hand holding money with text 6 Secret Keys To Manifest Money Fast

6 Secret Keys To Manifest Money Fast

Real talk: it’s a tricky thing indeed to manifest money fast!

But that’s only because most of us carry so much resistance around it.

(aka money blocks)

Money brings up lots of our emotional issues. Our self-worth is often very much tied into it. We feel indebted to it. We feel shame if we have too little of it. Or maybe we even feel desperate to figure out where the next cheque is going to come from.

All of those thoughts mean you have a lack mindset. When you’re feeling that sense of lack so intensely, it’s difficult to shift into the mindset of happiness and play that successful manifestation requires.

If you really want to speed up the force behind your intentions, it’s time to look deep within and start shifting to get more aligned with what you really want.

Yup, mindset is always the real key to manifesting!

Which is actually pretty cool because that also means there’s nothing standing in your way–except you.

Can I Really Manifest Money Fast?

Yes you can! Money manifestation doesn’t have to take a long time. While you probably can’t manifest money in 5 minutes (or 10 minutes), you definitely can manifest money this week or this month.

If you’re already doubting your money manifestation abilities, notice what’s getting in your way. Are you doubting your own abilities? Do you think it’s just not possible for you?

Many people suffer from these mindset blocks. So you’re not alone!

In fact, that’s why I’m sharing six secret keys to help you manifest money faster. Dare yourself to dream big, even where money is concerned! Then follow through with these simple manifesting suggestions to bring your dreams to life.

The Secret Key To Manifest Money Fast

Secret Key To Manifest Money Fast #1:

Open Up

In order to experience great shifts in your reality, your mind must be up to the challenge! Your attitude must be open before you can create a new experience.

And I know you’re thinking: but I am open.

But are you really?

Most of us experience huge blocks in how we think money can show up in our reality. Remember that money can be a wild wonderful thing and the Universe is infinitely clever! It can show up in the form of free coffee, unexpected cheques, bank refunds. We all tend to tie money only to our career path but there are actually tons of different ways money can manifest for you.

You just have to be willing to see them first. So open your eyes and shift into the mindset of receiving. You never know what’s going to show up for you next.

Secret Key To Manifest Money Fast #2:

Be Specific

The more specific you are about your goals, the better! The Universe loves specificity so throw any vague words like “more” right out of your manifesting vocab. What’s the actual number you’re after? Pick one and write it down. Focus on it. Get clear. And remember you don’t have to bite off more than you can chew! Do you really need $2000 by next week? Maybe you only need $400 now and the rest can come later.

Manifesting is a practice designed for you to use again and again so don’t treat it like it’s an all-or-nothing game!

Secret Key To Manifest Money Fast #3:

Stay Grateful

It doesn’t matter how much or how little money you currently have. Show it some respect by being grateful for it! Just like people in real life, the Universe doesn’t like to be taken for granted. Start by saying thank you and appreciating what you have.

To jump start the attitude of gratitude, spend a little extra time basking in the awesomeness of what you already own! Need inspiration? Look at your favorite outfit or bag or whatever is super precious to you. Then imagine your life without that thing.

We all tend to take the stuff we see every day for granted! So it’s always good to check in and have a little gratitude party for our existing life when that starts to happen.

Secret Key To Manifest Money Fast #4:

Keep The Faith

Keep believing in it despite evidence you see to the contrary. Sometimes things will seem to get worse before we get what we want! That might look like major shifts for you in a seemingly negative direction.

So just remember that the Universe has a divine plan for everyone and sometimes it takes some growing pains to weed out the things that are no longer serving us. (For example, getting fired from the job we were miserable at, getting dumped from the unsatisfying relationship etc.) Remember–you asked for a change! And you’re getting it, so don’t cling to the past out of fear. It’s time to jump.

So keep your head up despite the bumps in the road. What’s in your heart is always what matters most.

Secret Key To Manifest Money Fast #5:

Use Money Affirmations

If you’re currently stuck in a scarcity mentality, it’s time to start training yourself out of it. Let’s take gratitude to the next level and train yourself to be thankful, even when it comes to paying your bills.

