Manifest Your Desires With Identity Shifting: 3 Techniques

Manifest Your Desires With Identity Shifting: 3 Techniques

Can you manifest with identity shifting: changing the way you think about yourself?

When it comes to the art of manifestation, we all want some big shiny things:

    • The nice car
      The sexy partner
      The cool job/money in the bank/ etc.
  • But as you might have noticed, that while most people can manifest small things quite easily, manifesting the big stuff isn’t always so simple. (Ack! How annoying!)

    Last week we discovered why good intentions are not enough! In that post, you discovered the subconscious blocks that are holding you back.

    But there’s another part of your subconscious mind that has an even bigger part to play in your manifestation results:

    Your identity.

    We all have some firm and well-worn ideas about who we think we are! Identity is a key part of human development. We learn how to differentiate ourselves from the world around us but learning what makes us different. Many of those discoveries end up becoming a core part of our identity.

    The only problem? Most of those ideas came from when we were seven years old or less! As I asked you last week, think back to when you were seven and compare that to where you are right now. Now, you’ve done a whole lot with your life since then. But your brain is still holding onto those ideas that came from that era in your life–and some of those ideas are very much getting in your way right now.

    These things can be limiting beliefs but they can also become core pieces of your identity.

    For example, if you grew up watching your parents fight and argue about money, they undoubtedly taught you a few lessons about money. Or maybe you heard them say that rich people are evil and greedy etc.

    Now fast forward to where you are now in life. Maybe you’re trying to manifest more money and create the abundance in your life that you’ve always dreamed of. But for some reason, all those juicy money goals continue to elude you.

    Even though way back then you simply heard those ideas about money, some of them trickled down and became part of the way you view yourself! After all, our parents are our biggest role models. We literally model ourselves after them and we’re subconsciously programmed by their beliefs and fears.

    But if you fundamentally believe that there are just “poor” people and “rich” people (and therefore that you can’t become rich) obviously that’s going to have an affect on your current ability to make money. If you subconsciously believe there’s no possible way to get from A to B, then of course you’re not going to try very hard.

    That’s just one example but I’m sure that you can relate to it! Maybe it’s not money that you’re struggling with. Maybe it’s love or success or something else entirely. But the principles remain the same:

    You attract who you are.

    So the question now becomes: who are you?

    For that, I want you to take a good honest look at your life and understand the part you have played in it. We have tolerated certain events and circumstances to the point that these things–even if we don’t like them!–have become our new normal.

    The bottom line is that if you’re ready to finally drop your old stories and patterns in order to manifest your desires, you’re also going to have to drop your old identity!

    But since identity is a multi-faceted topic, today I thought I would share three aspects of your identity that you can work on shifting right now.

    Manifest Your Desires With Identity Shifting: 3 Techniques

    Manifest With Identity Shifting Technique #1:

    Your Invisible Set Point

    As crazy as it seems, we all have an invisible set point for life. We have our minimum standards but we also have a maximum standard.

    One example where this is quite obvious is in your romantic life. We all have dating minimum standards and I bet we can all think of a friend who’s minimum is far below ours! However, we all do the same thing with money, career success etc.

    But whether your set point is low or high, it’s going to be a challenge for you to change it! Essentially, your brain doesn’t care if your life is getting better or worse. Either one represents the same thing: change. And as we learned last week, our brain absolutely hates change–even when we’re changing into exactly what we want.

    However, you are what you tolerate. You tolerate what you think you deserve. When you don’t think you deserve more, then you’re never going to let yourself get more! So it’s time to fundamentally change your perceptions of yourself so that you can allow in more.

    These minimum and maximum standards are part of our core identity and they control what we think we deserve in life! For most of us, that means that our standards (and our havingness levels) are way too low.

    But we are the ones creating the set point–and that means we also have the power to raise our set point so that we feel deserving of the things we want.

    How To Fix It:

    Think about your minimum and maximum standards in life. Maybe you would never dream of taking a job that paid less than $50,000 a year…but what would happen if you changed that to $75,000? Or maybe you sometimes see a very attractive person somewhere and think to yourself “Out of my league!” Well, what if they weren’t? What would you be doing differently if you didn’t make that assumption?

