey from the bottom, it’s important to be thankful for what you’ve already got. Think of gratitude as sending a giant thank you card to the Universe. The more you can shift to “having” instead of “lacking” the better your manifesting results will be.

Action Item:

Let’s make gratitude your new habit. So start to build it into your day! Start keeping a gratitude notebook (you can also do it in Notes on your phone) and commit to writing down the things you are grateful for daily. The more you can think of, the more momentum you’ll build, so keep going even if sometimes it feels difficult.

Money Manifestation Plan Step #3:

Stop Projecting Forward

So many people make this fundamental manifesting mistake. Instead of seeing themselves with money now, they focus on imagining having money someday.

However, we only ever experience life in the present moment. Future-projecting creates too much space between us and the thing that we really want. If we can’t experience our intention as if it was real in our mind, then we’re not going to be able to manifest it.

Stop with the “someday” thinking. Focus on acting as if your life was exactly as it is now, only with your intention being already fully realized.

Action Item:

Many times, we unknowingly create distance between us and the thing we want by imagining some far away future date. So it’s important to stop thinking about “someday” and imagine what it would be like to have your wish now!

Money Manifestation Plan Step #4:

Remove The Pedestal

Just as we push our desire away with time, we also push it away with importance. We all just love to put the object of our desire on a pedestal–especially when that desire is money.

But it’s just the same with money as it is for our current crush. We make it mean so much more than it should and all that excessive expectation kills the potential of it actually happening. The reality can never live up to our lofty standards. So we’ve created an extra barrier without even realizing it.

The only solution here is to bring it all back down to earth. Yes, money is a wonderful thing to have. But don’t over-inflate it. It’s just another form of energy, like you, me and the Universe itself. Normalizing your relationship to money is necessary to start cultivating more of it in your life.

Action Item:

To make your money wish a reality, it’s time to take it off the pedestal. Try to imagine what it would be like to have your wish come true–but don’t exaggerate what that means! Of course, money can change our lives in many amazing ways. But in the end it’s just a channel for you, not something bigger than you that you have to live in fear of.

Money Manifestation Plan Step #5:

Give Value

Sorry to be the bear-er of bad news. But when it comes to manifesting, the only bank that matters is the Universe. And all money we receive requires an equivalent exchange of service, time or energy.

Remember that the true nature of money is energy. Attracting more money into your life requires you to exchange something for it. But that doesn’t mean selling your first born to the devil. Perhaps you just need to get clear about what value you bring to your current job or business. The more clear cut you make this exchange, the easier it will be for the Universe to fulfill your request.

Action Item:

Brainstorm ways you can offer more value to the world. Sometimes money flows to us through a new job, a new side-hustle or from turning a hobby into a business. Get creative and define what value you offer the world and I guarantee the Universe will respond in kind.

Money Manifestation Plan Step #6:

Take Aligned Action

Aligned action is very different than taking the normal path to what you want. Aligned action is about operating from a sense of faith. Perhaps you do continue your daily routine and efforts to create your desire. But you also know that you’re going to receive some help along the way–so it’s important to remain open to receiving those ideas.

Aligned action is all about a sudden flash of inspiration. It’s about seizing an opportunity as it arises. It’s about following the arrows as you go. Keep your curiosity about you and follow those signs as you see them. They might not “make sense” at first but they’re the stepping stones taking you where you need to go.

Action Item:

Don’t stop doing your regular Muggle-world work at your goals. (ie. still go to work and get your shit DONE!) But it is time to open your heart, mind and eyes to new opportunities in your world.

What happens when you get curious? What happens when you listen to your intuition? What happens when you start saying YES to all the amazing things that come your way?

Many times, there’s help coming our way that we don’t even notice at first. So it’s time to start noticing baby! It’s time to shift into openness and receiving mode.

I hope this post inspires you to take these very easy steps towards creating the financial future of your dreams! Thank you so much for reading. As always, I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts, ideas and results so feel free to drop them below.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Your Manifesting Money Execution Plan


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