(If you’re used to thinking negative or panicky thoughts about every extra money expenditure, then this exercise is for you!)

Here’s an easy money affirmation to test out. Try (mentally) saying “There’s plenty more where that came from!” every time you open your wallet to buy something or pay a bill. This represents a small but important shift from scarcity into flow. It’s shifting from thinking your money is a finite resource that needs to be guarded to deeply understanding that money is a renewable resource and capable of constantly replenishing.

Secret Key To Manifest Money Fast #6:

Give It Away

One of the most powerful things you can do with your money is give it away. Yup! Money is energy after all. It doesn’t like being hoarded or guarded too carefully. Part of our job with money is to use it–powerfully. Think of it as a blessing that’s yours to pass onwards.

Again, giving your money away represents a powerful shift from scarcity and lack into abundance. It’s showing the Universe that you are confident in your ability to receive more and that’s an intensely powerful thing.

But of course you can adapt this concept to fit where you’re at! Giving some change to a homeless person counts just as much as setting up automatic monthly donations to a charity of your choice. So no excuses! Get out there and give what you can.

Manifest Money Fast FAQ

Do I Need Money manifestation affirmations?

Nope! While affirmations are a great way to rewire your money mindset, you don’t need to use them. Attracting money is about your subconscious beliefs–but you can work on those any way you like.

Likewise, you don’t need abundance quotes or money mantras. You can if you want to, but they’re not necessary.

What’s the Best Time To Manifest Money?

If you want to manifest fast, the best time to manifest money is right now. You don’t need to wait for anything in order to manifest what you want.

However, if you’re witchy or into magick, you can amp up your manifestation intentions by using certain powerful times of the week or month.

For example, Thursdays are Jupiter days–always a great time to manifest money.

Or you might want to harness moon magick energy and manifest on the New Moon.

Money Manifestation Examples

Over the years, I’ve successfully manifested money a few ways.

Sometimes manifesting money is about saving money.

One time, I was expecting a vet bill–and I told myself “I’ll be happy if this is less than 100.”

And guess what? It was 95!

Other times I’ve set an intention like “I want to manifest $100 in the next 3 days.”

I can’t tell you how many times it’s come true–even when I don’t “know” where the money will come from. Money energy works in mysterious ways.

Money Manifestation Number or Code

It’s often said that the money manifestation number is 5207418.

However, this number is part of the Grabovoi codes. These codes are inherently antisemetic therefore, I don’t recommend using them to manifest!

I hope this post inspires you to tackle your abundance issues and start manifesting more money quickly! Remember, it’s all within your reach as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

Thank you so much for reading lovely!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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hand with money and text 6 Secret Keys To Manifest Money Fast


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  1. Amazing post, you right keep believing in it despite evidence you see to the contrary. you need to create millionaire mindset daily and keep it in your heart always. This is the true path to increase your wealth and income.

    1. Yes exactly Dwayne! cheers ????

  2. What if you want win the lottery?

    1. Hi Pam! That’s a common goal but I want you to ask yourself if it’s really the LOTTO that you care about winning! Or is it just the dollar amount? Because there are lots of ways money can find you but limiting yourself to the lotto is also limiting your options. My advice is to get clear about what you REALLY want and concentrate on the dollar amount more than the way the money comes to you! Good luck ????

  3. Hambelela says:

    This was very good teaching. I will apply bit from now on thanks

    1. Hi Hambelela! Thank you so much! Glad you got something from it ????

  4. I’ve just recently started delving in to manifesting money and changing my mindset about wealth. I really love what you said about money being a renewable source that is constantly being replenished and not something that needs to be guarded. Thank you for so much wisdom and things I need to apply to my daily mantras that I just started saying. My husband and I have big dreams and are believing for some pretty crazy things that even make us go “wow how will this ever happen?” But I truly believe it will. Thank you again!

    1. I’m so glad you got something out of the post! Belief really is everything! Good luck & ???? Rachel!

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