Manifestation With Your Future Self (Journal Prompts To Help!)

Manifestation With Your Future Self (Journal Prompts To Help!)

Every successful manifestor understands the importance of concentrating on your future more than your past.

But the question becomes: how exactly does one do that?

It’s one thing to think of what you want to manifest. It’s entirely another to magnetize your desires and call in what you want.

While we all start off with the best of intentions, we often give up on ourselves before our manifestation has a chance to materialize.

That’s because it’s so easy to listen to our inner soundtrack of self-doubt and fear. You know: that Inner Mean Girl/Guy that we all have inside of us.

It sounds something like this:

You’re too stupid to figure it out.

You’re too lazy.

You’ll never make it.

What makes you think you can make that happen this time around?

Our inner mental soundtrack is awfully loud and painful to listen to at times. But it’s so crucial to understand that this voice is not real or accurate in any way–and in fact, letting this voice get in between you and what you want is one of your biggest blocks of all.

While there are lots of ways to help you get past this, today I want to share an important manifestation technique with you.

While most of us are busy looking backward, have you ever thought about connecting with your future instead?

When you think of yourself five or ten years ago, it probably becomes clear about how different that person was (and how different you are now).

Of course, a similar process will happen in your future.

However, you can start to connect with that version of you right now, for guidance and advice about whatever it is you’re going through.

Remember, time isn’t a real thing in the spiritual world. That means that everything is happening simultaneously. That also means that your future really is accessible from exactly where you are right now.

If that’s too trippy to wrap your mind around, no worries. You don’t have to rethink your relationship to time for this work!

There are a few reasons why Future Self Journaling & Manifesting is so effective:

One reason why this is useful is because it forces us out of our current narrow vision of the world. When you just think about what you want in the moment, it’s a lot more tempting to give into momentary pleasure and overindulgence rather than tackling the problem that you need to head-on.

Another reason it’s so successful is because it gets us to “get out” of our current identity beliefs. While we might have hope that someday in the future we will change, when it comes to changing who we are right now we have a lot of resistance. We tend to think that if we haven’t done something yet, that means we can’t do it. But connecting with your Future Self reminds us that this isn’t true.

When we see our life projected a little further down the road, it can highlight the power we really have in the current moment. (I mean: either deal with something now or prolong your indecision or pain! That’s really the way life works, as much as we’re loathe to admit it.)

I love to incorporate Future Self journaling in my regular journaling routine.

But today I’m going to give you a simple framework to start connecting with your Future Self today, so you can see exactly how powerful this work truly is.

How To Do Future Self Journaling For Manifestation:

Future Self Journaling Step #1:

Connect With Your Future Self

Most of the time in manifestation, we’re thinking about things or events that we want. But the real secret is imagining who you’re going to be when you attract that stuff in.

That’s where your Future Self comes into play.

So take a moment to drop in. Imagine your dream future. (It doesn’t even have to be that much farther down the line!) Immerse yourself in that vision. Now start to think: what’s different about you in that vision? Who are you? What are you wearing? Saying? Doing? Feeling?

Fill out this version of your Future Self as much as you can.

Future Self Journaling Step #2:

Consider A Problem That You’re Having Right Now

Now come back into the present moment for a minute. Call to mind a problem that you’re struggling with (preferably one that has to do with your manifestation goals).

Then flip back to your Future Self. What changes? What would your Future Self tell you to do? (Or what did they already do?) How would they think and feel about approaching this?

Future Self Journaling Step #3:

Take Real-Life Action

Now you’ve connected with your Future Self and you should have some pretty great advice for yourself to move forward.

The final piece is to implement that advice!

As I always say, the Law of Attraction contains the Law of Action.

Thinking about where you’re going is the first step but you’ve also got to take full responsibility for your future results by taking action in the current moment.

If you have a list of things to do, what’s the one thing you can do ASAP to get the ball rolling?

Manifestation Journaling Workshop

Want more like this? Get all my Manifestation Journaling secrets in this workshop!

So tell me: Have you tried Future Self journaling or Manifestation journaling before? Are you going to try this out?

Remember that your future is always closer than you think! Future Self Journaling is an important part of my manifestation routine and I hope it becomes the same for you.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Manifestation With Your Future Self (Journal Prompts To Help!)


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