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How To Manifest With The New Moon

There’s no question that the various stages of the moon have a big impact here on earth! (Just ask any doctor or EMT their stories about the full moon!)

So it only makes sense that we can also harness that power to help strengthen our manifesting intentions!

In my mind, manifesting and magic are the exact same thing! And moon magic is as old as the hills.

The full moon gets most of the attention but the new moon is actually much more potent, especially for manifesting purposes.

While full moons are all about letting go, new moons are about growth and making way for the new.

(As a Scorpio – the sign of death and transformation – this idea has extra potency for me!)

The new moon is the perfect time to set intentions and wishes for yourself, for the next month and beyond.

So here’s my step-by-step instructions for how to set new moon intentions:

How To Set New Moon Intentions

Manifest With New Moon Step #1:

Check Your Timing

It’s best to perform your new moon ritual directly on the new moon! But if life gets in the way of that (as it so often does!) try to complete it within 48 hours before or after for the best results.

Manifest With New Moon Step #2:

Clear Your Space

Physically cleaning your space is always wonderful way to usher in some new energy!

I would take this the extra step and conduct a space clearing with sage or palo santo to shoo any lingering negative energy away.

Just be sure to concentrate on the feeling of releasing what no longer serves you as you move the smoke through your space.

(See my complete guide to energy clearing here.)

Manifest With New Moon Step #3:

Ground Yourself

Take some time to tune into yourself before you begin your intention-setting ceremony.

Feeling connected and grounded during a ritual is a power move in and of itself! It’s up to you to manage your energy so take the time to do some breathing exercises or visualizations before you begin.

A simple visualization I like to use is simply picturing white light going through the crown of my head down into my feet on the floor. Just spending a few minutes like this will do wonders to center your energy!

Manifest With New Moon Step #4:

Feel Into Your Wishes

Before you commit to writing your wishes on paper, take a moment to sit in silence contemplating them.

What does it feel like when you think about them? How would it feel if you had achieved them? Really listen to your intuition here as it’s also heightened during the new moon!

Your wishes should always feel uplifting and happy, not confining or dark. If something feels off, maybe put off your wish for next month or try to think of an alternative.

Manifest With New Moon Step #5:

Make Your Wishes

Write each wish down on a piece of paper. This is one instance where a computer just won’t do! If you want you can get fancy by using colored paper or pencils, or creating a drawing to go with them.

You get up to 10 wishes. Don’t go for more than 10 or you’ll dilute the power of the ritual.

As for what you should wish for, that’s entirely up to you. But you’ll probably notice that at some times your wishes are concentrated on one or two specific areas of your life and at other times they are much more diverse. That’s a natural pattern so don’t overthink it! Just go with what seems right to you in the moment.

(Psssst – it’s also a wonderful gesture to always reserve one or two wishes for a global issue, like clean water or world peace.)

Think of your wishes as seeds that you are planting (and remember that seeds all grow at different rates). So no, your wishes might not all come true within the next 30 days.

But through this ritual you are transforming tiny thoughts into actions–and that’s powerful! So trust that you’ll reap every reward at a later time.

Manifest With New Moon Step #6:

Release Them

Now it’s time to say your wishes out loud. Writing them out is one way to begin making them real; speaking them just continues to amplify this energy.

Just read through your list normally (a few times over if you like). Concentrate on holding the energy of your wishes as you say them.

I also love to amp this up by physically releasing them as well. I highly condone a little fire ritual, by setting light to the paper when you’re finished (over the sink or fire-proof vessel though of course!). You could also bury your paper in the earth or set it free in a body of water.

Some people hold onto their wishes to review them at the next month, so this step is entirely up to you!

Manifest With New Moon Step #7:

Close It Out

Finally, close things out by offering up some gratitude or leaving an offering of some kind.

I like to leave incense or tealights burning somewhere (safely) but offerings definitely don’t have to be physical! Dance, sing, or recite a poem if the mood happens to strike. You can be as creative as you like here just as long as you remember to say thank you in some fashion.

Manifest With The Moon

Rituals are all about what works best for you, so there’s no need to follow this ceremony to the letter. If you only have a few spare minutes for your ritual, light a few candles, and get to it! Working with magic is never all or nothing and if you have to make some changes, so be it. As always, your intention is the most important part of the process.

Happy New Moon intention setting! I hope this ritual gives you some ideas for this new moon and beyond! Let me know your new moon ritual experiences and please remember to share this post if you found it useful.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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silhouette of woman with text Manifest With The Moon! How To Set New Moon Intentions


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