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Video | Scripting for Manifestation: Write Your Desires Into Reality

Have you guys tried scripting for manifestation?

Personally, this is one of my most favorite manifesting techniques. to do. And I do it almost every single day. So today, I wanted to come on here and share with you guys six tips for scripting for manifesting success. So, if you want to find out what they are, keep on watching.

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Today I am going to share with you guys six tips for scripting for manifestation. Maybe you don’t know what scripting is. I’m gonna go into that briefly. But these tips are really going to help you to amp up your scripting game. Maybe you’ve been scripting and you haven’t had much success of it. I’m going to troubleshoot your scripting for manifestation so that you can start scripting like a superstar.

Before we dive in, I’m just going to give you a brief overview about what scripting is.

What Is Scripting for Manifestation?

At first, scripting sounds kind of strange. It’s really just about writing down the reality that you want to live in, as if it were a play or book.

I absolutely love doing this. And I do this all the time. So I really suggest that you guys do this and make this part of your regular manifesting routine.

Manifesting isn’t a one-time only thing. It’s not about making a wish.

It is a matter of getting your energy, emotion, and intention lined up on a daily basis. If you don’t have a regular manifestation practice, then I suggest you give scripting a shot. Because it’s super easy to do. Anyone can do it. It doesn’t take that long, and personally I think it’s really fun.

Be Your Own Fairy Godmother

I like to look at scripting is if a fairy godmother came down in front of you right now. Imagine they said: “Tell me what you want. Tell me what your wishes are. Tell me what you want your life to look like.” Imagine they handed you a piece of paper and a pen. Now what would you write down?

Fortunately, with scripting for manifestation, we don’t have to wait for a fairy godmother to appear. We can be our own fairy godmother. There’s an incredibly powerful connection from your hand to a piece of paper. There really is. I can’t explain it.

By the way, there’s something way more magical about writing something down with a pen and paper than there is typing things into your computer. I do think really fast, and I am a good typist, so I used to do this on the computer. But now, I make myself write things down.

Just spending that 10 minutes in the morning writing out what I want in my business, in my relationships, in whatever, is invaluable. Spending that time, I find to be incredibly fun. It puts me in a good mood. And it’s really a wonderful way to align your energy with your intention, which is really what manifesting is all about.

Now that you know what scripting is, I’m going to share with you guys my six tips for scripting for manifesting success so that you can finally successfully start calling in whatever it is that your little heart is raving about.

Scripting For Manifestation | 6 Rules To Follow

Scripting For Manifestation Rule #1:

Write In Present Tense

Always write out what you want as if it’s already happened! Because if you don’t, you’re really just imagining it in the future…which never actually arrives.

For scripting, you must always speak, write, think in present tense. This is such a small thing that already messes people up. Because we are trying to connect with the energy of having. We’re trying to believe before we’ve actually received.

If you keep saying, “Oh, I can’t wait until,” or “Someday I’m going to,” or “When this happens, I will,” you are thinking into the future. You are putting your wish out there in the future. You are leaving it out there in the future. There’s nothing connecting you to that wish.

Forget Someday

Someday doesn’t really exist. And what we are trying to do always with manifesting is bring whatever we want into now. You can’t think about someday. Don’t think about a year from now. You have to put yourself in the place of having, of receiving, of being there.

When you’re writing things down on your magical notepad, I want you to write things like, “I am so happy and grateful that I have done this. I have received that. That I get to do this. That I am going to do this. That I’m doing this today.” Make it real. Be sure it feels real. Be sure it’s in the present tense. And make it as immediate as you possibly can.

I know some things are difficult to speak about maybe. But I don’t want you to think about someday. I don’t want you to think about next week. Don’t think about tomorrow. Just think about bringing it into the now. So that is tip number one: Use the present tense.

Scripting For Manifestation Rule #2:

Connect With Your Desired Emotional State

How do you want to feel? The more you can connect with that state during your scripting, the more powerful your scripting will be.

