Splenic Authority In Human Design Explained

Splenic Authority In Human Design Explained

In the fascinating world of Human Design, the concept of “Authority” plays a crucial role.

Authority type determines how individuals make decisions that are aligned and of the highest good for them. In other words, working from your authority type gives you power.

If you’re a splenic authority type, you might be a bit confused about what it all means. That’s because splenic authority works on subtlety. When you’re just starting out, it can be confusing to understand what is your authority and what isn’t.

That’s we put together this guide for you today to help keep you on track and in alignment with your Human Design type.

Understanding Human Design

Before we dive into Splenic Authority, let’s briefly touch upon the Human Design system.

Human design is a system of classification, very similar to astrology. It’s a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science, incorporating aspects of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the chakra system. It offers a unique blueprint of our nature and potential, based on our birth data. In Human Design, Authority is the mechanism by which we are designed to make decisions, and it varies from person to person.

Just like with astrology, you need your own chart to begin. Just type in your time of birth and boom! You get a chart reading that will tell you everything you need to know.

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The Splenic Center: Seat of Intuition

At the heart of Splenic Authority lies the Splenic Center, one of the nine centers in the Human Design bodygraph. This center is associated with instinct, survival, and intuition.

While the emotional or sacral centers that have a more pronounced influence, the Splenic Center communicates in a quiet, fleeting manner. It’s often described as the voice of spontaneous, in-the-moment intuition.

What Are The Characteristics of The Splenic Authority Type?

The splenic authority is one of nine authority types in human design.

1. Instantaneous Knowing

Splenic Authority manifests as an immediate and spontaneous knowing or hunch. It doesn’t linger or wait for confirmation. It’s a quick, subtle nudge that guides you in the moment.

(Emphasis on subtle: at first it might take some practice to listen to these inner nudges!)

2. Quiet and Subtle

The messages from the Splenic Center are quiet and easy to miss. They’re not loud or emotionally charged–which makes them easy to overlook in a world that often values loudness and certainty.

3. Focused on the Now

Splenic Authority is all about the present moment. It’s not concerned with past experiences or future possibilities. It’s the very epitome of present, instinctive, in-the-moment decision-making.

4. Survival and Health Instincts

The Splenic Center is closely associated with survival instincts and overall bodily health. It can even signal what is safe or healthy for you before your conscious mind is aware.

How To Listen To Your Splenic Authority

For those with Splenic Authority, life is a journey of learning to attune to and trust these quiet splenic whispers. Here are some key considerations for harnessing the power of this Authority:

1. Cultivate Quietness

For you, it’s essential to tune out the loud noise and chaos of everyday life! In order to hear the splenic voice, it’s essential to cultivate quietness and stillness daily. Meditation, mindfulness practices, and spending time in nature can enhance your ability to tune in to your intuition.

2. Trust the First Impulse

Our first instinctive response is often the voice of the Splenic Authority. Learning to trust this first impulse requires a leap of faith, as the mind may try to rationalize, ignore, or minimize it.

3. Embrace Spontaneity

Splenic Authority also loves spontaneity. Be open to making decisions on the fly, even when they seem illogical. It’s about trusting the now and moving where you’re being nudged to.

4. Mindfulness in Health

Paying attention to your body’s signals regarding health and well-being is essential. The spleen can often guide you toward what is beneficial or harmful to your health. (How cool is that?)

5. Letting Go of Rationalization

At first, your mind may struggle with the lack of logical reasoning behind splenic decisions. Learn to let go of the need for logic and rational explanations is crucial.

6. Navigating Fear

The Splenic Center is also associated with primal fears. Recognizing these fears and differentiating them from intuitive guidance is an essential skill for those with Splenic Authority.

Challenges and Growth

As you can see, living with Splenic Authority has a unique set of challenges! The subtlety of its guidance can lead to self-doubt–especially in a masculine-oriented society that often values logic over intuition.

The fleeting nature of splenic intuition can also lead to missed opportunities if not acted upon promptly. So learning to trust and listen is crucial!

However, these challenges also present opportunities for growth. Developing trust in one’s intuition can lead to a more aligned and authentic life path. It encourages a present-focused approach to life, valuing each moment as it comes.

Real-Life Examples

Consider Jane, a graphic designer with Splenic Authority. She often finds herself drawn to certain projects or clients without a logical explanation. When she trusts these instincts, she discovers that these projects are more fulfilling and successful. On the other hand, when she ignores her spleen’s guidance, she often ends up in unenjoyable or problematic endeavors.

Another example is Tom, a Splenic Authority individual who often gets gut feelings about people he meets. When he trusts these instincts, he forms meaningful and beneficial relationships. Ignoring these instincts has sometimes led him into untrustworthy or incompatible connections.

So what did you think? Are you a splenic authority? What are you going to change about your approach to life after reading this today?

Splenic Authority In Human Design | Final Notes

Splenic Authority in Human Design is a truly unique decision-making path–one that is deeply rooted in intuition and the present moment. For those with this Authority, the journey involves learning to trust and act upon these subtle, instinctive nudges. Embrace the quiet wisdom of the spleen, so you can navigate life with a sense of alignment and authenticity.

In a world that often prioritizes loudness and reason, the whisper of the Splenic Authority serves as a reminder of the power of intuition and the beauty of living in the now. As we learn to listen to and trust these quiet internal signals, we open ourselves up to a life that is not only in tune with our inner being but also rich in spontaneity and authenticity.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Splenic Authority In Human Design Explained


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