Manifesting With The Be Do Have Model

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The Power of the “Be-Do-Have” Model in Manifestation


Have you ever thought, “Once I achieve my goal, I’ll be happy, confident, or successful”? If this sounds familiar, you might be interested in the transformative “Be-Do-Have” model of manifestation. In this post, we’ll explore this model, as explained by Jen, a spiritual life and business coach, and how it can shift your approach to achieving your dreams.


Understanding the Flawed Approach


Often in the journey of manifestation, we fall into the trap of thinking that happiness or success comes after achieving our goals. This mindset, however, creates an energetic barrier that can actually repel our desires. For instance, if you’re waiting to feel confident until after you find a relationship, you’re inadvertently creating resistance and missing the chance to cultivate that confidence now.


The Misconception of “Have-Do-Be”


Commonly, people believe in the “Have-Do-Be” sequence – thinking that having something (like a relationship or a job) will enable them to do what they want, which will finally allow them to be happy or fulfilled. This approach not only puts undue emphasis on external achievements but also overlooks the power of internal change.


The “Be-Do-Have” Model Explained


The “Be-Do-Have” model flips the conventional approach on its head. Instead of focusing on acquiring something to feel a certain way, it encourages you to start with ‘being’.



Identify who you need to become to achieve your goals. This could involve cultivating a mindset, attitude, or quality within yourself.




Determine the actions that this ‘being’ would take. What steps would a confident, successful, or fulfilled version of you take?




Lastly, focus on what you will have as a result of being and doing. This is where your manifestations come to fruition.


Applying the “Be-Do-Have” Model





Consider your goals and desires. Write them down and then work backward, determining the qualities and actions needed to achieve them.


Conscious Creation


Use this model as a guide to actively create the changes in your life. For example, if you want to be more confident, start adopting habits and mindsets that embody confidence.


Shift Focus


Instead of waiting for external validation, focus on internal growth and change. This shift in perspective can dramatically alter your approach to goals and manifestation.


Why It Works


This model aligns with the principles of manifestation, where the internal shift precedes the external result. It empowers you to take control of your life by focusing on who you need to be, which then naturally leads to doing the right things and having what you desire.




The “Be-Do-Have” model is a powerful tool for anyone looking to manifest their dreams. It emphasizes the importance of internal transformation as the first step toward achieving external goals. By adopting this model, you can begin to see significant changes in your life, not because of what you have, but because of who you choose to be.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life


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Manifesting With The Be Do Have Model

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