Connect with your desired emotional states. It doesn’t matter what you guys are going after in life. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to manifest. There is an emotion that you are associating with your manifestation goal.

Go Deeper

We never just want something on the surface. We are really after the feelings. So this is actually one of the best manifestation hacks there could possibly be. Because your core desired feelings, the way you want to feel, the things that you think you will feel when you get this thing, you can feel this thing right now.

Think about what you want, how you want to feel, who you want to be, all of that stuff. And then just start feeling it. Feel your way into that state and write again down everything that you’re feeling and experiencing as if you were experiencing it in reality.

Fake Your Feelings

The funny thing about this is your body and your brain are an incredibly attuned mechanism. But you can fake your feelings, you guys. We fake our feelings all the freaking time. Anytime you turn on the TV and watch a sad story and start crying, you logically know in your brain that this story isn’t true. But your body is having a physical reaction to this thing that you have just witnessed.

You can do the same thing with thinking about where you want to go. Hack your way into those feelings just by figuring out what they are and spending a little bit of time there. There’s a way for you to experience that emotional state now.

The key is figuring out what that emotional state is and connecting to it. Spend some time in your scripting thinking about the feelings, and connecting to the feelings. Because the emotions are part of your energy. And energy is the most important part of manifesting. Really get clear on this because it is actually really fun. It’ll also put you in a great mood on top of everything else.

Scripting To Manifest Rule #3:

Stay Out Of The How

When you’re writing out what you want, be sure to leave some room for the magic — aka not getting into the how (that’s just not your job!).

Stay out of the how state of the details. Don’t think about how things arrive for you. So you get to ask for whatever you want in this life. You already know that. We’re beyond powerful. You know we’re beyond deserving. And we get to ask for whatever you want in life. But we can’t control how it shows up.

Stay Out Of The How

Maybe you want a job, and you think you know exactly what job it is. But maybe it isn’t really that job. You have to realize that the more detailed that we make our manifestation intentions, the smaller the road is to getting what we want. We’re closing doors.

Here’s another example. People are always trying to manifest a specific person into their life. But I would really suggest that you think about what this person represents to you. Think about what has attracted you to this person, and why do you think they are so amazing. Then work on manifesting somebody that really embodies that.

There’s two reasons there. One is because we project things all the time. Many times, the projections we have about somebody are where a crush is actually coming from. It’s coming from our brain. It isn’t coming from that person.

If you’ve already figured out what you wanted, then get intentional and start to manifest somebody that actually embodies those things. Maybe it’s gonna be who you think it is, and maybe it isn’t.

Leave Room For Magic

If you’re concentrating all your energy on this one specific person, the universe has very little wiggle room. In the end, it probably isn’t that specific person that you really want. It’s what they represent. So you’ve gotta stay out of the house. Stay out of the details. You’ve got to leave some room for magic.

Please understand money can come to you in many different ways. See that that opportunity can come to you in many different ways. Understand that relationships can come to you in many different ways.

As you were scripting, get excited, be emotional, do all that stuff. But don’t get too specific. Don’t put all of your eggs in one tiny little basket because that doesn’t leave room for magic. That’s controlling. It’s micromanaging the universe, and that never works. So really step away from the details.

Scripting For Manifestation Rule #4:

Take Your Wish Off The Pedestal

The more “perfect” you make your vision the less real it becomes! So take it off the pedestal and consider the downsides if it. It’s actually more magnetic to do it this way rather than to pretend otherwise.

Take your wish off the pedestal. I know I’ve definitely put my wish on the pedestal! And I know you do it. Everybody does this.

Stay Realistic

The second that we decide that we want something, we make up this big drama about what this thing means. Then all of that stuff ends up just becoming a block in the way of us getting what we want.

If you make some crazy fairy tale story up in your mind: like if I get this car, my life is gonna be perfect. If I get this job, then I’ll finally love myself. I’ll never fight again if I manifest this person.

