Never Be Late Again! How To Control Time

How To Control Time

Wondering how to control time?

Think about it: never being late. Not being freaked out by deadlines.

That definitely couldn’t happen.

Or could it?

Right now, you might be wondering how a personal development blog would have to do with something as “solid” as time.

But just as you can use your mind to control everything else in your life (love, money, success) you can use your mind to control time.

You can become a time expander!

Or you can just keep “running out of time”, as you always have been.

Warning: this is a life-changing concept so if you’re not ready, stop reading right now!

How I Learned To Control Time

While I loved the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, most of the glory goes to his concept of the Upper Limit Problem. But there’s an equally life-changing chapter in the book that’s all about TIME.

You don’t have to be a slave to the clock. Imagine getting everything done in a day that you need to.

Sounds pretty crazy at first, right? But that’s only because the way you’ve been taught to think about time is all WRONG.

If you want to take conscious control of your life, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to take back control of your time.

That means more than swapping out Netflix binges for books.

(Although that never hurts!)

It’s time to choose Einstein Time instead of Newtonian Time.

How To Control Time: Einstein Time vs. Newtonian Time

Newtonian Time forces us to either have too much time or not enough time. Time is always bossing us around and we have little control over it. It’s not good for our sanity, work and even our health.

Einstein Time simply means that we understand that WE control time, not the other way around. Time doesn’t exist outside of us. It’s personal and we’re all experiencing time at different rates.

That also means that if you need more time, all you need to do is create a little more of it.

In order to experience time differently, we just need to start thinking about it differently.

Since space and time are related, to gain more time, we simply need to learn how to occupy space in a different way.

(Stick with me now!)

Once you’re open to this new time concept, you can probably think of a million examples of how this works in reality. Just think about how time can seem to stretch depending on what you’re doing:

Spend an hour doing something you really LOVE? Boom! Time passes in a flash.

Spend an hour hammering your thumb against a wall? Then suddenly that exact same length of time seems INCREDIBLY long.

That’s because you’re spending most of that time OUTSIDE of your body.

Time Shifts

This concept comes back to alignment: when you’re in a happy mindset, you occupy ALL space at the same time. You’re not waiting for the “right moment”; you’re LIVING the right moment. You’re not trying to get somewhere else. You’re UNIFIED with the moment.

Conversely, when something unpleasant is happening, you cannot wait for it to be over. You start looking around for the next thing. Time seems to stretch on FOREVER mostly because you are separate from the moment and the world around you.

That’s really all Einstein Time means in a nutshell! But if you REALLY want to control time you’re going to have to take some solid action and start applying the principles to your life.

So here’s a handy guide to help you start gaining control of your life by learning how to control time.

How To Control Time

How To Control Time Principle #1:

Nuke Your Time Persona

When it comes to time, people fall into two categories: Time Cops or Time Slackers. I’m willing to bet you know EXACTLY which category you fall into without me even explaining them!

Here’s a definition:

Time Cops: constantly chastising those around them for not adhering to the rules (“being on time”).

Time Slackers: always ignoring the parameters of time (mostly by being late or missing deadlines.

Now here’s the trick: right now it doesn’t really matter which time persona you gravitate towards. The only important thing is to understand that you have a time PERSONA. And that persona is not part of you. From now on, you get to remove that persona and try something new instead.

SO when you find yourself falling back into those all-too-familiar roles (“I was only five minutes late!” or “I can’t believe you’re late AGAIN!”) it’s time to snap out of it! Wipe away as much of the time guilt from your mind as you can.

How To Control Time Principle #1:

Take Back Control

The most profound shift in becoming a time controller is to simply start thinking of yourself as one. You simply need to DECIDE that time is your creation! Look in the mirror every morning and PROCLAIM it. Write it down. Make it an affirmation. Whatever you do, the point is that from this very second forward you’re going to act like you’re the boss of time not the other way around.

After you make your declaration, it’s time to put it into practice. Never again will you be running late! If that’s what’s seeming to happen on the outside, then remind yourself that YOU’RE the one in control. Maybe everyone else is late too and so your “late” arrival really won’t make any difference. Don’t be afraid of time! OWN it.

How To Control Time Principle #3:

Switch Your Language

The most profound changes we can make in our lives involve a simple switch in the way we speak. Time is no different! You’ve been trained to use catch phrases that automatically put time in control of your life. So if you want a different result, it’s time to start eliminating those phrases from your vocabulary.

Where did the time go?

There aren’t enough hours in the day.

I don’t have time right now.

I wish I had the time!

Once you start noticing your own vocabulary, you’ll probably be downright SHOCKED at how much time we spend every day complaining about time! So just try to start switching your vocabulary (and your attitude) and see what happens next.

Remember don’t take time. MAKE time!

How To Control Time Principle #4:

Get In Alignment

My most favorite time trick of all is actually NOT mentioned in Hendricks book. But it does relate closely.

If you’ve studied the Law of Attraction for any length of time, you’ll know how important alignment is to getting what you want.

(I certainly do! That’s why I named my blog The Aligned Life.)

This is simply the decision to flow through life instead of struggling. It might not be a tip your college professors gave you but if you had known it back then, trust me, it would have saved you hours of work!

Most of us struggle to push and work HARDER when we’re not in alignment. And that also meanswe’ve fallen into Newtownian Time. We’re already thinking about the next thing while we’re trying to get the job done. This a losing scenario! Think about all those times you’ve sat at your desk just willing yourself to try to get something done. It’s frustrating—-and completely unnecessary.

Get Into Alignment

So instead of banging your head against the wall, why don’t you try getting in alignment first? When you’re in the right mindset, your work just flows. You spend 20 minutes doing what you thought would take an hour. Now just imagine how much more productive could you be if you flowed all the time?

Getting in alignment could mean meditating for a few minutes or perhaps journaling (if meditation isn’t your thing). The idea is to spend a few minutes getting on the same wavelength as your work first before you try to bleed water from the stone.

Not only will this bring you the inspiration you need to get started, but it will automatically put you into Einstein Time. You’re one with the Universe, there are no barriers and your work will just begin to magically flow from you.

Controlling time isn’t something out of a sci-fi novel! It’s something you can take action on starting today!

I’d love to hear about your time expanding experiments! Good luck with it all and please let me know how it goes!

Wishing you much love this week!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

PS Looking for more? You might also want to check out this post about retrain your brain with affirmations or this one about how to practice mindfulness while doing anything.

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