    Our internal set point can be tricky to identity at first! But once you do, it will become gradually easier to start pushing up your standards at both your low and high ends.

    Manifest With Identity Shifting Technique #2:

    Your Limitations

    You can only ever do in life what you fundamentally believe you’re capable of! After all, if you think you’ll fail, you probably won’t give something your all–if you even bother to try at all!

    However, there’s a big disconnect between what we think we can do and what we are actually capable of. Most of us limit our future based on only what we know we can already do.

    All too often we base our future ideas based off of what we’ve done in the past. For example, “I could never fly a plane!” isn’t actually true at all. With enough training, you probably could learn to fly a plane. So why is it so easy to tell ourselves the story of “I can’t“?

    Again, it’s our subconscious mind’s job to keep us safe–and new activities are always potentially dangerous to this part of us, even though this is completely illogical. We’re all living proof that we can learn new things and try new projects. Yet for some reason we don’t think we can go any farther than we’ve already come!

    For example, we believe we just aren’t capable of learning more about money or relationships or whatever. But that limitation is really just being projected by us! We really are capable of achieving anything we put our minds to, even if we’ve never done it before. Once you realize your so-called limitations are just things you’ve decided to believe about yourself then you’ll be so inspired to drop them and find out what you’re really capable of!

    How To Fix It:

    The next time you find yourself saying (or thinking): “Oh I could never do that!” Stop! And ask yourself if that’s true. Why are you defaulting to that answer? What might happen if you gave it a shot?

    The best way to prove this one wrong is to go out there and to challenge yourself. The more you do this, the fewer of your so-called limitations you’ll still believe in.

    Manifest With Identity Shifting Technique #3:

    You Attract Who You Are

    Again, we have no problem dreaming big and thinking of what we desire for our life. But we do have an awfully big problem making those visions come true. So why is that?

    Most of us think of a goal and we put all of our effort into making it happen.If I just try this new thing/create this new funnel/get this new job, then I will get X and then feel good about myself.

    But doing life that way is just as difficult as rolling a rock uphill! Yes, you’re focused on your goal and yes, you’re doing something about it. But you’ll keep finding yourself getting push back over and over again. Essentially, we’re making what should be a straight forward change into a very rocky and time-consuming journey.

    When we use our actions to change the world, we’re still relying on something outside of us to do the magic. However, the magic is really in us. It’s only once you change the way you perceive yourself, then you’ll finally create the momentum to get the rock to the top of that hill.

    If you don’t change the way you see yourself, the world isn’t going to change for you. Right now, you probably think that you’ll feel good once you achieve you goal–when in reality, you’ll only achieve the goal when you already feel good. This is truly the level 2.0 of manifestation! (Well beyond just “feeling good”.) Not only do you need to feel the feelings of what you want but you need to embody the person you really want to be.

    In other words, if you don’t do the identity shifting, you’ll simply keep on attracting who you already are. (And trust me! You’re probably already doing that and it isn’t so much fun.)

    How To Fix It:

    Who do you tell the world you are? What words to you use to describe yourself? Now think about it: who do you really want to be? Pick a few of those words that describe your Future You and work on embodying them now.

    Again, this isn’t about working until we believe it. It’s all about believing first and shifting into who you really want to be! And the beautiful thing is, you can start doing this today!

    So tell me gorgeous: what part of your identity is holding you back? Who do you really need to be to have what you want in life? Which technique worked the best for you?

    Manifesting with identity shifting really isn’t that difficult!

    Just remember: the way you perceive yourself now is not reflective of where you want to go in life! (We know this because your old identity has created your current results.) It’s time to shift in closer to what we want and to drop the parts of us that are not working in our favor!

    Your identity is really a choice, even you chose a lot of it when you were very young and certainly weren’t thinking about where you want to be in life right now! But you are a Conscious Creator and it’s time for you to start consciously creating the exact life you were brought here to create.

    I wish you so much luck with this identity shifting process! Please feel free to pop back in and let us all know your results!

    Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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    Manifest Your Desires With Identity Shifting: 3 Techniques


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