How I Manifested My Dream Home

How I Manifested My Dream Home (Manifestation Success Story)

Are you ready to manifest your dream home?

As you know, manifestation is simply the art of invoking a desire and making it real.

It’s a way of making the immaterial become physical, a way of making dreams become true.

I’m a die-hard believer in the art of manifestation because it’s worked for me so many times! And one of the most dramatic manifestation stories I have to date is how I manifested my apartment.

This story is from a few years ago now.

(I’ve since sold the apartment and moved to Germany! But that just goes to show that it’s always okay to ask for new things from life!)

I was in the market to buy a place but of course (me being me) I had a very specific set of requirements. I was spending all my weekend afternoons out and about looking around at places plus lots of time online searching for The One.

So yeah, I didn’t exactly set out to manifest my home.

When I began the process, I was spreading my energy around like crazy, looking at any and all possible options.

And it was exhausting.

But of course, it wasn’t until I got clear about what I wanted that it actually appeared.

(And in hindsight: because obviously.)

At the time, it all just seemed to happen. But looking back on it now, I can see how what I did at the time worked.

How I Manifested My Dream Home | Manifestation Success Story

One particularly anxiety-filled evening, I sat down and decided on exactly what it was I wanted.

I put it all down in a note on my phone: the neighbourhood, the size of the apartment, the floor it should be on, that it should have a balcony and lots of light and (most importantly) it had to be under a certain price.

While in the real world I kept looking at places that didn’t match up, I knew in my heart what I really wanted.

I read over my list every day, while at work or at home at night.

And it took a few more weeks of hard looking but eventually the perfect apartment fell right into my lap.

My realtor found a brand-new listing through a colleague in his office. Which meant I got to look at it the first day it was on the market!

And it matched every single one of my criteria.

In fact, it was the only apartment I looked at (out of approximately 40!) that matched every single one of my criteria.

So I quickly made an offer, which was accepted. Huzzah!

After all the work I put in, I got exactly what I wanted.

It was thrilling.

But enough with the story! I know you want details on how to manifest your dream flat yourself so I’ve broken the process down into a few steps:

How To Manifest Your Dream Home: A 4-Step Action Plan

How I Manifested My Dream Home Step #1:

Get Specific

Whatever you want, you can have. Typically, the only problem is deciding.

So what is it? Let’s get specific about where you want to live. Do you want a balcony? To live in a certain neighbourhood? To have lots of light or a beautiful white kitchen? To pay $700 a month?

There’s no point in using loosey-goosey sentiments when it comes to manifesting: “a cute flat”, “an affordable flat” etc. How will the Universe even know if your desire is fulfilled?

You have to know what you want before you can create it! So get really specific and stick to concrete parameters as much as you can. If asking for a lot feels too weird for you, then start small and know your bare minimums.

How I Manifested My Dream Home Step #2:

Stay Focused

Once you’ve got your goal(s) in mind, it’s time to write them down! Like most modern girls are, I’m pretty attached to my phone. I wrote my dream home manifestation list on my phone and that worked really well for me. But you can do what works for you: write in a notebook, a dayplanner or even print them out, framing them and put them on your wall.

The process of writing something down is magical in itself! But putting your list somewhere where you can see it regularly will help to keep you motivated.

How I Manifested My Dream Home Step #3:

Put In The Work

Manifesting requires passive energy as well as active energy. That means once I figured out what I wanted, I didn’t exactly sit around and wait for it to just show up! I kept doing online research, going to viewings with my realtor and generally being as active as I’d ever been. I focused on my dream but I also kept showing up every day.

In other words, I actively showed the Universe I was serious about what I wanted! I was not in control of how and where my listing showed up but I was definitely in charge of putting my hand up and saying yes as soon as I found it! (See the difference?)

How I Manifested My Dream Home Step #4:

Let It Go

I did the work but I also knew how to stick to my end of the bargain and I left room for the magic! Basically, you know what you want but you can’t control everything.

Sometimes things arrive in an unexpected fashion or perhaps only because something else didn’t work out. You might think that you know how the Universe will show up for you but our tiny imaginations can actually limit us. Don’t question the form and don’t try to control the details. It’s all gonna happen as long as you keep going so just learn to trust.

I hope you enjoyed this tale of manifestation magic! This is by far one of my most powerful manifestation stories and I hope it inspired you!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How I Manifested My Dream Home

How I Manifested My Dream Home

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