woman holding a moon globe with text Full Moon Manifestation: 3 Rituals For Your Best Life

Full Moon Manifestation: 3 Rituals For Your Best Life

Happy Full Moon my friend!

This post has been something people have been asking about for a while! So let’s get into it.

As you know, I love manifestation. And I also have my witchier side that’s all about rituals, crystals and–yes!–moon magick.

And yes it’s true: the natural energy and cycles of the moon can be a powerful tool in your manifestation tool box!

Essentially, if the energy of the natural world is going in one direction then it’s really only wise if we match our intentions up along with it.

However, there’s always some confusion about this!

The energy of the full moon isn’t best for calling stuff in. It’s actually the best for letting go.

This is the perfect time of the month to do anything involved with cleaning up: deep-cleaning your flat, donating old clothes or getting a haircut. (I’ve definitely met people who only get their hair cut during a full moon!)

I know your mental impressions of the full moon are often of lots of weirdness or high-energy! Think of the folklore of werewolves or ask any emergency room staff member about their full moon stories. Yes, people tend to get a little crazier during this time. It’s a powerful moment on the calendar.

But it’s not the best time to be straight-up asking for what you want.

Of course, you can manifest at any moment during the calendar month! So if something is really burning on your mind right now, don’t be discouraged.

But if you’re going through the extra work of creating rituals and working with moon cycles (or in other words, letting out your Inner Witch!) then you might as well work with those phases of the moon, right?

(And BTW, if you’re curious, I have a How To Manifest With The New Moon guide right over here!)

In other words, the rituals I use for the Full Moon are not manifesting rituals per se.

But they do perform an important purpose in your manifesting routine.

We all have an energy “cup”, that we can fill with whatever we want.

So every time you call in something new, you also have to make room by getting rid of a few things.

In other words, it’s just as important to say Sayanora to old patterns, situations and relationships from time to time! However, this shouldn’t feel scary. Growth is a natural part of life and that means shedding our old skin to become reborn.

In fact, holding on too tightly to who we are and what we currently have is typically one of the biggest blocks we have for manifesting! So if you’re feeling stuck or like you’re in a rut, do some soul searching about what you can start to shift.

And if you’ve already got something in mind, then don’t worry! We can dive right into the rituals now!

Full Moon Manifestation: 3 Rituals For Your Best Life

Full Moon Manifestation Ritual #1:

Cord Cutting

This simple energetic practice is essential! We should honestly be doing this weekly or even daily to protect our own energy.

Basically, we create energetic cords between us and the people we’re close to. While mostly those cords aren’t harmful, they can drain your energy, especially if there was recent friction (like a breakup) or if you’re an empath.

The full moon is the perfect time to make sure your energy is your own (and therefore make you more likely to call in what you want!).

To conduct a cord-cutting, simply take a few minutes to close your eyes and get centered. Then take your hands and move them over your body, a few inches away. Notice any areas which feel more dense or hot or simply just let your hands be guided where they want to go.

When you find something that feels heavy or dark, go ahead and “pull” the energy out of you, imagining black smoke leaving that part of your body. Finish by cutting the cord with your fingers (Imagination Scissors!) and send white healing light/energy back in wherever you’ve done your cutting work.

(You can also do this in the shower and watch all your dark energy go down the drain!)

Full Moon Manifestation Ritual #2:

Energy Cleansing

Get out your sage or palo santo! The full moon is the perfect time to reclaim your physical space and shoo away any dark or heavy lingering energies.

Crack open those windows, light up your energy weapon of choice, and move through your entire space, letting the smoke to cleanse everything as you go.

I like to finish this by energy cleansing myself by smudging around my body.

For good measure, I like to throw down a little salt at the front door to help discourage any new dark energy from coming in.

(BTW I also have a full guide toe energy cleansing/smudging right over here!)

Full Moon Manifestation Ritual #3:


Want something to leave your life…like now? Sometimes we all have to kick a person/situation to the curb and the full moon is the perfect time to do that!

Banishment is the ultimate goodbye ceremony! It’s asking something to leave you alone forever.

An easy banishment ritual is to write down the situation/name/whatever on a piece of paper and then simply burn it. (I do this over the kitchen sink but any fireproof bowl is fine!) As the paper burns, imagine saying goodbye and watching whatever it is leaving your life.

Just a warning: this one’s pretty powerful so make sure this is what you really want! (ie. Don’t banish the ex-boyfriend who you’ll secretly want to perform a love potion spell on next week!)

So what did you think? Which full moon manifestation ritual are you going to use and why? If you feel like sharing, drop a comment below!

Manifest With The Moon

The full moon is a truly powerful time every month! So why not use it to our advantage and let it help create more space for the things in life that we really want?

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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woman holding a moon globe with text Full Moon Manifestation: 3 Rituals For Your Best Life


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