My Magic Morning: An Easy 5-Step Spiritual Morning Routine

My Magic Morning Routine: An Easy 5-Step Spiritual Practice

Routines might not sound all that magical! But when it comes down to it, your habits are really just an exact measurement of your values.

Your time and energy are currencies. What you chose to spend yours on, matters. Because if you really want to make something a priority in your life, you have to also make it a habit–not something you just do on occasion.

That’s where the magic of the morning routine comes in. Creating a set of non-negotiable habits is a powerful way to commit to the things you truly value in life!

(Instead of checking your email first thing and getting immediately swept into reaction mode!)

Not everyone is a morning person, but that’s okay! Your morning represents an important opportunity for you to set up the rest of your day. It’s not a matter of creating just a good day (vs. a bad one). But putting a number of feel-good “wins” under your belt so early sets you up for success in the rest of the day. Think of this as creating positive momentum: once you set the pace for what you want in the day, you’ll be less likely to let the little problems during the rest of your day matter so much.

So this week I thought I’d share the cornerstones of my spiritual and magical morning routine. But please take this as a jumping off point and create your own unique morning routine that works the best for you!

My 5-Step Magic Morning Routine

Magic Morning Routine Step #1: Meditate

Meditation is great for your brain at any time of the day! However, personally I have to meditate first thing in the morning just to make sure I do it. If I wait till the afternoon I’ll find myself “doing just one more thing” until I’ve about it entirely.

If you’re afraid of meditation, please know my meditation method is simple as pie! I use InsightTimer and set an alarm for ten minutes. I’ll either focus on a mantra (like “om” or “om namah shivaya”) or just concentrate on slowing down and watching my breathing.

For beginners, I definitely recommend a guided meditation to get you started! There are lots of guided ones on Insight Timer, including two from me! Go here to get your app and search for Jenn Stevens.

Magic Morning Routine Step #2: Practice Future Gratitude

You’ve no doubt already heard about the importance of being grateful. You’ve probably also heard about the importance of visualization. But why not practice both at the same time? I call this Future Gratitude and it’s one of my best secret weapons for manifesting.

Right after I finish my meditation, I set my timer for another two minutes. Then I spend those two minutes imagining myself somewhere in the future: being grateful and saying thank you for whatever it is I’m currently thinking about (signing a new client, getting fab reviews about my book, nabbing a sweet speaking gig etc.). For me, this is the most effective way for me to future project. Plus it switches me to the mindset of having, instead of accidentally imagining myself in hustle mode by accident (a very real problem when it comes to visualizing!).

I love this practice because it’s quick and powerful! So I hope you love it too.

Magic Morning Routine Step #3: Morning Pages or Scripting

First off, morning pages and scripting are two entirely different practices! But for now I switch back and forth between the two. I love them both for different reasons; however, I also don’t want to spend a lot of time writing in the mornings. So for me, alternating between the two practices works really well.

Here’s a primer for each one:

Scripting: Scripting is another powerful manifesting tool. Basically, you just imagine yourself in a future scenario of your choosing and write about what that would look like and feel like. Writing really lets your brain focus on the details! Plus once you’ve put this vision into your subconscious mind, it’s going to do it’s best to help make it happen. Scripting is simple and fast, making it another one of my favorite manifesting tools. So get creative and see what you can script into a reality today!

Morning Pages: Whether you’re a creative person or just someone who wakes up with a lot of stuff on their mind, morning pages is an awesome way to clear your mental passages. This is true judgment free writing: simply take three pages and fill them with whatever random-ness your brain feels like. Writing without constraint is liberating. It’s really connected me to my own creativity. Even when I write without purpose, I usually find that I come up with a few nuggets worth keeping around. Plus you get the mental clarity of just letting your brain do it’s thing for a while! It’s an all around win.

Magic Morning Routine Step #4: Stretch/Move Your Body

Remember: you are a spiritual being having a physical experience! So it’s important to honor the vehicle you’re driving while you’re here! You don’t have to turn into a morning run or gym person. But giving your body a good stretch is another wonderful way to greet the morning. (I also do some abs and butt workouts for good measure, but you go ahead and do you!)

Magic Morning Routine Step #5: Drink Lemon Water

I rarely cross the line from inner wellness into physical wellness but this is another important stop of my morning routine. I’ve developed the habit of drinking warm water with lemon first thing in the morning to get my system going again. Lemon water is alkaline and therefore the perfect way to wake up your metabolism. (Much of our regular diet–sugar, carbs, alcohol–is acidic in nature.)

I also throw in a quarter teaspoon of maca powder. I love maca and I find it really helps my skin and energy levels. I know it’s too strong for some people’s systems however so experiment with caution! I don’t love the taste of maca however but adding it to the lemon water makes it all go down a treat.

So tell me: What morning practices do you have? Which ones are you going to incorporate? What can you do to set up your day for success?

Yes, habits might sound boring at first glance but they really are the best way to ensure you’re spending your time on the right things in life. The more you can automate your self-care, the less likely things are to go sideways during the regular hustle and bustle of life.

Good luck creating your morning routine! And please come back to share if you like!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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My Magic Morning Routine: An Easy 5-Step Spiritual Practice


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