How To Take Control Of Your Feedback Loop

How To Control Your Feedback Loop

Want to learn how to control your feedback loop? One place you can begin to do this to manifest the life you desire is through your home.

Yes, it’s true! Your home is actually a giant feedback loop that affects your health and well-being. It’s the most important feedback loop of all because you live in it.

You create the space around you. Every item was a choice. You placed things just so. (Or not!) And you selected the house or apartment.

Your home is a creation of you.

Lots of people are taken aback by this idea. That’s because many of us aren’t truly invested in our own space. Instead, we think we ended up in a certain space because the rent was cheap or our roommate moved out and the stuff around us sort of accumulated over time.

And all of that might be true. But it’s still a creation of you. A million tiny seemingly-meaningless decisions were personified and came together to create your current reality.

We create our space. And we are also deeply affected by it.

We know the story behind every small item; we know how everything “ended up” here. Even when times have long gone by and we think we have pushed everything out of our mind, our brain still knows. Everything we can see around us is being processed by our subconscious and you can’t simply turn that part of your mind off.

And this is where the danger lies.

Clutter Can Affect You

When we don’t make active decisions about what we keep around us, we inevitably get bogged down by clutter, too many sentimental items or items from times that might better be left forgotten.

So many people are looking to improve themselves or to create sustained changes in their life but are trying to do so while also being bogged down by negative narratives from the past that exist in the space around them. That’s not to say that change can’t happen this way, but why make it any more difficult for yourself?

This is why I am so passionate about Conscious Design. I believe taking an active approach to your home is one huge step forward on any transformational journey. It’s simply about you getting out of your own way.

Be truly responsible for your life and your space.
Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Take Control Of Your Feedback Loop


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