The AstroHome - Design For Your Astrological Sign

The AstroHome – Design For Your Astrological Sign

Curious about how to design your home for your astrological sign?

I’m quite into astrology in general. I know it’s not for everybody but there is something utterly fascinating about it to me. While I don’t plan my life around astrological events, I do read and learn and pay attention to the art. I always have. I actually wrote horoscopes for my high school newspaper.

(Yup that’s right! I was a Teenage Astrologist.)

As I think a lot about astrology in general, I got to wondering: why can’t the same principles that apply to our signs in general also apply to our homes? I think they can – and if even if not, these were pretty fun to write and research. I was actually envisioning different friends of mine for each sign as I went (and most were spot on). Enjoy!

For best results, consider your sun, moon, and rising sign!

Home Design Tips For Your Astrological Sign

Astrological Design For Aries

The Ram enjoys a home that is straightforward and simple; no fussy extras here. But that doesn’t have to translate into boring! Think a mixture of strong minimalist shapes and bold primary colors like fiery red or orange. Organization is a top priority and so excellent lighting. Go for the south-facing flat if you can and load up on plenty of lamps.

Astrological Design For Taurus

The penultimate Earth sign, Taurus does best with extreme comfort. We’re talking high-thread count sheets, down-filled pillows and a superbly comfy sofa. The Bull tends to gravitate towards traditional, classic design with an emphasis on luxury. Antique anything fits the bill perfectly. Fresh flowers are another absolute must and (if you can) so is choosing a flat with a view of a garden or balcony to fill with your own potted plants.Taurus tends to gravitate towards earthy neutrals so go for brown or taupe mixed with accents like soft green.

Astrological Design For Gemini

Gemini has a need to please their ever-changing personality and is the biggest proponent of change in the entire Zodiac. It’s best for the Twins to pick simple or classic furniture pieces and add oomph with their accessories or paint color. This sign also tends to gravitate towards pairs of items; always consider buying two matching sculptures or objets instead of just one. Geminis love to entertain so make sure your living room and dining areas are able to handle a crowd.

Astrological Design For Cancer

Just like it’s namesake Crab, Cancer takes refuge in the comfort of home. It’s your cocoon so indulge yourself by creating a space that is warm and inviting. Comfort is key here so go for that overstuffed sofa or armchair then fill it all in with small souvenirs and momentos (Cancer also loves to be surrounded by meaningful sentimental objects). The Crab also has an appreciation for vintage style so scour those flea markets for a few treasures to take home. As for color, they tend to gravitate towards pale colors like white, silver and pale blue.

Astrological Design For Leo

Leo has a taste for the bold and theatrical, truly an abode fit for the king. This is a sign that loves extravagance: designer furniture, marble countertops, chandeliers, the works. But because your budget might not have caught up go for smaller pieces that evoke the same luxe sensibility: marble trays, brass fixtures and faux-fur pillows. Leo also loves to entertain and a huge kitchen island is the perfect spot for it. (Or at the very least make sure your bar is fully stocked.) The Lion naturally gravitates towards warm colors like yellow, orange and red as well as lots and lots of candles.

Astrological Design For Virgo

Virgos are well-known for their love of tidiness and organization and it’s no different in the home. They are incredibly averse to clutter so indulge in storage space wherever possible. (This is one sign with an extreme weakness for the Container Store!) They love a modern look with light-toned wood and lots of glass, verging on Zen. Take your design cues from Japanese or Scandinavian design which has a similar sensibility. They also tend to choose small furniture items which works perfectly for their frequent desire to move. Virgos feel their best around blue or neutrals like taupe or cream.

Astrological Design For Libra

Think balance and harmony.; the Libran home is a pefect mix between form and function. Libras also crave time spent in their own sanctuary; to this extent, place a high importance on the bathroom and bedroom. Indulge yourself with spa-like accessories and a super-sumptuous bed. Libra enjoys traditional design syle so play up the symmetrical look with matching sets of lamps, candleholders and mirrors. This sign prefers quality over quantity so buy less but make sure everything is of high-quality. Libra is also very choosy about color but naturally prefers tones of blue and opal.

Astrological Design For Scorpio

Scorpio loves to create their own unique sanctuary, far away from the bustle of the outside world. Think haute boudoir! Scorpio always goes for the sensuous and tactile. Their decor style leans towards the dramatic; think fabrics like velvet and brocade in a palette of red, burgundy and black. They are also quite crafty; don’t be surprised to see examples of extreme flea market makeovers dotted throughout their space. Few visitors are allowed inside their sacred den but those lucky few will be stunned by the detail.

Astrological Design For Sagittarius

Think wordly and eclectic. Adventurous Sag loves to travel- the more offbeat the better – and they adore putting their travel mementos on display in their home. This sign also loves to think “outside the box” and bristles at the thought of a stuffy, traditional space. The Archer best expresses themself with a mixture of deep jewel tones (blue and purple) and open airy spaces. They are also attracted to luxurious touches like leather and stone; try adding a handsome leather club chair into a corner for a reading nook that fits your discerning tastes.

Astrological Design For Capricorn

This is an Earth sign that has a deep love of their home. The responsible Goat has an affinity for sturdy wood furniture with leather accents. There’s nothing overly trendy here; this sign would much rather save up for that one designer piece than make do with things from Ikea. They are naturally proud of their homes but they also avoid anything overly ostentatious; always go timeless and classic rather than trendy. Capricorn naturally responds to colors that are as earthy as she/he is: charcoal gray, deep green and dark brown.

Astrological Design For Aquarius

Aquarius lives for the unconventional and is most at home with sleek contemporary furniture and lots of tech gadgets. This sign needs lots of space to recharge and rejuvenate so put extra work into the bedroom area. They naturally gravitate towards electric blue, violet or indigo and metallic finishes; they are also perfectly suited for thoroughly modern apartments and lofts. Think: avant-garde and off-beat with a twist of kitsch. The loves to express themselves and they have a sense of humour about everything – including their decor.

Astrological Design For Pisces

Pisces is known to be deeply sensitive and dreamy and this is echoed by a love for bohemian-style decor. Think oriental rugs and glam mirrored candleholders mixed with an overall palette of blue and green. And don’t forget the artwork! Pisces does best when his/her creative side is stimulated by their environment. But don’t overdo the tchotchkes. Pisces is also very sensitive to clutter and also needs space for retreat and meditation.

I hope you enjoyed these! Let me know how they stacked up against you in real life in the comments.

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The AstroHome - Design For Your Astrological Sign


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