Invoke The Queen: Manifest Confidence With The Queen Archetype

Manifest With The Queen Archetype

Ready to manifest with the Queen archetype?

Confidence: sometimes it seems like there’s just not enough of it to go around. Our fear and anxieties can get the best of us at times.

Telling someone (or yourself!) to just “be more confident” obviously isn’t the right way to actually achieve it! So what can you do instead?

One of my favorite tools for spiritual expansion comes from fake it till you make it school of thinking.

Starting today, we’re going to tap into an inner resource that you may not know you even have!

Archetypes are popular for a reason. We can all relate to them and therefore we see them play out in different forms over and over again. When you look at any TV show or movie, you’ll usually be able to single out some major archetypes without much trouble.

We recognize these figures because we’ve seen them so many times before! But it goes deeper than that: we can all connect with them because they’re all part of our collective unconscious.

Who better to bring a little more confidence into your life than an actual Queen?

We all know (and revere) the Queen archetype. So what happens when you start to connect and internalize that energy for your own confidence-boosting purposes?

Manifesting is all about becoming and believing before you see. Using archetypes is just a clever way to trick our brain into harnessing that powerful confident feminine energy.

What would your life look like if you invoked your Inner Queen (or King)? (That ruler energy is largely the same for both genders!)

If you were the ruler of your own kingdom, just what exactly would you change? What new things would you expect? And what old (garbage!) behaviors and situations would you kick to the curb?

Would you still be pining after the guy/girl who ghosted you…six months ago?

Do you honestly think you would be settling for another day at your boring dead-end job?

And would you be holding yourself back from travelling the world, starting the business, taking the class, pursuing the relationship or whatever else it is that your little heart truly desire?

Not a fucking chance!

The Queen knows her own power–and she also knows just how important it is to receive exactly what she wants.

Things might not always go her way (or happen on her preferred timeline) but–trust me–they always work out in the end. It’s just a matter of waiting for the pieces to fall into place (which is sometimes a long game, but make no mistake! It always happens.)

Now doesn’t that sound like a delicious way to go through life? Then why not try it out for yourself and see? Consciously connecting to your Queen archetype is a wonderful way of bringing some of those hidden-yet-innate queenly qualities into this life. So here’s a primer to get you started.

4 Steps To Manifest With The Queen Archetype

Manifest With The Queen Archetype Commandment #1:

Dare To Be Noticed

The Queen doesn’t ever run the risk of blending in. Of course, she’s secure in her own natural beauty. But that doesn’t stop her from adorning what she’s got. Go big and bold. Go for color or drama–or both! It’s fun to stand out and it’s yet another way of distinguishing yourself from the crowd. Taking just a little extra time to put care into the way you look is an instant confidence booster and one that happens almost instantaneously!

How To Do It:

How can your wardrobe be a better expression of your inner self? Sure, it’s tempting to live life in yoga pants and no make up. But it’s also really fun to deck yourself out to be noticed. It’s also important to remember that our clothing and external appearance can be a touchstone for our inner world. When we show up in a different-looking way, that can be enough to cue us to feel different on the inside also (Witness: every girl who got a dramatic hair cut after a bad break-up!)

Manifest With The Queen Archetype Commandment #2:

Let Your Voice Be Heard

The Queen doesn’t have to yell to get her point across. She might not talk a lot (and, in fact, she probably saves her words for times of importance). But when she speaks, the world notices. The Queen knows this power and she doesn’t hesitate to use her influence for issues close to her heart. When you’re sure of your message, it’s much easier to use your voice with confidence!

How To Do It:

What can you use your voice to say or to support? What message is on your heart–perhaps one that’s never been voiced before? (Hello throat chakra blockage!) Be brave and start to use your voice for exactly what it’s really worth. Others around you will (eventually) start to notice. And don’t forget to lend your voice of support to other people or causes as necessary! You get to amplify any message of your choosing. So what’s that going to be?

Manifest With The Queen Archetype Commandment #3:

Get Sh*t Done

The Queen would never be content to sit back and let herself be amused by mindless things like social media or reality TV. She’s ultimately here on a mission. That means she spends time every day actually doing things that will matter in the long run. She rules benevolently (so please don’t confuse the Queen with being a royal brat.)

Besides, she’s also secure in the knowledge that there’s plenty of opportunity to relax after all the important stuff is taken care of.

How To Do It:

What’s your higher purpose? What do you want to leave behind in this world as your legacy? Keeping the answers to those questions in mind can help to motivate you, even during really down times. Connecting with a higher purpose means it’s so much easier to opt out of the inner noise and self-doubt, so you can unleash your real confidence. There’s always something to keep striving for, so don’t forget to keep sight of your own personal North Star!

Manifest With The Queen Archetype Commandment #4:

Be Divinely Supported

A queen knows she doesn’t have to do it all on her own! She’s got a trustworthy team by her side, providing support as needed. She knows she doesn’t have to go it alone so she doesn’t even try! She accepts that support as her divine right. She also understands the worth of her own time; many times it just makes more sense to delegate so she can focus on what’s truly important.

A queen wouldn’t give if she didn’t have enough for herself. She knows her needs come first, but that’s only because she needs to be on top of her game to serve everyone else.

How To Do It:

Ask yourself where are you wasting time that could be better spent elsewhere? While you probably can’t delegate to your friends, you might be able to in other areas of your life. Perhaps there’s something your assistant at work could take over that would clear up a few extra hours every week. Or perhaps you just need to hire some help around your home! There’s no shame at all in paying someone else to clean your bathroom especially when you know your time could be better spent elsewhere. (And honestly, that’s real confidence!)

Need a little help connecting with your own inner confidence? My coaching packages are perfect for those suffering from low confidence and self-worth! If you’re wondering if coaching is right for you, then let’s set up a Discovery Call to answer all your questions. Go here to fill out the application form & I’ll be in touch to book your free session.

So tell me: what aspect of the Queen do you need to work on first? Which idea resonated the most with you?

Just FYI if the Queen isn’t doing it for you, then there’s a whole litany of other archetypes to choose from (The Hero, The Caregiver, The Rebel etc.). You can use any one of them as a way to tap into your own inner version of that and to harness whatever kind of energy you think you need. (How magical!)

The Ruler (King or Queen) Archetype is available for everyone to access. Simply playing with your mindset in this way is a wonderful way to fake your way to success and confidence. So go out there and have fun with this idea!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Invoke The Queen: Manifest Confidence With The Queen Archetype


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