7 Healing Strategies For Empaths

7 Healing Strategies For Empaths

If you’re looking for healing strategies for empaths, you’re in the right place.

One of the most powerful revelations I’ve had about myself during my spiritual awakening has been discovering that I’m an empath.

Since you’re reading this, I assume you’re spiritual and sensitive. So I’d suggest that maybe you’re an empath too.

Because as it turns out, there are lots of us in the world.

The word empath simply means someone with the ability to sense what people around them are feeling.

(If you’re wondering whether you’re an empath or not, check out the signs here.)

I was definitely that child who was told that I was “too sensitive”. I was always upset about things and eventually, I learned to hide all my feelings in order to make everyone else comfortable.

So I can tell you from personal experience that hiding from your emotions is not a healthy coping strategy.

For years, I felt like I could choose from either being on and feeling way too much or just switching off and numbing out.

So indeed, I was very numb for a long time–a person who looked normal on the outside but was far removed from her own authenticity, power, and feelings.

One of the reasons I’m so very glad for the age of the internet is realizing that I was definitely not alone. I wasn’t just a sensitive weirdo. In fact, there were tons of other people just like me in the world, who all struggled with the same issues.

Today, I understand that being an empath not a burden, but a gift.

However, I’ve also learned some important coping and healing strategies along the way. And in the interest of letting everyone heal, today I want to share a few of them with you.

7 Healing Strategies For Empaths

Healing Strategies For Empaths #1:


I know some people think journaling is cringe-y or juvenile. And frankly, I used to be one of them!

But these days, journaling is one of my hands-down favorite personal growth and healing tools. I journal every single morning. (And if you want to learn more about how exactly I do that check out my Manifestation Journaling Workshop to get started!)

Sometimes the mess of thoughts in your head simply needs to be let out. Other times, it’s helpful to write out how you want to think and feel. There are many ways to journal that can help to get straight on your own energy, clear your mind and align yourself with what you really want in life.

Healing Strategies For Empaths #2:

Centering Your Energy

Energy work tools are another key part of my daily spiritual growth. Basically, you will accumulate other people’s energy in your energetic field as you go through your normal life. Most people have no idea that this is happening–and that’s totally fine as long as you’re not sensitive to it.

But if you’re an empath like us, then learning some simple energy work tools will take you a long way towards inner peace.

I teach a simple way to ground, clear, and protect your energy inside Heal’d, virtual healing studio. But you can take a look around YouTube and find your own tools! Just be sure to start practicing them daily and I promise you will feel a huge difference in your energy.

Healing Strategies For Empaths #3:

Asking: “Is This Mine?”

An empath frequently gets their emotional wires crossed. Think about this: have you ever walked into a room and immediately started feeling agitated or upset about something? As an empath, you were probably picking up on the emotional energy of someone else. (Thus the confusion!)

While being able to feel others’ emotions can be a powerful gift, sometimes it’s just an annoyance. If this one resonates with you, it’s a good idea to start training yourself to see where that energy is really coming from.

Simply asking yourself if your negative emotions are really yours can be enough to see what’s really going on. But if you’re having issues with doing that, I suggest going back and doing some energy clearing work to get grounded in your own energy again.

Healing Strategies For Empaths #4:

Set Boundaries

Dear Empath, your own energy is a precious resource. You are naturally a giver–but when do you advocate for yourself as much as for other people?

Remember, that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Learning how to set proper boundaries and to say no to what doesn’t serve you is a life skill that will allow you to continue to show up as your brightest and shiniest self.

Start looking around for the energetic drains in your life. What’s depleting you? What do you need to let go of? While the idea of saying no might be scary at first, taking even just a little action in this area can give you back so much control over your own life.

Healing Strategies For Empaths #5:

Advocate For Yourself

Similar to setting boundaries is the simple idea of advocating for your own needs. As empaths, we can move through life with a laundry list of To-Do’s that are really all about other people. It takes practice but putting yourself first is an important priority fr all empaths.

What’s missing from your life? What would really light you up? What do you want or crave just because it would feel good?

Living life as a martyr is not the point. Sometimes you have to treat yourself as you would your best friend or child. Life isn’t just for you to help other people. It’s also about pursuing pleasure and your own desires and being okay with yourself for doing that.

Healing Strategies For Empaths #6:

Take Responsibility For Your Energy

Empaths tend to walk through life as energetic victims: helpless to the ups and downs of the people around them. While it’s true that without awareness this will be your natural state, you don’t have to live that way forever.

Simply understanding your empathic nature will give you some power here. Once you can start discerning what is yours and what isn’t, you no longer have to let in anything without your permission.

So yes, dear empath, you really can be in control of your own energy! I suggest you start with this simple mindset switch ASAP. You will soon notice that how you go through life is so much different when it’s you choosing when and where you tap into your power.

Healing Strategies For Empaths #7:

Inner Child Healing

Being an empath isn’t necessarily something you were born with. For many people, it’s a trauma response. If you were raised in a family where you had unpredictable or needy parents, you probably got really good at predicting emotional shifts.

While our childhood is far behind us, you can definitely do healing and reparenting on yourself now to help release those issues. Remember, that a child has the right to be a child: to have their own emotions and needs tended to. It’s simply not right for a parent to switch those roles, no matter what else is going on in their life.

Reparenting is part of the core program inside Heal’d because it’s something that so many of us need–but especially us empaths. Doing this deep healing work can help to shift the way you see and experience the world now and for the rest of your life moving forward.

Even if you’re not an empath, I sincerely hope these tips help you on your healing journey! You do not have to let the world around you dictate your ups and downs. There’s always something you can do to get control back.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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7 Healing Strategies For Empaths


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