Is Manifestation Real? 3 Ways It's Proven By Science!

Is Manifestation Real? 3 Ways It’s Proven By Science!

Is manifestation real?

Whether you’re new (or old-hat) in the world of manifestation, this question might have come up for you over and over again.

When you’re just starting out, it’s only natural to look for proof of something before you spend any of your precious time and energy on it.

But even if you’ve been doing this work for a while, you might occasionally come up against a skeptic or someone who tells you that you’re crazy for even trying.

What you need right now is a little proof that manifestation is real.

Despite what you might think, manifestation isn’t just made up Woo Woo garbage. Science is on our side in a few important ways! Here are just three of the ways science has proven manifestation to be real:

Is Manifestation Real? 3 Ways It’s Proven By Science!

Is Manifestation Real? Proof #1: Visualization Actually Works

Manifestation is based on the idea that we can turn our thoughts into reality.

However, most people don’t take their thoughts very seriously at all! Instead, we’re used to living in anxiety or fear. Or letting our Inner Mean Girl run the show. We get caught up in petty drama and gossip, giving the Kardashians way more thought-time than we do to ourselves.

No wonder manifestation is so dang hard for most people!

No one told you this in school but it’s true:

The thoughts you think have real-life impact.

Or as the saying goes, whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.

Here’s some real-life proof of that:

Athletes who use guided imagery to imagine themselves winning or having their personal best actually perform better than those who don’t visualize at all.

Yes it’s true! The mere act of “imagining” their winning moment actually has a tangible impact on their results.

Even though they were “just” rehearsing in their mind, their mind and bodies responded positively to those rehearsals in a real measurable (scientific!) way.

Guided imagery has even proven to have a positive effect on people struggling with anorexia, as well as many other real physical symptoms.

Many people will read about this and still not really get it. They still won’t bother to do the mindset work, to clean up their toxic and limiting beliefs, or their negative self-talk. After all, no one can “see” what’s in your mind except you.

But if there’s one key point you takeaway from reading this today, make it this:

Your thoughts are powerful.

Even if no one can see them or hear them. Even if you never share them with anyone.

They can direct you and your life. Or you can direct them.

It’s your choice.

Is Manifestation Real? Proof #2: The CIA Document

You don’t have to be a tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist to have heard of The Gateway Process: a CIA investigation into the world of spirituality, meditation, and manifestation.

Yes really!

Click here to read or download it directly from the CIA.

If you look at the document itself, you can see this process covers a lot of ground about consciousness, the nature of reality, and meditation. (The document was declassified in 2003, which is why you can find it on the CIA website.)

But for today, let’s focus on what it has to say about manifestation. Here’s a quote from the project:

“Fundamentally, the Gateway experience is a training system designed to bring enhanced strength, focus and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between the left and right hemispheres so as to alter consciousness, moving it outside the physical sphere so as to ultimately escape even the restrictions of time and space.”

The aim of the project was to train people how to use remote viewing for spying purposes. This theory mainly hinges on the idea that the universe is holographic in nature. By using binaural beats we can get out of our normal ways of perceiving, and start to perceive the world in a supernatural way.

As Keith Floyd puts it: “Contrary to what everyone knows is so, it may not be the brain that produces consciousness–but rather, consciousness that creates the appearance of the brain.

In short, the universe is mental and doesn’t always follow the rules of physics. From here, it’s not hard to imagine the true power that we have in our mind. What do you want to perceive in the world?

Is Manifestation Real? Proof #3: The Observer Effect

Now let’s leave the worlds of psychology and the CIA behind, and instead turn our attention to quantum physics. Specifically: the observer effect.

Quantum Physics: The Double Slit Experiment

In order to understand this, we first have to understand that everything in the universe is simultaneously a particle and a wave: both physical and non-physical matter.

The famous double slit experiment shot beams of light or electrons through two parallel slits and onto a screen. It was thought that particles would display in one configuration (2 lines) while the waves would display another (multiple lines).

However, the particles did not behave the way they “should”. They also displayed the characteristics of a wave (even though they were physical matter).

It seems physical matter is not as physical as it first seems!

Quantum Physics: The Observer Effect

The Double Slit experiment was weird enough. However, the scientists were soon to discover something even weirder.

When the scientists observed the experiment, expecting the particles to act like particles, they did.

But when they did the experiment without observing it directly the particles displayed the wave-like behavior.

That suggests that the very act of observing (and expecting) a certain outcome actually created that very outcome.

Obviously, this has huge implications for us. What are you observing and expecting in your life? If you’re secretly expecting something bad to happen to you, then take accountability that it’s your very expectation that might be creating that reality for you.

In Summary

Positive thinking and visualization can measurably change your results. When you take that one step further and realize that the Universe is holographic and that our own observations and expectations can influence reality, then you can finally see just how important your mindset and manifestation intentions are.

So what do you think? Do you believe manifestation is real? Which one of these examples really proved it to you?

Ready to prove it to yourself? You don’t have to conduct your own science experiment. I recommend you start with a simple manifestation game called the Dude Abides, as mentioned in this post.

There’s more than enough proof here to at least get you thinking about meditation and the power of positive thinking! Even if you don’t fully go down the road of manifestation, these two principles alone can drastically change your life.

Hope this post inspired you, wherever you happen to be on your spiritual journey! Happy manifesting friend.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Is Manifestation Real? 3 Ways It's Proven By Science!


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