7 Universal Principles To Change Your Life

7 Rules To Change Your Life

Rules to change your life?

Life advice! Sometimes we hate it. It seems like there’s a never-ending stream of it–which can be exhausting and overwhelming.

It’s not that the advice is bad. But the sheer amount of it is overwhelming! It’s hard to know what to listen to first.

As you know, I’m all about giving you the mind-based tools to make your life happier and easier. Reliable easy-to-follow techniques form a huge part of my coaching toolbox.

That’s why the idea of universal principles is so intriguing to me. It just makes sense that to live by one set of “rules” rather than creating individual rules for all of life’s different circumstances.

Trying to readjust your priorities and mindset for each area is exhausting! It’s so much easier to unify your approach to life instead.

Let’s face it: you probably act in a different way when you’re at work versus hanging out with your boyfriend or your parents. It can be exhausting to keep up with this, since you’re constantly switching mental gears.

But on the other hand, if you unify your approach, you never have to “get in the mood” of being somewhere. You’re always in exactly the right mind space.

So trust me when I say that applying just a few principles is so much easier to manage and lets you improve in multiple areas at simultaneously.

So let’s drop the masks that we adopt for different aspects of life and instead work on creating an authentic and unified strategy.

Now here are seven tips on how you can start doing that today:

7 Rules To Change Your Life

Rules To Change Your Life #1:

Be Proactive

Sitting around and waiting for something to happen is never going to bring you what you want! As a reformed passive live-r of life, I’ve really changed my tune on this over the last few years!

Taking responsibility for your life is the first step towards getting what you want. You cannot consciously create your future while shirking responsibility for your past! So even though your life might not be a bed of roses right now, you must still acknowledge and accept the part you played in getting here. You cannot be a victim and a hero at the same time.

Ultimately, you’re the only one in control of your thoughts, words and feelings. This step is about realizing the part you have played in every equation. Other people aren’t hurting you. You are the one hurting you! When you finally learn how to flip the script in your own mind, then you get control back for your own emotional well-being.

Rules To Change Your Life #2:

Always Have A Goal In Mind

The one main thing that separates a Conscious Creator from everyone else is always having a destination for your journey. This is why manifestation is so important to creating your best life.

Obviously, taking action without considering where you’re going is sort of a waste of time. Sure, you might create a new result with it. But is it the result you want? It probably won’t be–so that’s why you have to be aware of this process.

We all have limited time and energy to spend here in our time on Earth. That also means there’s not enough time and energy to pursue every little thing your brain might come up with.

You must take the time to carefully consider your true desires and to decide on what you really want. The power of deciding is incredible all by itself! After that decision, your actions will automatically align with your goal. You won’t be wasting time or worrying about the wrong things. You’ll be focused, which will ultimately make it just a little bit easier to actually achieve it.

Rules To Change Your Life #3:


We live in a society that’s absolutely jam-packed with distractions! Just think about internet drama and clickbait “news. They’re all specifically designed to get you to click and to give you intense (reactive) feelings about something. Every single time you respond indignantly to a controversial headline or to someone’s latest hot take you are actively spending your energy. But is that energetic spend worth it?

Again, we have limited time and energy here in each day, month, lifetime. Every day you get to choose where you put your precious energy. And off course, we’re human and we’ll all get distracted from our real purpose at times. However, it’s important to come back to your values and priorities. Every thought and every word (and every angrily typed Facebook response) represents spent time and energy.

Being conscious and deliberate about where you’re spending your time and attention is one of the best ways to consciously create your reality. Aim to keep your own dreams and goals at the top of your priority list so you don’t get sidetracked by the things that don’t.

Rules To Change Your Life #4:

Be Win-Win

In every relationship, our main goal should never to “win” an argument or a situation at the expense of someone else losing. “Winning” creates division: if you win, then someone else has to lose. That automatically creates distance and resentment between you and your partner, friend, co-worker etc. Instead of getting closer (which is what we really want) we put up a bigger wall.

Instead, shooting for a harmonious outcome can do wonders for everyone involved. Ask yourself: what would be the best possible solution–one that gives both parties something? Yes, we all have to compromise at times but when two people compromise the results will be 100 times better than going in for the kill.

This principle truly encapsulates the concept of abundance: winning doesn’t have to happen at the expense of someone else. Our interactions don’t have to be a zero sum game! Instead of aiming to defeat someone, shift your aim to lighting everyone up. It’s only when no one is feeling attacked that everyone can win.

Rules To Change Your Life #5:

Listen First

All too often when it comes to communication we concentrate on what we’re saying. But the most important element of communication is never what you say: it’s what you choose to hear.

Listening is a highly underrated skill and one few of us do well! Instead, most of us are formulating our next sentence instead of listening. But how can we be sure we’re truly understanding unless we put in the work to hear? It’s usually when we feel misunderstood or not heard that sparks our defences and creates conflict.

Listening is the ultimate act of service and respect to those around us. Everyone’s first priority is being heard. It’s only once we all feel understood we can drop our defensiveness and begin to move forward. We can’t just point the finger at others and expect them to change. We must focus on our own understanding first and watch that shift the interaction immeasurably.

Rules To Change Your Life #6:

Aim For Synergy

We’re all here to live our individual purposes but we can’t do that alone! Relationships are at the cornerstone of everything we do. Whether you’re in a professional or home environment, give thought to how you can harness the energy of those around you. When we put our best strengths together we can become more powerful than any person alone! Leave your control freak or distrusting tendencies at home and think about the greater good. How can we move forward with everyone’s best interests in mind?

Besides, simply understanding a different perspective does not necessarily require you to shift yours. But being heard and understood is what we all crave from those around us. Listening and understanding the people around you doesn’t take much effort but it will massively improve every interaction. Once people feel understood and respected, it’s easier to move forward together in pursuit of a united goal.

Our differences don’t have to separate us! Sometimes seeing a new perspective helps everyone find a solution that they were once blind to.

Rules To Change Your Life #7:

Take Care Of Yourself

Our last universal principle might sound boring or obvious but self-care is important for a reason. We’re all in human form and we have to make the most of it! It’s hard to do that if you’re not sleeping well or are totally stressed out.

So what are your basics when it comes to self-care? What’s your minimum standard? What are practices you can do when you’re feeling low? While we all have a slightly different roadmap for wellness, it’s still important that you know yours. Take the time to check in with yourself throughout your day and week and make any adjustments you need to. Your entire life will run more smoothly when you’re operating at your best. So don’t let this one slide to the bottom of your priority list!

So tell me: which one of these principles are you going to focus on first? How can applying these ideas begin to transform your life?

These rules to change your life are simply a jumping off point. As always, take what feels good and add in whatever else you need. But remember to come back to this formula as it’s part of your authentic code and will save you so much energy in the long run.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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7 Universal Principles To Change Your Life


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