7 Things You Need To Know About Real Manifestation

7 Things You Need To Know About Real Manifestation

Lately, I’ve made the switch from calling myself a Spiritual Life Coach to calling myself a Holistic Manifestation Coach.

And then I realized I never posted anywhere about why that is or what the heck “Holistic Manifestation” even is. So let’s fix that today shall we?

If you’ve been here for a while, please know that nothing at all is changing. In truth, I’ve always had a holistic approach to manifestation, even if I didn’t call it that directly.

Today’s post has all of that in mind. Instead of giving you some practical step-by-step tips, today I’m sharing some crucial lessons I’ve learned about manifestation (through lots of trial and error):

7 Things You Need To Know About Real Manifestation

Real Manifestation Fact #1: Manifesting is not just about “thinking positive”.

Don’t get it twisted. Thinking positive is an essential skill. Whatever you choose to focus on is the lens for the world around you and it will affect everything.

But all the good “positive thoughts” in the world won’t make up for sh*tty programmed subconscious beliefs. Or in other words, you can think positive until you get a damn headache but that old belief that money is hard to earn is still going to prevent you from earning more money.

Start with thinking positively. Embrace it when you can. But don’t expect “perfection” and don’t run away from your darker emotions. Pretending that you don’t feel a certain way will only dilute the most important relationship you have: with yourself.

Everything is here to teach us something and our darker emotions contain some of the most important lessons of all. Accept where you’re at with an eye to where you want to go and don’t forget to follow it all up with some deeper subconscious transformational work. (Like you find inside Recode!)

Real Manifestation Fact #2: Trauma is the reason you are stuck in love/money/ etc.

When I say trauma, I’m specifically talking about what I call Small-T Trauma (or “every day” trauma). This is trauma that stems from our childhood, whenever we had a need that went unmet.

While everyone has this experience, when we’re left to grapple with it on our own, that experience becomes super hardwired into our mind as something “bad” or “undesirable”. Then our brain will create beliefs or patterns of behavior to “protect” us from experiencing that ever again.

Those same traumas created the most stubborn limiting beliefs in your mind. While repetition can create a limiting belief, a negative emotional charge can create it even faster! This is why some limiting beliefs will keep you more trapped than others (and why most manifesting teachers don’t scratch the surface when it comes to truly removing manifestation blocks).

You might have moved one thousand miles away but your childhood issues are not as far away as you think! If you’re looping around the same old stuff endlessly, this is a great place to begin the work.

Real Manifestation Fact #3: You manifest from your subconscious mind.

We don’t just attract what we consciously want. (Too bad right??)

We also attract what our Shadow wants, what our subconscious is looping on, and what seems familiar to us on a primitive level. (Yikes!)

We are always attracting from our whole energetic being, the Good, the Bad and the Fugly. This is another reason why only concentrating on your conscious desires is not enough. Without the inner healing, you’re likely to be push-pulling your way towards what you want. With every step you take forward, there’s also a part of you pulling back. End result? No progress and feeling very stuck.

The longer you ignore your subconscious, the longer you’ll stay stuck in this pattern. So why not try to release yourself right now? Shadow work and trauma healing are very concrete tools that you can begin using immediately to get unstuck.

Real Manifestation Fact #4: Your subconscious mind can be programmed.

Forget what you heard. Old dogs really can learn new tricks! Or in other words just because you’ve lived your whole life so far believing you are one type of person, doesn’t mean you have to be that person forever.

As Dr Joe Dispenza would say, what you really need to do is to break the habit of being yourself. As much as you think you’re in control of your day, you are very much operating on autopilot. As long as you keep doing that, you’re continually locking into your past as your potential–instead of looking to a future that’s without limits.

Getting beyond the ordinary isn’t an impossible feat. The very same things that programmed who we are now can be used to program us to become who we want to be. This is why subconscious reprogramming and hypnosis are so important. Without these tools, it’s a lot more difficult to shift your subconscious–and therefore, shift the result you’re getting in life.

Real Manifestation Fact #5: You don’t need motivation or inspiration. You need a paradigm shift.

Most people try to change their life through motivation or inspiration–and then fall off track all too quickly when that motivation dries up.

Trying to do either one is like white-knuckling your way through life. Sure, your determination can get you so far. But after a while, that determination starts to wane. And because you believe you need to find it outside of you, you look for another source so you can get into the cycle again.

The real trick to manifestation (and changing your life in general) has nothing to do with motivation and everything to do with deeply healing your subconscious. When you become it, you receive it. (And again, most manifestation programs miss this important part.)

Anything that takes your focus outside of you gives your power away. But when you fix the blocks on the inside, you get that power back.

This takes the form of shadow work, identity shifting, trauma-healing and so much more. (All of which you can discover inside Recode!)

Real Manifestation Fact #6: You’re not lazy or unlucky or cursed.

Feeling cursed or unlucky is a common problem. I still get so many letters from people who seem straight up determined that manifesting will never work for them.

I learned a long time ago never to argue with those people. If you’re truly determined to hold onto your story of scarcity and lack, there’s not much I can do to help! But that’s really too bad. Most people would way rather continue holding up their old story just so they can be “right” rather than opening the door to real change.

So here’s the truth. The Universe is always working in your favor, even when it really doesn’t feel like it. It’s feels like you’re stuck because you’ve forgotten your own power in the situation.

As Carl Jung says, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

This is why the world seems to be always “against” you. But it’s not the world at large. It’s really all just you: your projections and patterns.

So now that you know the secret you have a choice: either keep doing what you’re doing refusing to heal your subconscious mind and stay stuck.

Or summon the bravery to peek at your shadows, do some divine healing and finally start to move through life as the most powerful authentic magnetic version of you.

Real Manifestation Fact #7: Changing one thing can change everything.

When you’re trying to manifest money, love, or something else outside of you, it’s easy to become overly fixated on what you’re missing.

However, this has the opposite effect on what we want: effectively pushing things farther away rather than magnetizing them to us. We focus on the distance and somehow the distance only grows.

Just thinking about what you want (and trying to get there) is not enough when you have a manifestation block. But when you dig into healing trauma and shadow, suddenly the very thing you’re after shows up. Why is that?

On the surface, inner healing work might not look like it has anything at all to do with you getting what you want. But when you create that deep self-worth and inner knowing, you become a different human. You move through life differently–and therefore effortlessly create different results.

It’s as though you’ve had an energy tune up. Your car (aka you) is suddenly operating as it should be instead of leaking energy everywhere. You just get what you want with less effort and it feels like utter magic.

As I always say, there’s no such thing as a coincidence. Smething brought you to read this post today and I sincerely hope you take whatever message you received today and apply it to your life. Here’s to happy effortless manifestation!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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7 Things You Need To Know About Real Manifestation


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