This is a craziness story. And we’re all full of craziness stories. But if you’re willing it to listen to what your brain is telling you, there’s all kinds of craziness messed up in what we want. Those things are really damaging because in real life, there’s no such thing as perfection. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue anything. That just means that creating an extra drama and an extra story around something isn’t really doing anything for you.

Scripting For Manifestation Rule #5:

Think About What Your Intention Can Do For Others

Your wish is always about more than you! So remember that you will be helping the Universe along as you realize your vision. How does your wish help serve the world?

Script for what your wish can do for other people in the world as well. This is one of those things I always advise my manifesting students to do. Your wish is usually bigger than you are.

Whatever you are trying to manifest into the world, I want you to think about what that would mean for the people around you. That can be your friends, or family. Ith could be people online. Or it could be for the good of the world at large.

For example, if you are trying to manifest money into your life, think about what kind of donations you want to make or what kind of people you want to help. Think about where you would like that money to go and what kind of big difference you would like to make in the world.

Some Examples

If you’re trying to create a business, I want you to think about the clients or customers you will be helping. Think about what kind of difference you’re gonna make in their life. If you are trying to manifest love, I want you to also think about what you are bringing into your partnership. Think about how are you showing up, and how are you making somebody’s life better.

I want you guys to think about the bigger picture and spend a little time in your scripting process reflecting on this stuff. It’s so easy in manifesting to get caught up in our own minds. It’s easy to think about our own journey and forget the important role that we play in the world at large.

But every single desire that you have is sacred. And every single desire that you have that you pursue will ultimately teach you something and turn you into a better person. That is what we’re really here to do. We’re really here to grow and learn and expand and to shine our light and shine our love into the world around us.

It’s Bigger Than You

Think about that. Think about how you can start to become more of a beacon and a resource for the people in the world around you, as opposed to somebody that is just constantly taking for their own gain. There’s something that you can offer back. There’s somebody you can help. You can do something with your manifestation that will improve somebody somewhere’s life.

Really think on that and spend a little bit of your time scripting that. Because this is something that a lot of us completely gloss over. This is one of those principles that comes up in the book Reality Transurfing. It’s this idea that whatever your desire is, it also desires you.

Think about things from the other point of view. Don’t just think about making things happen for yourself. Think about how you showing up somewhere will improve someone else’s life and maybe even be someone else’s manifestation wish coming true.

Scripting To Manifest Rule #6:

Practice Future Gratitude

My sixth and final tip for you guys is to practice future gratitude. We touched on this earlier in the emotional states. Aagain, we can trick our brains. We can trick ourselves into imagining all kinds of feelings that aren’t actually real. We’re gonna make them real. Once we feel them, they’re real.

Direct Your Feelings

You can 100% create a feeling of gratitude inside of you for something that isn’t in the real world. Again, this is another one of those energetic hacks that I love to use to make manifestation intentions come true.

Whatever it is, make sure we’re in the present tense. We’re not putting things on pedestals. We’re staying out of the how. We are talking in present tense. All of that stuff. I want you to be grateful. Be thankful. I want you to be like: “Hell yeah, I did it!’ Thank you so much, universe.”

Stay In The Now

I want you to get in that state of being so grateful that it’s happened. You’re so grateful that it’s in your life. You don’t have to freak out and go over the top. But you just have to summon that inner gratitude and peace and feeling that you’ve done it. It’s that you are so happy and you are so thankful that it is here. So, this is what I call future gratitude.

Honestly, I try to practice this every day about something in my life or something that I want to be in my life. I find it really goes well with the scripting process. If you guys are looking for a little extra oomph to add into your scripting, then make future gratitude a part of it.

Scripting for Manifestation Final Notes

What did you guys think? Did I miss anything? I would love to hear what your questions are. I know scripting can be actually a really big topic all by itself. If you have any questions about scripting or if you want me to do more scripting videos, I would love to do that for you. So, feel free to drop a comment or drop me a line.

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