Knowing Vs Believing | How To Use Shift From The Belief Wobbles To Knowing For Manifestation

Video: Believing vs Knowing | Shift Your Belief Wobbles


Believing vs Knowing: Key Insights for Effective Manifestation


Today we’re unraveling an essential topic in the manifestation world: the difference between “believing” and “knowing.” These two concepts play a pivotal role in how we manifest our desires, and understanding them can be transformative. If you’re new here, join me on this enlightening journey by hitting that subscribe button!


Understanding Believing vs Knowing


In the realm of manifestation, it’s crucial to recognize the distinction between believing something is possible and knowing it with certainty. Belief is the foundation, but knowing takes it a step further. It’s the deep, unwavering confidence that what you desire is already yours. This subtle yet profound difference can significantly impact how effectively you manifest your goals.


The Power of Belief in Manifestation


Belief is where the journey begins. It involves nurturing your self-worth and fostering a strong conviction in your ability to achieve what you desire. However, mere belief may not always align with your subconscious mind, which often harbors fear and self-doubt. To truly uplevel your life, you need to delve deeper into understanding how your subconscious works and how to reinforce your beliefs.


Shifting from Belief to Knowing


The transition from believing to knowing is where the magic happens in manifestation. Think back to a moment when you manifested something effortlessly — it’s likely because you knew it would happen. We all have areas in our lives where this ‘knowing’ comes naturally. It could be in relationships, career, or personal growth. Now, compare this to areas where you struggle. The contrast will reveal where your beliefs are not yet in alignment with your desires.


Identifying and Overcoming Blocks


Often, we encounter blocks in certain areas, like wealth or health, where our beliefs haven’t evolved into a state of knowing. This is where we need to do the crucial work of examining and shifting our beliefs. It’s about repeatedly reinforcing positive thoughts until they become your default perception. Remember, not all thoughts turn into beliefs, but the ones we focus on repeatedly do.


Tools for Shifting Beliefs



Subconscious Reprogramming


Utilize tools and techniques for subconscious reprogramming, which are available in my Recode Manifestation Academy.


Mindset Work


Engage in mindset work, which might require external help like a session with a manifestation coach or deep journaling.


Reflection and Comparison


Reflect on areas where you naturally have a sense of knowing, and try to replicate these beliefs in your problem areas.


Final Notes


The journey from believing to knowing is transformative. Recognizing the difference between these two states can be the catalyst you need to shift your less-than-great beliefs and step onto the fast track of knowing. If you’ve enjoyed this insight and want to delve deeper, feel free to check out the Recode Manifestation Academy.

Thank you for tuning in today. If you found this video helpful, please give it a like, and for more content like this, subscribe to my channel. Remember, the gap between believing and knowing is where your power lies. Embrace it, and watch your world change!

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Knowing Vs Believing | How To Use Shift From The Belief Wobbles To Knowing For Manifestation


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