Why Good Intentions Aren't Enough! 3 Subconscious Blocks To Manifestation

3 Subconscious Blocks To Manifestation Success

Did you know there are subconscious blocks to manifestation success?

For a moment I want you to get honest with yourself and ask yourself an important question. Think about all your dreams, your goals, your ambitions–now why haven’t those come true for you yet?

Of course, some goals take longer to create. But I’m willing to bet that you’ve been holding onto some of those goals for a long time.

In other words, we have the best of intentions. So why is it so hard to make those intentions come true?

But before you get offended, please know I’m not writing this to make you feel bad about yourself! In fact, it’s the opposite.

When we don’t reach our goals, it’s far too easy to fall into self-blame and self-loathing. But the reality is: this is not your fault!

Good intentions are simply not enough to make a lasting change in your life.

Because there’s a sneaky invisible factor going on behind-the-scenes that’s doing its best not to let you change a darn thing!

Meet: your subconscious mind.

While your subconscious mind might be a bit misunderstood, rest assured that it’s not as if you have an Evil Dr. Hyde hiding inside of you.

What Is A Subconscious Block?

A subconscious block is a limiting belief or program. They live in your subconscious mind so you’re not even aware of them! However, it’s those toxic or negative thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from what you want to manifest.

When you don’t understand your own subconscious motivations, you’re undoubtedly going to blame yourself for not meeting your own expectations. But that self-hatred is totally unnecessary! It’s far better for you to understand your own motivations and learn how to work with them, rather than continue to blame yourself when things don’t work out!

Why Good Intentions Are Not Enough! 3 Subconscious Blocks To Manifestation

Subconscious Blocks To Manifestation #1:

Your Brain Wants To Keep You Safe

Your brain will always prefer the safety of the known to the uncertainty of the unknown. However, this is just the way you were built–not a flaw with you specifically.

Our brain is simply hard-wired to look for danger in the world. That’s because keeping you alive is its Number One priority! However, in these modern times, there aren’t that many things that can really cause us harm. Asking out our crush or giving a presentation at work is definitely not a life-or-death moment! But it might not feel that way. Our racing heart and sweaty palms are physical evidence of this!

So if you can understand that one of your brain’s primary motivations is to keep you safe (aka locked up) at home, what does that shift for you? Are you still susceptible to falling for this sneaky trick? Or are you suddenly inspired to concentrate more on what you actually want, whether or not you feel afraid of it?

At the end of the day, action is always more important to our results than our feelings! So practice going out there and just doing the damn thing until your brain no longer scares you.

Subconscious Blocks To Manifestation #2:

Your Brain Hates Change

Similar to the fact that your brain wants to keep you safe, is the fact that your brain also hates change. Not only is your brain hardwired to look for danger in the world, it also categorizes anything new as “dangerous”. That means it perceives anything that takes you out of your comfort zone as a threat to its survival.

When it comes to our dreams, we think of new goals and ambitions all the time! So it only makes sense that in order to dramatically transform our lives we need to do some new things too. However, now you can see the problem: no matter how much you want something, your brain is categorically not on board with this plan and it will do its best to convince you not to bother.

That means: hello self-sabotage! Like landing the amazing opportunity at your dream job and showing up late for the interview. Getting nominated for a prestigious award and picking a fight with your partner right before you go. Signing up for the gym but sleeping through your early morning wake up every single day.

This isn’t about you being lazy or “just not that kind of person”. This is about your brain keeping you in line–and you’re falling for it! It’s only once you see that everything that you really want for yourself lies on the other side of fear that you’ll be able to regain control over your subconscious mind!

Subconscious Blocks To Manifestation #3:

Your Identity Is Fixed

By time you’ve reached adulthood, you’ve developed an attachment to who you think you are. But is that identity helping you or hindering you?

Like many of our other ideas about the world, the ideas we have about ourselves are often in need of a massive upgrade! Again, so much of this stuff was programmed into us before the age of seven. Now just think about that for a moment: where were you when you were seven? What has changed about your life?

For example, I was living in a very small northern town in British Columbia–and I can tell you that so much of my life was not even a blip on my radar back then!

Obviously, a lot has happened in my world since the age of seven–and I’m sure the same applies to you! Yet the way we think of ourselves largely comes from that time in our life. So it’s not difficult to imagine how this one factor can secretly get in the way of us actually achieving the things we really want in life! Your identity dictates your actions and therefore your results.

So think about your goals: dreams of wealth, happy relationships, physical health. And think about your environment at age seven and earlier. What from that time did you pick up and change the way you think about yourself?

The good news is this is much more a self-fulfilling prophecy than it is a reflection of your actual talents and abilities. The way you think of yourself is so crucial to your results. Yet most of us continue to “try” our way to achieving what we want without doing the work to reprogram who we are.

So tell me: which subconscious block resonated with you? Which one are you going to tackle first?

I hope this post enlightened you about the nature of your own brain! It’s only once we can move away from self-blame and low self-worth, that we can come back to manifesting from a place of love! Remember, you really can have anything you desire! All you have to do is figure out how you’re getting in your own way first before it can come through.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Why Good Intentions Aren't Enough! 3 Subconscious Blocks To Manifestation


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